Jenny's Story ("TG"), Part 2 of 4

by Jenny L

I awoke the following morning about 9am with a strange feeling. I felt that something was missing from me. I also noticed that my ass still felt warm and tingly from the previous nights action and was thankful I had used plenty of soothing lotion before going to sleep. I got up, still wearing the pink nightdress and panties and headed off down to the kitchen. I put the kettle on and lit up a cigarette (I had been so overpowered by my girly exploits the night before that I had not smoked even one cigarette!!) and sat at the breakfast bar with my legs crossed. I made a coffee and sat down again sipping it and taking drags from my cigarette. I felt like quite the girl just then and imagined myself to be in the morning after a glorious romp with my sister and her boyfriend. With these thoughts, I could feel my clit beginning to stir in my satin panties and I began to rub and stroke it gently through the material, loving the feeling of the satin against my clit. I put out my cigarette and headed for Kay's room again.

Once there, I slipped off the nightdress and panties and looked through her lingerie for something sexy to wear. I
opted for simple pair of stockings and one of her black lacy bras. I rolled the stockings up my legs and fastened the bra. I lay down on her bed with the larger vibro and started to stroke my clit while playing with vibe. I got hot enough again that I needed to feel something up my ass, so I lubed the vibro and started to push it in. My ass was stretched from the night before but this was still pretty tight and it felt good as it slipped in. I knew I had to cum quickly because I was so hot and in need of fast relief so I turned on the vibe and stroked my clit furiously. I lasted about 2
minutes, thoughts of being a girl with a cock and getting fucked up the ass being in my mind. I again imagined Kay was there encouraging me and making me be a nasty little girl with her boyfriend. I came soon after thinking this and shot my hot cum all over my tummy and chest, and all over Kay's sexy bra. I watched my cum run from her bra as I sat up and it ran down my chest to my tummy. I imagined Kay with cum all over her amazing tits and watching it run down her body. I felt so in tune with my feminine side and I had a warm satisfied glow about me just then. I removed the vibe from my ass and stripped off Kay's underwear before heading for a
long hot shower.

In the shower, I let the hot water blast me all over for about 10 minutes, then I exfoliated my whole body before shaving everything off again. There was not much hair to remove but again I took my time to make sure I was really soft and smooth all over. I dabbed my body with the towel after my shower and rubbed in some moisturiser while I was still semi-wet. I followed this with some more baby oil and was pleased with my ultra-soft smooth skin when I was finished. I walked about naked for a while, letting the air dry me off, thinking about what I would do that night and getting horny again. I was interrupted by the phone ringing downstairs. I went downstairs still naked and answered it. It was one of my friends and I was invited to a party at another friends house that night. I had a large group of male and female friends and we were all into rock and heavy metal music at the time. Some of us would pair up and go out together for a while as boyfriend & girlfriend but mostly we were all just friends and had a laugh. I knew this party would be good, so I accepted the invite and arranged to meet up later to get some drink and cigarettes to take with us.

I got dressed in my boys clothes later on and headed out to meet up with my friends. A couple of them were 18 and older so they went in to get the beer while we went off to buy plenty of cigarettes for the night ahead. Looking back, I am amazed to think of the partying that we were able to do at that age. We would start drinking about 7pm and usually not finish until well into the small hours of the next day -
boisterous and rowdy at first, we were all lounging about drinking, smoking, smoking weed and talking crap by midnight. I noticed that the girls rarely talked with us until we had quietened down and stopped being assholes, then we all got down to the serious business of who fancied who, who was a bitch and other teenage dramas. Looking back again, I loved all this girl talk and wondered if anyone noticed that I always took the girls side in any arguments, which occasionally got quite heated but never physical except in play. The party tonight was at my friend Lynne's house - her mum was away too, so she was taking full advantage. She was a year older than me and we were really good friends. I thought she was really hot but had never had the guts to say anything to her, thinking it might ruin our friendship or alter it in some way so that it was not as good. Although I knew she would never say anything to anybody, I also never said a word about my dressing games for fear it would alienate her, or she would be disgusted and not want to be my friend anymore. Since dressing up was also becoming a large part of my life, I was not sure what having a girlfriend would mean for that - would I stop doing it? Would I want to stop? Would I keep doing it but feel like I was cheating or something?

