Nathan Wilkinson Is Taken Back Under Control, Part 1 of 4

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`Taking Back Control' came into effect, in Irving County at midnight Saturday and 15 year old Nathan Wilkinson or `Wilko' as his wide circle of gang members called him had the unfortunate honor of being the first juvenile to be referred to the new Irving County Juvenile Punishment Center.

Irving County had a total population of around 35,000.and the percentage of juveniles in the county population aged between eight and seventeen who would come find their lives changed by the new Taking Back Control legislation was around 15%. Due to the small population base Irving County saw no need to set up a permanent County Juvenile Punishment Center, so instead they opted to outfit the one and only theatre in the county seat of Greensborough as their part time JPC.

It would operate out of the old Greensborough Theatre on Saturday mornings and give out punishment to all the juveniles from Irving County aged between eight and seventeen years of age who required routine misbehavior corrections referred by parents and schools and also recurring punishments to those juveniles who had committed more serious misdeeds and were referred to the JPC by the juvenile courts for recurring punishment sessions as part of Irving County's new `Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress' (NEWDD) regulations that came into force as part of Taking Back Control.

Nathan's father had been killed in an industrial accident when he was ten and his mother Allison had a difficult time dealing with his death and because of this trauma, she did everything possible to keep as good a
relationship with her son. The result was that she spoiled Nathan rotten and he soon began to get away with things at home that a boy his age would not normally have managed.

By the time Nathan was twelve, it had became apparent, even to Allison, that she had her hands full with Nathan. His grades in school were beginning to slip, the neighbours were complaining to Allison about him and he had become very disrespectful and often rude to her and other adults.

Allison blamed this on the bad company he hung around with, little realising that from the age of thirteen her son was in fact the leader of the local neighbourhood gang.

Recently Allison had attended community meetings in preparation for `Taking Back Control' coming into force and she had read all the parental literature provided. After attending these courses she knew what she should do, however she could not bring herself to take the strong approach with Nathan that `Taking Back Control' recommended even though she now knew that once `Taking Back Control' started she could call in the new Community Guardians to assist her with disciplining her son and even refer Nathan to the County Juvenile Punishment Center in Greensborough for punishment.

The facts was that since her husbands death Nathan had gradually taken on the masculine role in her house and she knew he now expected to be treated as the `man of the house'. The thought of disciplining and spanking her son seemed a totally impossible course of action as she feared taking back control of Nathan would permanently damage her relationship with her son.

At school and in his local neighbourhood Nathan was a natural leader, but unfortunately he was also a bully. However unlike many bullies when challenged Nathan had proven himself to be a good fighter despite the fact that at 5 feet 4 inches and weighing 100 pounds he was in height and weight under the norm for his 15 years of age. Nathan had begun working out on his father's gym equipment soon after his father's death and he presented an attractive sight with his dark blonde, trimmed and styled hair, piercing cobalt blue eyes, smooth well-developed chest and tummy muscles and a deep bronze tan. His still quite high pitched voice didn't go with image of mature leadership he portrayed but none of his friends or gang and only the occasional outsider were silly enough to torment him about this fact and after suffering at Nathan's hands for doing so, they only ever did it once and never again.

By the age of 15 when Taking Back Control came into force Nathan was certainly proving too much for Allison Wilkinson to handle. The complaints continued to come in about Nathan and along with this, his school grades were still slipping. Allison was facing an increasingly harsh dilemma of what to do with Nathan when suddenly the very day `Taking Back Control' commenced Nathan through his own actions forced the decision.

As part of the initiation rites to his gang Nathan had a new 6th grade member named Russel Daniels steal some specific electrical goods he wanted for himself from a local store. When the boy got cold feet and returned outside to the waiting gang empty handed, Nathan in a show of bravos in front of his gang went in to carry out the deed.