Lynne was a rock chick through and through. She always wore really tight jeans and high heels or boots. She would wear cut-off t-shirts or vest-tops that showed off her great body - I loved her sexy tight midriff and female abs. She always wore loads of make up, although she didn't need any in my opinion, and could look anything from slutty to smouldering hot depending on where she or we were going. She had great long legs that went right up to her tight ass, and man what an ass - to die for!! She had long blonde hair that was straight and cut quite glam rock punky. In short, she was, to me, pretty damn hot as well as my best friend. We had grown up together, which is why we became such close friends and had many times been left alone with one parent or the other babysitting us if Kay was out. She and Kay also became good friends but there was a bit of a gap in their ages, so Kay was not as close to her as I was. We would talk about everything and anything and hers were the first breasts I
ever saw - she showed me them when they started to bud. We were young and innocent so that went no further - I was very interested in them, however, and wondered what they would look like in one of Kay's bras. As we grew older, we remained close friends and went to the same schools, found the same friends and ended up in each others company a great deal of the time outside school too. Her brother, Andrew, was 12 years older than her so he was well off to college and had a job before I could get to know him. I met him a
few times though and we got on ok but I was just a kid and he didn't really want to know, which is perfectly understandable.

It was 8 o'clock by the time we arrived at her house for the party, so everyone already there had done quite a bit of drinking. When Lynne answered the door I could tell she was a bit tipsy. She welcomed us all in and gave me a kiss on the lips as I came in, something she hardly ever did and I
felt a surge in my cock. We all got down to some serious drinking, with us guys inevitably ending up in the kitchen smoking weed and drinking our beers. I was pretty bombed when I left to go to the bathroom. When I came out, Lynne was standing in the hall and motioned for me to follow her out into the garden. She produced a joint and we lit it up and started talking about nothing in particular, just enjoying each others company. Everyone knew we were good friends and were just talking but we got the usual cat-calls and whistles from the house. She then told me that she had something to tell me but it would have to wait until everyone was gone. I was disappointed that I would not get to play as Jenny that night but knew I had to be there for my friend if she needed me. We went back inside and rejoined the party and waited for it to quiet down and for people to start going home. I left with a group of my friends around two and we were the last to go. About a mile down the road I
pretended that I had left my cigs behind and was going back for them. I got a few raised eyebrows and a couple of remarks but I guess they knew that nothing was going on with Lynne and me and thought nothing much of it.

When I got back to her house, she answered the door and closed it behind me - pulling me by the hand into the lounge. We sat down on the sofa pretty close to each other and she offered me a joint, which I accepted. I thought I
might need it as this seemed as though it was going to be something pretty heavy she was about to lay on me. We shared the joint for a while and a can of beer and settled down to our usual kind of chitchat. I thought she looked really hot tonight - her hair and makeup were great and she had changed into really short cut-off jeans and a cut-off T. Her long legs were silky smooth and tanned and toned and were absolutely gorgeous - as was the rest of her! She sat up on the sofa, sitting on top of her legs and looked right at me. I thought she was going to kiss me but she said something instead. 'My mum is leaving here and going to live in the USA with my uncle'. I was crushed and my face must have fallen - 'you're going too, aren't you?' I asked, not wanting to hear her reply. I was absolutely delighted - you cannot imagine - when she said 'No'. I asked what the problem was - her mum had talked about the USA for years and we were all fairly sure that she would go sooner or later. It was still a bit of a shock to actually hear it, though, especially when I thought Lynne would be going with her. I
hadn't actually realised how much I would miss her until now. 'ok', I said, 'so what are you going to do - where will you stay?'. 'I'll be staying right here. My brother and his fianc´┐Że are coming back and have bought the house from mum'. 'That sounds great', I said, 'your big bro was an ok guy and I'm sure his bird will be nice too!'. She punched me playfully at my use of the word 'bird', 'No, that's no problem. He is still a cool guy and Pam is great too.....' She let her sentence trail off then dropped the bomb, ' great, in fact, that I slept with her a couple of weeks ago'.