Nathan might have been a natural leader but he was a terrible thief. He barely got back outside to his gang before store security officers surrounded the group of boys and escorted the blushing Nathan back into the store for questioning. The Manager of the store Mrs Louise Walters knew Allison Wilkinson and her son very well from the school PTA where Louise and Allison had served on the PTA Executive and through various sports clubs their children had been involved with. Louise had two boys, Nick aged 16 and a high school junior and Chris aged 13 who was an 8th grader plus a
daughter Cindy who was nearly 15 and a fellow high school sophomore in Nathan's 10th grade.

When first confronted about his possession of electrical goods from the store Nathan tried to spin a very thin lie about forgetting to pay. The lie was almost totally transparent and Mrs Walters immediately pulled out her cell phone and rang Allison Wilkinson. Allison was mortified about her son's transgression. She begged Mrs Walters not to turn him into the police for shoplifting. Allison and Louise both knew that once handed over to the police Nathan would be charged and convicted of shoplifting and that the sentence would give Nathan a criminal record. Neither Allison nor Mrs Walters wanted to taint Nathan's life with the stigma of the consequent criminal record.

Nathan knew from all the lessons at school and the posters around town and at school that `Taking Back Control' had come into effect at midnight last night but as his mum had not even spoken to him about the new program Nathan had let all the warnings of the new consequences for juveniles breaking the law or defying adult control pass him bye without much concern.

So it was much to Nathan's chagrin that his mum readily agreed to Mrs Walters suggestion that as an alternative to reporting Nathan to the police she would agree to Nathan being referred by Allison to the County Juvenile Punishment Center for punishment on next Saturday provided Mrs. Walters and her family witnessed Nathan receive a severe punishment session as recompense for his crime.

When Nathan went to object to Mrs. Walters's solution, Mrs. Walters held up her hand to stop him from speaking and asked Nathan, "Who's in charge here, who makes the rules?"

Parroting what he'd been repeatedly taught over the last month at school Nathan hesitantly replied, "Adults do".

"That's right Nathan, I or any other adult can now control you. Parents, teachers and other adults begun from midnight, `Taking Back Control' of our previously out of control kids".

"Yes Mrs. Walters, I know," said Nathan is a dejected voice.

How could he not help but know. He had had lessons on `Taking Back Control' for at least the last month plus there were posters in schools, malls, recreation centers, playgrounds, stores, restaurants, buses and taxi cabs reminding everyone that come the introduction of `Taking Back Control' the rules would not be the same anymore and that adults would make the rules. Nathan like all other juveniles in Irving County had been warned continuously of the consequences of defying adult control or breaking rules after taking back control came into force.

As he stood before his mum and Mrs. Walters Nathan blushed, remembering some of the possible penalties for not conforming to the program. It seemed to Nathan that most of these involved public nudity and severe punishments. The thought of being stripped naked in public made Nathan blush even more profusely, despite the new official decree that boys and girls shouldn't be so modest, Nathan knew that the humiliation of being naked in public was in many ways the ultimate punishment not the physical beatings that also occurred.

The next evening Nathan was lounging around watching TV when the door bell rang.

"Nathan would you get that please" his mum called out from the kitchen where she was washing up the dinner dishes.

"I'm busy, you get it, it will be for you anyway" Nathan replied.

Allison looked anything but pleased as she looked over at her son reclined on the lounge as she walked through the lounge room drying her hands, but she said nothing further to him.

When she opened the front door there were three adults standing there. She recognized Dr Disney and the young man standing behind him, Marcus Ashton who lived a few houses down the block and was a college freshman. Marcus's younger sister Jennifer went to the same High School as Nathan but was a
grade behind him. The third adult who spoke to Allison was a well dressed African American woman.

"Mrs Wilkinson?"


"Hello, I'm Miriam Powell; this is Dr Robert Disney and Marcus Ashton. We are some of the newly appointed Community Guardians."

At this announcement Nathan's ears picked up and he sat up on the lounge.

"We have been advised that you have referred your 15 year old son Nathan to the County Juvenile Punishment Center for punishment on next Saturday. We are here to carry out the preliminary assessment on Nathan so that Saturday's punishment session proceeds smoothly."

"Oh yes, the lady I booked in the punishment session with over the phone mentioned something about this, please come in" Allison invited.