'Fuck me, Lynne!! What, are you saying you shagged another chick!? That is sooooo hot!!', I joked. I thought I could lighten the mood a bit with that but she looked pretty serious. 'I'm sorry, Lynne. What is going to happen then?', I asked. 'How did that happen?' Lynne looked pretty down but I pressed for the details - she had been round to see her big bro a couple of weeks ago. He lived about 40 miles away and Lynne had gone to stay for a couple of nights, just to say hi and to talk about him buying her mums house when she left for the states. It all went well and they arranged everything on the first day. Pam took Lynne out for lunch on the second day to spend a bit of time together shopping. Pam called home to see when Andrew would want his dinner and could she get anything while they were out? Andrew, however, told her that he was going away for a couple of days on business and could she look after Lynne until she went home? Pam said she would be delighted as they were getting on great, despite the age difference - Pam is 27 and Lynne is 17. Pam returned to get Lynne from the table at the cafe they were in and explained what had happened. 'Oh well, I
guess it's just the two of us for the next couple of days then' said Lynne. 'Yeah - should be cool, huh?', Pam replied.

Lynne went on to explain that they spent the rest of the day shopping - and that Pam took her into shops she would not normally go anywhere near. I had never seen Pam so Lynne described her to me as tall, slim with dark hair and a
killer body and I was secretly getting very turned on by the thought of the two of them together. It turns out that Pam was a bit of a girly girl and loved shopping for sexy lingerie and outfits, loved high heels and kinky boots. She took Lynne into all the lingerie boutiques and they apparently spent a fortune on lacy and sexy underwear. They also bought a few pairs of shoes - all high heels and some sexy outfits, then headed home. On the way home they passed a sex shop and Pam suggested they go in - just for a laugh. Lynne agreed and the two of them went into the shop. Lynne said she was amazed at the toys and clothes on offer but was really embarrassed to be there. Pam seemed quite relaxed and pointed things like huge dildoes out to Lynne, who blushed furiously each time. Lynne did however pluck up the courage to buy a black leather miniskirt and bra with a pair of black leather knee boots with 5" heels, which she thought would be hot for going to gigs and the like. She didn't see what Pam had bought and when she asked, Pam just smiled and said she would maybe show her when they got home.

They got home and went to their separate rooms to deposit the days shopping. Lynne came downstairs after her shower wearing just shorts and a cute T-shirt to find Pam also freshly showered and making some dinner for them. She offered Lynne a glass of wine and suggested she go watch TV until the meal was ready. Lynne went through to the lounge and sat sipping her wine while watching TV, thinking what a
great day they had shared and how great Pam was even though she was really old, at 27! Pam came through balancing two plates with one arm and carrying her wineglass in the other. 'Wow, neat balancing act there, Pam', Lynne said admiring the grace with which Pam moved. 'I used to be a waitress and some things still come in handy!', she replied. They sat down and watched TV together as they ate dinner and drank their wine. Pam refilled their glasses a couple of times -
'no work tomorrow so we might as well enjoy ourselves', she said. They finished their dinner and just sat drinking and talking about boys, men, likes, dislikes, life in general and living in the same house. 'It will be nice to live with you, Lynne', Pam said after a while, 'I thought how awful it would be to live with Andy's brat little sister but you've turned out to be pretty cool and I think we've got a lot in common. It should be fun when we move in with you'. 'Gee, thanks 'sis', you're not too bad yourself. I thought you would be one of those pain in the arse types that's full of themselves when Andy told me how gorgeous you were. I was a
little jealous of the woman that was taking my big bro but I
think I can live with you', Lynne said jokingly and they gave each other a sisterly hug on the sofa.

As they hugged, Lynne thought how soft Pam was and how great she smelled. As their cheeks touched and their breasts rubbed together, Lynne found her nipples starting to harden and her pussy shivered. Pam broke off and looked questioningly at her - 'you ok Lynne?' she asked. 'What? Oh, yes, sorry. I was miles away. Thinking about mum moving away. And you both coming to live with me. And how cool it will be', she stuttered in reply. Pam arched an eyebrow but let the matter drop. 'Hey - I have an idea! Why don't we try on some of the things we bought today?', exclaimed Pam. 'We can do each others hair too, and I'll show you some makeup secrets'. 'Ok, that would be fun!', said Lynne 'let's get our stuff from our rooms'. They both headed upstairs and went to their rooms. Lynne grabbed her bags and left to go back down to the lounge. As she walked past Pam's room, Pam called to her to come in here. Lynne opened the door to find an enormous master bedroom, decorated in a most feminine style - all frilly and white with a little splash of pink or baby blue on a lacy edge here and there. Lynne noticed how massive their bed was - king size as it turned out. Pam was unloading her shopping bags into very neat drawers and closets and Lynne could see she had tons of lingerie, dresses and sexy heels. Just off the bedroom was a dressing room, which Pam had kitted out with a huge vanity table and mirror. On the vanity were literally hundreds of items of makeup, all neatly arranged into types - eye makeup, lipsticks, lip glosses, foundations, blusher, etc, etc. The drawers on the vanity were filled with makeup brushes, pads, more makeup that couldn't be squeezed onto the table, lotions, potions and hair brushes, hair sprays - basically a
feminine workbench! Since Lynne loved makeup, this was like she had died and gone to heaven. 'Oh! This is just absolutely fantastic, Pam. You've got everything here. I
don't even know what some of this stuff is. Please, please say that I can use some of it!'. Pam just laughed in a
friendly amused way and told her that she could use whatever she wanted.

"Ok, Let's get started then!', said Pam. They both emptied their shopping bags out onto the bed. All sorts of sexy lingerie fell out over the bed - panties, garter belts, basques, camisoles, bras and slips, in all different colours but mainly black and white. Pam said to Lynne to grab what she wanted and she could get changed in her dressing room while she changed here. Lynne selected a hot black bra with matching garter and g-string. She took a pair of seamed black nylon stockings to go with the lingerie and went into the dressing room. She was again amazed at how feminine this room was and how much she loved it. It will be cool having a
room like this at home when they move, she thought. And I
can use it all the time, too. As she stripped off her shorts and t-shirt, she noticed how feminine she looked in Pam's big mirror. She really did have a good body - not from working out, just from being young and active all the time. Smooth and toned with curves in all the right places, tanned now from the sunbathing she had been doing. She took her bra off and admired her body in the mirror, running her hands down her sides and across her tummy. Her hands moved up to her breasts and she gasped a little when she touched her nipples. `I better get my act together or Pam will be wondering what I'm doing in here', she thought.

She turned back to the vanity and took her panties off. She had a beautiful body and a lovely firm stomach, her skin was silky smooth all the way down to her pussy, where only a
small neat triangle of hair could be found. She sat on the stool and put on the bra - it felt quite tight and really pushed her breasts up, giving a great cleavage. Next she put on the garter belt and reached over for the stockings. The stockings were ultra sheer and felt wonderful slipping up her long, smooth legs. She fastened the stockings with the clips on the ends of the garter straps and stood up. She loved the way the straps pulled at the tops of the stockings as she walked. She stepped into the panties and pulled them up into position tight on her ass with the sides going up over her hipbones. `Here I come!', she shouted and opened the door to the bedroom. `hey, sexy!' Pam said with a smile, `lookin hot!' `Thanks Pam, you look pretty good yourself!' Pam was wearing a white basque with tiny white panties and nude stockings with ultra lacy trim. She had also put on a
pair of white high heels - sandals with ankle and toe straps. She finished her look with a long white satin gown. `Here, put these on', Pam handed Lynne a pair of black high heeled sandals to go with her outfit, which she sat down on the bed to put on. Pam giggled, `Now this, too', and handed her a gown the same as her own but in black.