`Mum, you didn't mention this to me; I'm not having any fucking preliminary assessment here tonight!" Nathan furiously responded.

Nathan and his mother were surprised when Mrs Powell walked across the lounge room to where Nathan was sitting, reached down and slapped Nathan hard across the face.

"Don't you dare speak to your mother or any other adult like that again? Adults make the rules now that Taking Back Control is in force" Mrs Powell berated the shocked boy.

Nathan was at first too startled by Mrs Powell's action to react, but then Nathan rose to his feet and went to hit her back, as his mother screamed, "Nooooo". Fortunately for Nathan his hand was caught by Marcus Ashton before he could land the blow.

"You are lucky son that Mr Ashton stopped you. If you had hit me you would be up before the Juvenile Court tomorrow and become Irving County's first NEWDD!"

Turning to Allison, Mrs Powell asked, "Is this Nathan's younger brother? It would appear he should be referred to the Punishment Centre on Saturday as well."

Marcus who knew Nathan, chuckled at the comment as Dr Disney who also knew Nathan, smiled.

As Nathan blushed at this slight to his youthful looks and short height, Allison explained that this was her 15 year old son Nathan.

"Really! Oh well, right then Nathan" said Mrs. Powell. "I'm not here to receive disrespect from you, so at all times you will call me Mrs Powell or Miss and I also have no intention of allowing you to get away with threatening me with physical violence. So before we carry out the preliminary assessment on you so that Saturday's punishment session can proceed smoothly I am going to spank you."

"What you have got to be fucking kidding" Nathan blurted out before even thinking of what he was saying.

"This is the last time I will remind you Nathan that you address me as Mrs Powell or Miss and also the last time I am going to tell you to shut your mouth. I am sure your mother has some soap in this house that I will have no hesitation in using on you if you swear again, do you understand?"

"Yes miss" a very sullen Nathan replied.

"Good, now I want you to remove all of your clothes, I will be spanking you naked and anyway you need to be naked for your assessment" Mrs. powell said to Nathan.

"No way Miss, this is perverted. Mum tell them no" replied Nathan.

Turning to face Allison Mrs Powell stated "If Nathan doesn't do as I say and get naked in the next two minutes, I will be referring him to the Juvenile court to be made a NEWDD, is that understood?"

"Yes Mrs Powell" replied a worried Allison Wilkinson. "Nathan, do as you are ordered you don't want to be a NEWDD do you? Everyone will then see you naked at school, at the shops, everywhere! They will even be allowed to touch and feel your naked body" Allison warned her son.

"Only mum should be able to spank me not a stranger and why can't I have my assessment in private at Dr Disney's surgery?" asked Nathan

Ignoring his question Mrs. Powell responded, "Time is running out Nathan, get a move along. Adults are in control now and any adult can discipline you. As a Guardian I can spank you naked if I so choose. You know that from your lessons at school don't you Nathan?"

"Yes Mrs Powell" said Nathan slowly.

"Good, then get undressed now" replied Mrs Powell

Defeated and in fear of being made a NEWDD, Nathan blushing profusely put his head down and began to undress.

Allison sat herself down in the lounge amazed where this was going. She hadn't seen Nathan naked since he was eight years old.

Slowly Nathan removed his joggers, socks, t shirt and jeans till he was standing only in his boxer shorts. He glanced over at his mother and then at Mrs Powell as if expecting a reprieve from total nudity but the look on Mrs Powell's face confirmed that he would be no such luck.

Reluctantly Nathan turned his back to the two women and two men and dropped his boxer shorts stepping carefully out of them and then putting them on the pile of his already discarded clothes.

"Turn around Nathan," said Mrs Powell. Nathan turned slowly to face the four adults but he covered his genitals with his hands as his face and chest reddened with a most profound blush.

"There will be no playing with yourself Nathan, so put your hands down and stand at attention" Mrs Powell ordered.

Allison and Marcus both gasped in amazement. Nathan was beet red with humiliation and embarrassment as he slowly removed his hands from his groin and placed then by his sides. He could not look at his mother or the other adults but he could sense where they were all looking at him.