`Now we're like opposite twins of each other' Pam said. Lynne saw she was right, Pam with her white lingerie and dark hair and herself in black with blonde hair. `Why don't we fix your hair and makeup, Lynne?', `yeah sure, I'd love that'. Pam grabbed Lynne's (unresisting) hand and dragged her giggling to her dressing room. `Sit down at the vanity, Lynne' Pam steered her onto the stool and sat her down. Lynne looked at her reflection in the mirror and wondered what Pam was going to do. Pam sat on the vanity and faced Lynne, taking her face gently in her hands as she studied her makeup and features. `ok, what you've done isn't half bad, kid', she joked, `but if we take some of this off, add some highlights here....'. For the next half hour or so Lynne watched as Pam showed her how to look fantastic, demure, glam or just plain cute without using too much makeup. Pam sat back and appraised her handiwork, and after a second or two had a big smile on her face. `I think we did a pretty good job there, eh?'. Lynne looked in the mirror and was amazed at how good she looked - this was like getting a professional makeup job. Everything looked perfect, her eyes were dark and drew attention without being overdone, her lashes were very dark with mascara and much longer. Her complexion was flawless and cheeks and brows had been accentuated to bring out her incredible features. Her lips were full and dark pink, so smooth and glossy and they looked so full and pouty. `Oh, it's fantastic, Pam', beamed Lynne and reached up to give her a thank you hug. As Pam bent over to hug her back, she looked down and could not mistake the little hard nipples she saw through the lacy material of Lynne's bra. She felt her own nipples start to harden and a shiver ran through her as their cheeks touched again. `I wonder if that's what happened to her earlier', she thought, 'maybe she's got the hots for me. God! Do I
have the hots for her, too!? Oh! Oh God! I think I do!'. Pam broke off the hug and said, `ok lets do something with your hair, you look like a scarecrow!' Gasp! `you cheeky cow', Lynne laughed back.

`Take your gown off, I'll need to wash your hair to get all that teenage gunk out of it!' Lynne stood up and removed her gown, placing it carefully on the counter next to her. `ok, let's go into the bathroom and I'll shower your hair' Pam sat Lynne down on a low stool and had her bend back with her head over the bathtub. She couldn't help but notice Lynne's great breasts bulging out of her tight bra and thought seriously for the first time about caressing them and sucking on them. She washed Lynne's hair and towelled it dry over the bathtub before wrapping the towel around her head and leading her back to the dressing room. Pam felt her pussy getting wet and hoped that Lynne would not notice.just yet! The truth was that Lynne was getting incredibly turned on by all the attention and touching that Pam was giving her. Caressing her neck while she was washing and drying her hair, touching and brushing her face lightly as she applied her makeup and all the little touchy things that girls do when they're talking to each other. And the hugs! God, she felt almost overwhelmed when she hugged Pam. She could feel a tingle running through her whole body when Pam touched her that felt really good. It was perhaps the thought that a
woman was making her feel this way that was getting Lynne really hot - there was something wrong and yet at the same time beautiful about it that made it much more exciting than with the couple of boyfriends she had slept with before. This was so much softer, more gentle and loving - the most sensual experience of her life, so far.

Pam led her back to the vanity, sat her down on the stool again and started to brush out her long hair. Lynne was again loving the attention and the (seemingly) innocent brush of Pam's fingers on her skin. Pam was also loving the feeling of having this gorgeous young beauty in her hands and she could see little goose-bumps forming on Lynne's skin when she brushed against her. Pam then started to blow dry Lynne's hair, complimenting her on how soft and silky it was. When she was done, she took out some curling tongs and proceeded to turn Lynne's rock-chick hair into something much more elegant. Lynne was allowed to look into the mirror when it was finished. She let out a squeal of delight at how amazing she looked - she must have looked 21, and so feminine as well! `Thanks Pam! You've done a great job, I
think I look great!' Lynne stood up and, without thinking, moved to kiss Pam to thank her. As she did so, she quickly realised what she was doing and hesitated. Pam took hold of her shoulders and said, `that's ok Lynne don't stop, please.' With that, Pam leant forward slightly and kissed Lynne softly on the lips, her hands still resting softly on Lynne's shoulders.

Lynne felt Pam's lips touch her and gasped a little before returning the kiss. She felt their lips coming together and closed her eyes as she reached out to hold Pam by the waist. Pam continued kissing Lynne softly on the lips and opened her eyes to look - Lynne's eyes were closed and she had a
look of pained ecstacy on her face. Pam could tell that Lynne was really turned on but she asked, `Do you want me to stop, Lynne?' `No! Please don't stop! This feels so nice' Pam kissed Lynne again, more strongly this time and before long their tongues were entwined in a long passionate kiss. Pam started caressing Lynne's slender body and motioned for Lynne to do the same to her. Lynne was very tentative and unsure but feeling so turned on right now that she just had to touch Pam's body. She traced her fingers up Pam's sides and down the backs of her smooth arms, feeling Pam's skin tighten at her touch. `Let's go sit on the bed, then', Lynne said, breaking the kiss. Pam led the way and Lynne loved watching the way she moved, she was so graceful and feminine in every nuance. Lynne was by no means a tomboy, or anything - she simply wasn't as girly as Pam - but she promised herself that she would be able to move like Pam by the time she was a woman.

Pam smoothed her gown under her as she sat on the edge of the bed. Lynne sat down next to her and they resumed their kiss - no hesitation this time as both wanted this to happen. They were caressing each other all over now, a
desire to explore the others body that had to be satisfied. Lynne gasped loudly when Pam's fingers traced little circles in her bra round her nipples and moved to do the same in return. She could feel Pam's nipples through the bra and noticed that they were really hard. The thought that SHE was turning Pam on was incredible. Pam was a beautiful, elegant woman, 10 years older than herself but here she was -
dressed in sexy lingerie and kissing her on her bed. Lynne could feel her pussy getting soaking wet at Pam's constant caressing of her body and breasts. Pam's was, too, at the thought of this little sex-pot melting at her touch. She couldn't believe that this beautiful, lithe young girl was such a willing participant. Pam stood up after a minute and removed her satin gown, `That should make things a bit easier', she winked. She sat down beside Lynne again and they resumed their kissing and fondling. Pam then reached around Lynne's back and started to remove her bra. Lynne's breath was coming in short gasps as she was probably the most turned on she had ever been in her life. Pam removed Lynne's bra and tossed it on the floor with a smile, `Won't be needing that anymore'. She then started to brush her fingers lightly over Lynne's naked breasts, making her moan quietly and encouragingly. Pam then gently pushed Lynne back onto the bed and lay beside her. She kissed Lynne's lips and neck before moving down and flicking her nipples with her tongue. Lynne grabbed Pam's head and ran her fingers through the long dark brown hair as Pam started to suck on her nipples. Pam was now lying on top of Lynne, sucking one of her firm young breasts, while playing with the other -
gently pinching at the nipple. Lynne's pussy was on fire at this lesbian assault on her young body and Pam could tell she was really wet. Pam broke off for a minute to remove her own bra, freeing her own perfect breasts. She then lay on top of Lynne again so that their breasts were rubbing together as they kissed. Lynne was almost ready to cum and Pam could sense it, `Hold on, honey. I've got something special for you!' Pam stood up again and grabbed the waistband of Lynne's little black panties, `I see you've put them on over your garter straps! Planning on getting lucky, were you?', Pam laughed as she pulled the panties down Lynne's long legs and off. She then removed her own little white panties and lay back on the bed beside Lynne and began kissing and touching her again.

`There's something very special that girls can do for each other. Would you like me to show you?' Pam asked Lynne. `Oh God, yes please!', Lynne exclaimed. Pam stood up again and pulled Lynne forward so that she was sitting on the edge of the bed and spread her long slim legs open. She then knelt down in front of Lynne, marvelling at her tight young pussy as she bent forward to lightly lick her pussy lips. The second her tongue touched Lynne's pussy, she felt the young girl jump and moan out loudly, `Oh God, Pam!!! That feels so gooooood!!', she screamed as Pam licked up and down her sweet young pussy. Pam knew that Lynne would not last long so she took her little clit in her lips and sucked it. Lynne came almost immediately and moaned out loudly as she did, `Oh my God, Pam. Oh my God! Oh fuck, yes! Oh that's so gooooooood!!!' Pam continued to lightly lick Lynne's pussy as she came and soon felt another orgasm building in the sexy young girl. Lynne's young pussy was dripping with lust and cum as Pam licked more strongly, tasting Lynne's sweet juices on her tongue. Pam stuck her tongue into Lynne's pussy and made her cum on the spot, `Oh, my God, Pam!! I'm cumming again. Oooooooohh! Yes! Yes!' Pam continued to eat Lynne's pussy until she had stopped writhing in ecstacy, then lay on the bed again and kissed her. `Oh my God, Pam! That was so incredible! I've never cum like that before. It was so gentle and intense. Thank you so much!' Lynne hugged Pam with real affection before kissing her on the lips again. `Maybe you'd like me to do that for you, too, Pam?' Lynne asked between kisses. `I'd like that more than anything in the world right now, Lynne!' Pam replied as she pushed Lynne's head down towards her pussy.