Despite his humiliation and embarrassment Nathan eventually glanced over to where his mother sat on the lounge. He immediately noticed that she had leaned forward slightly, looking carefully to seeing how what had been till this moment his most private secret parts looked.

"Oh!" exclaimed Allison "he seems very undeveloped, I thought he would be well into puberty by his age! Is that normal for a fifteen year old?"

"It's quite normal" replied Dr Disney. "Nathan is a late developer and clearly he's not far into puberty, but that isn't anything to worry about just yet. His lack of development is certainly still within normal bounds."

Nathan had his eyes tightly shut and despite his tough demeanour he was at that moment resisting the temptation to cry. He could feel everyone's eyes on his genitals and he feared that his shame in all its humiliating detail may even become public knowledge even before next Saturday when all was sure to be publicly revealed and everyone would know how much of a little boy he still was and how much more grown up most of his gang members were than their leader.

"Ha ha ha, well, well," said Mrs. Powell chuckling out loud. The guardians had been trained to belittle boys about the size of their genitals even when they were respectable sizes, it was all part of taking back control but in Nathan's case Mrs. Powell didn't need to exaggerate at all, "Nathan you're more of a little boy than I was expecting."

Nathan blushed even deeper at this dig about his of lack manhood as Marcus Ashton fought unsuccessfully to suppress his amusement at Nathan's lack of development. "Would you look at that," Marcus said, "He's 15 years old and he's got no fucking hair and the puniest dick I've ever seen on someone his age. Wait till I tell my sister Jennifer about this!"

"Yes the announcer at the JPC on Saturday is going to have a field day when your naked body is exposed for the first time up on stage" Mrs. Powell tormented. "Being the first of the children up there on the stage, there are going to be a lot of disappointed patrons in the audience when they see your paltry excuse for manhood."

"Now I want you to come here and lie over my lap so I can give you a good spanking." Mrs Powell commanded.

Mrs Powell went and pulled out a straight back chair from around the dining table and placing it in the middle of the lounge room where Nathan was waiting. She then sat on the chair and ordered Nathan to bend over her lap.

Mrs Powell helped Nathan get into a comfortable spot with his bottom straight up in the air.

Allison Wilkinson could not help but notice that Nathan had a very cute bubble butt and the thought even crossed her mind that she might actually enjoy spanking it, an action she would never previously have even dreamed of doing.

Marcus produced a paddle out of his kit bag and handed it to Mrs Powell. The paddle resembled a hairbrush with no bristles and had small holes in it to dissipate wind resistance.

"Mrs. Wilkinson this will be your's to keep when I am finished with it. I
have a gut feeling young Nathan here is going to need regular naked paddlings to keep him under control. Now to give a good spanking you need to smack Nathan's butt as hard as you can manage, moving the swats around to cover his whole bottom. You should also smack the back of his legs" and pointing to the spot where Nathan's thighs met his bottom Mrs Powell informed Nathan's mum to concentrate future paddlings in this area to make the spanking memorable.

"Another piece of good advice Mrs. Wilkinson is to completely ignore any promises of being good, or pleas for mercy, Nathan begs, they are only attempts to distract you from the job at hand. Also If during the spanking Nathan makes any attempt to cover his bottom with his hands, I find a few sharp smacks on the fingers remedy that action.

The spanking lesson over Mrs Powell immediately began spanking Nathan.

Nathan's bottom shook with each smack. This was a totally new experience for Nathan and the surprise of the first stroke landing on his naked bottom shocked Nathan with its ferocity and pain.

As Allison watched her sons first ever spanking she realised that for both of them their lives and relationship had suddenly changed. Nathan was no longer the man of the house, Allison knew with a deep feeling of satisfaction that she was now much more in control.

Soon there were promises of being good and pleas for mercy emanating from Nathan's lips along with quite sobs which grew louder as they turned into full on crying and deep breaths.

When Mrs. Powell stopped the onslaught and announced that the spanking had ended, Nathan jumped to his feet and began dance around the lounge room rubbing his bottom and doing a very energetic dance of the spanked which everyone present except Nathan found very amusing.

Marcus gave Mrs Wilkinson a wet cloth from his kit bag and told her to call Nathan over and clean his face which was covered with tears and snot.

As Allison cleaned her sons face Mrs. Powell said, "Ok Nathan when you're cleaned up come stand by this chair again so Dr Disney can begin your medical assessment for Saturday."

Despite the effects of his first ever spanking Nathan felt totally embarrassed standing in the middle of the lounge room totally naked awaiting Dr Disney to begin, so he just kept his eyes down while shuffling his feet, wishing Dr Disney would get started.

Dr Disney began the assessment by asking Marcus for the mini scales from the kit bag. When Ashton placed them on the floor near Nathan Dr Disney instructed Nathan to get up on the scale and when his weigh in was complete Dr Disney directed Nathan to lie over the spanking chair with his bottom in the air so he could take his temperature. At this news Nathan baulked and didn't move to take up his position over the chair.

"Is there a problem. If there is Nathan I am sure it is something the paddle could quickly fix?" said Mrs Powell.

Nathan immediately moved at this threat and reluctantly lowered himself over the chair with his bottom up in the air.

Dr. Disney walked over and parted Nathan's bottom cheeks exposing his pink puckered sphincter.

"You need to learn how to clean your bottom properly." Dr Disney asserted.

"Moist cloth please, Marcus" Dr Disney requested and when handed a wet cloth he proceeded to wash around Nathan's exposed anus.

Dr Disney then lubricated a thermometer and slid it past Nathan's sphincter and right inside Nathan.

By the look on his face Nathan was mortified by the way he was being treated. Everyone was staring watching as his temperature was being taken while he was naked and exposed draped over the chair.

Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Powell and Marcus noticed the look on Nathan's face change to one that indicated that having the thermometer shoved up inside him did in fact feel good. At the same time his penis which was forced down into the chair seat was growing hard by the second.

When Dr Disney removed the thermometer and ordered Nathan to stand up as he recorded Nathan's temperature, the suspicion of Mrs Wilkinson, Mrs Powell and Marcus was confirmed correct!

Nathan's penis was as hard as a rock, pointed straight out, all three and a
half inches of it!

Mrs Wilkinson seemed embarrassed by seeing her son with an erection but the three guardians just smiled and didn't seem the least bit concerned.

Dr Disney then proceeded to push on Nathan's stomach and worked his way down to his erection. He rolled each of Nathan's testicals in his hand and then examined his glans, noting that his penis head was very red probably due to excessive masturbation!

"Nathan is quite obviously a late developer" Dr Disney commented out loud to no one in particular, "so whilst Nathan is erect I will take the opportunity to carry out a prostrate examination and at the same time determine if he is going to be able to ejaculate when attached to the masturbating machine on Saturday".

"Marcus, the KY jelly and rubber gloves please from the kit" Dr Disney requested.

Once handed them he put on the gloves and then squeezed some KY jelly from the tube onto his gloved finger.

"Nathan please turn around and bend over and pull the cheeks of your bottom apart" Dr Disney ordered.

Nathan gave a pleading look at his mum but when nothing happened except a
nod by his mum indicating for him to do as instructed; Nathan slowly turned around, spread his legs and bent over, presenting his bottom to the doctor. When in position he reached back and pulling his cheeks apart.

"You'll have to open yourself wider than that," Dr Disney instructed "I can barely see your sphincter."

Nathan was almost in tears at the shame of exposing his most secret hidden place but slowly he did as instructed and pulled open his bottom cheeks even further.

With Nathan bent over and in position Dr Disney approached him and informed him that, "This will hurt a little bit."

Dr Disney then proceeded to open up Nathan even further with his right thumb and index finger and plunged his left index finger up inside Nathan's rectum to his knuckle.

Nathan gasped loudly at the shock of the pain as he felt the pressure of Dr Disney's finger in his rectum.

Dr Disney began to work his finger around inside Nathan's rectum feeling for his prostrate.

"Ahhhhhh!" Nathan shouted out as Dr Disney's finger hit Nathan's little prostate.