Lynne positioned herself so that she was looking directly at Pam's pussy. She noticed the way the lips hung down more than her own, `must have seen some action in it's time', she thought, `I hope I can do this right!' Lynne reached out with the tip of her tongue and lightly brushed Pam's pussy lips hesitantly. Pam noticed, and was so turned on, at the inexperienced touch of Lynne - she was so gentle and soft, apparently not wanting to hurt Pam or something. `Oh that's good Lynne, don't be scared. Just copy what I did to you!' Lynne began to lick the length of Pam's pussy lips, loving the taste of this gorgeous woman's lust as it leaked out from inside. Pam moaned with pleasure as Lynne's tongue entered her pussy and started lapping inside her, the young girls pretty nose rubbing her clit at the same time. `God! That's so good honey! Lick my pussy! Make me cum. Mmmmmmm, that's right!' Immensely turned on by Pam's words, Lynne went into a fit of licking, sucking and eating Pam's pussy until the older woman could no longer take it. She grabbed Lynne's head and clamped it between her thighs as she came, making Lynne gasp for breath and she struggled to keep her tongue in Pam's pussy. `Wow! Lynne, that was fantastic, honey' Pam said as she released Lynne from her thighs. `Come up here!' Lynne climbed back onto the bed beside Pam and they held each other, caressing and kissing in the afterglow. `That was so much different from doing it with a
boy! Thanks Pam, it was wonderful!' Lynne said. `Oh we're not through yet, young lady!' Pam replied with a twinkle in her eye.

They both stripped off the lingerie and shoes they were wearing and lay on the bed in each others arms, just cuddling and touching. Lynne looked up into Pam's eyes and motioned to kiss her again, `Not just yet. I have something else to show you.', Pam giggled. `Want to see what I bought in that sex shop?' `Hell, yes! Show me!', Lynne replied. Pam got up and opened one of her drawers, taking out a bag and running into her dressing room giggling. `Won't be a minute, Lynne! Keep yourself hot for me', she said as she closed the door over. Lynne wondered what Pam was up to but was very turned on at the secrecy - knowing it must be something quite naughty since Pam was being so weird! Pam turned the lights off as she emerged from her dressing room and Lynne could just make out her silhouette as she approached her on the bed. `What have you bought, then, Pam?' Lynne asked nervously. `Lie beside me and I'll show you', Pam winked. Pam took Lynnes hands and put them on her neck, then started tracing them softly down her body. `Oh Pam! You feel so soft!', Lynne gasped. Pam just grinned ` Wait `til you get down a bit, honey!' Before Lynne knew what was going on, her hands found a hard cock growing out of Pam's crotch. `You like it baby?' Pam asked. `Oh it's wonderful! What is it??'. `It's a strap-on dildo. Two girls like us can use it when there aren't any men around! Want to suck it?' Pam replied. `Mmmm, yes! You look so hot, Pam. Beautiful body and a big cock'. Pam pushed Lynne's head down to the level of her cock, `Just suck it baby! Suck my big cock you little bitch!'. Lynne felt her pussy getting very hot at this new game and moved forward to take the huge rubber cock in her mouth. She had sucked off her previous boyfriends before but this was on a different level - sucking a gorgeous older woman's 7" cock!!

As Lynne went down on Pam, she opened her mouth and took as much of the huge dildo as she could before closing her lips around the shaft. `Mmmmm! I can see you've done this before, honey', cooed Pam. `Mmmm-hmmm', was all Lynne could reply with her mouth full of cock. `Suck it hard for me baby! Suck me like you sucked your boyfriends cock! Mmmmmm, yeah! That's it you little slut, suck it deeper'. Lynne found Pam's new dirty talk and mild aggression an incredible turn on and redoubled her efforts with the dildo, sucking it deep into her mouth. `Mmmmm, yeah slut! Oh! That's it baby! Mmmmmm deep throat my big cock, you little whore!', Pam screamed as Lynne's mouth worked up and down the dildo's long shaft. Lynne's pussy was dripping wet as she forced her lips down the smooth shaft, taking the whole length in her mouth and throat. `Ooooh! That's so good baby! I think you're ready for a good fucking now, aren't you?', `Oh God, yes please!', gasped Lynne. Pam got Lynne up onto the bed and positioned her on all fours in front of herself. Then she lined the dildo up with Lynnes super little young pussy and pushed gently forward. Lynne gasped out as the cock entered her from behind and felt it sliding easily up into her soaking pussy. `My, we are ready for this! And then some!', Pam remarked as she started sliding the dildo in and out of Lynne's pussy. Pam could see Lynne's tight little asshole from this position and could see from the look of it that Lynne had experimented (at least) with anal sex in the past. As she fucked Lynne's tight pussy harder and harder, she was getting so turned on with the thought of doing this young beauty up the ass! She continued fucking Lynne as she brought a finger up to her tight ass and rubbed it softly around the entrance. Pam expected Lynne to pull away from her finger, so she was surprised when the younger girl pushed back against the pressure of her finger. Pam almost came as she gently slipped her finger into Lynne's ass, making her writhe and moan on the bed. `Mmmmm, you like that, eh? You dirty little slut.', `Mmmmm, yeah! It feels so good, Pam! Don't stop!!' Pam started fucking Lynne's pussy really hard as she slipped her finger in and out of her ass. When she thought Lynne was ready, she slipped another finger in, making her moan loudly. She fucked Lynne hard in the pussy with the dildo while pushing her fingers into the soft ass.

She pulled the dildo out and turned Lynne over onto her back, then grabbed her legs and placed them on her shoulders. This lifted Lynne's ass off the bed and gave Pam access to it with the dildo. She looked right into Lynne's eyes as she pushed the big rubber cock forward. Lynne grabbed the cock and guided it towards her asshole, feeling it push up against the tight ring. She looked up into Pam's face and knew that she would be safe, that Pam would stop if it got too much. She nodded her head to Pam to let her know she was okay and Pam pushed forward a little more so that the head of the dildo was pushing into her ass. At the same time, Lynne lifted her ass off the bed even more and felt the head of the dildo push past her ring and enter her. She let out a small scream of pleasure and Pam pushed in some more. Lynne was gasping and nodding her head to Pam, encouraging her to fill her tight young ass with the big dildo. Pam needed little encouragement and pushed the length of the cock into Lynne's gorgeous ass. Lynne moaned out loudly as she was filled, `Oh fuck Pam! Oh God, that's so good! Oh fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me!!' Pam started sliding the dildo out of Lynne's ass, taking it almost completely out before pushing it all back in again very slowly. Then she started to slowly fuck the younger girl's tight ass. `Oh God! Yes! Yes! Fuck me, Pam!', `Tell me you like it you little whore! Tell me what you like!', `Oh God, I love it! I
love it when you fuck my ass with your big huge cock! OooooHH!'. Lynne was stroking her clit furiously now as Pam rammed the dildo into her ass. Pam could see that Lynne was close, so she stuck two fingers into her pussy as she drove the dildo into her ass up to the hilt! Lynne screamed `OoooHHH!! GOD!! I'm cumming! I'm cumming!!' as she writhed and spasmed on the bed. Her orgasm overtook her and she grabbed Pam's head and brought their lips and tongues together in a wild passionate kiss, the dildo still fully up her young ass! They held onto each other for a long time, kissing and hugging as Lynne's orgasm subsided. Pam withdrew the dildo from Lynne's ass and took off the harness. `Right! You dirty little whore, get down there and finish me off!', she laughed as she sat back on the bed. Lynne needed no second invitation and gladly lowered her self and started licking Pam's pussy for all she was worth. Within minutes, Pam came with and huge shudder - wrapping her thighs tightly around Lynne's head as the young girl ate her pussy to orgasm.

`Mmmmm, God! Thank you Pam, that was so wonderful!' Lynne beamed as they hugged closely on the bed. `My pleasure, I
assure you honey!' Pam replied, `think of the fun we can have when we're living under the same roof!'. Lynne drifted off to sleep with this thought in her head and Pam hugging her from behind.

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