A second cry of "Ahhhhh!!!!" came loudly from Nathan as Dr Disney began to message the tiny prostate with first one finger, then two and finally three fingers as he also inserted his index finger into Nathan's rectum. As the doctor's fingers began to work on Nathan's small marble sized prostate, Nathan squirmed and attempted to rise, forcing Marcus to hold him down in the bent over position.

Despite his humiliation and embarrassment Nathan began to feel warm sensations flood through him and despite the best efforts of Marcus to restrain him, Nathan began to buck almost welcoming the intrusion.

"Oh!! Ahhhhhh!!" Nathan exclaimed, as his body was treated to wave after wave of sensation as Dr Disney continued to massage his tiny prostrate and the feelings continued to build and become more and more intense for Nathan.

Fighting against the pressure Marcus was exerting to keep him bent over Nathan's nostrils flared, he began to pant and breathe in short gasps as the muscles of his stomach began to heave and contract and the veins in his neck began to stand out. Finally the final signals that Nathan was approaching orgasm occurred, his toes and fingers began to curl and uncurl uncontrollably as if they had a mind of their own.

Quickly Dr Disney withdrew his fingers allowing Nathan to stand up as Dr Disney removed the gloves from his hands and placed them in a small garbage bag Mrs. Powell had sourced from the kit bag.

Then Nathan began to move his hips franticly, fucking the air wildly with his engorged three and a half inch penis as his head arched backward and his eyes rolled back into his head.

"Oh, fuckkkkkkk!!!!" Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!" Came the tortured cry from Nathan's lips.

For nearly a minute after Dr Disney had removed his finger, Nathan's body twitched and jerked with waves of orgasm that seemed like they would never end and when they did ease down and the feelings of ecstasy left him Nathan collapsed limply onto the floor, panting heavily in the afterglow.

Nathan's penis remained flaccid from sexual exhaustion throughout the rest of the examination until Dr Disney finally pronounced the assessment examination over.

Mrs Powell then thanked Mrs Wilkinson for her co-operation and Dr Disney advised her that Nathan was fit to proceed with his punishment session at the JPC on Saturday.

As Nathan walked in front of the three guardians heading to collect his clothing, Mrs Powell placed a hand on his shoulder and said, "No need to get dressed Nathan, your mum will tell you when and when not to get dressed in the future and what clothes you should wear."

Allison smiled at Mrs Powell; she could not believe what had just happened. She hadn't seen Nathan naked in years and now he was being made to stay naked around the house like a little boy.

Before we leave Mrs Wilkinson, I would like your permission to erect these small signs at your front and back doors. There are two versions, one reads, `Taking Back Control - Boys should not be so modest! All boys aged between 3 and 17, are to be naked at all times whilst within the confines of this residence and its back yard' and the other reads, `Taking Back Control - Children should not be so modest! All children aged between 3 and 17, are to be naked at all times whilst within the confines of this residence and its back yard'. Which version would you like me to erect?

"Oh we don't have many girls visiting and those that do are no problem. I
think I will have the boy's only version thank you Mrs. Powell.

"Mum I can't be naked inside the house all the time, what if I have friends over and I am naked?" Nathan questioned in a panicked voice

"if you have friends over dear and they are boys they will have to obey the official taking back control notices once erected.

Nathan's head was spinning. His whole world was crashing down around him and Mrs Powell's next comment only made things worse!.

"Before I leave Nathan, I want you to go sit naked on your mothers lap and allow her to massage all of your body so that you begin to bond more closely. It's an important part of not being so modest and also in recognising that your body is not yours to control but your mothers. I will organise for Mr Ashton to call around every evening this week to check that Nathan is submitting to these bonding sessions" Mrs Powell instructed.

"Oh thank you for the offer Mrs. Powell, but I don't think Nathan will want me touching his naked body" Allison replied in nervous panic.

`Nonsense Mrs Wilkinson" Mrs. Powell replied, "It does not matter what Nathan wants. You are in control of his body now, so don't be worried about doing this. For most of us parents it's a new regime but one I know from very recent experience with my two boys and their sister that you can quickly get used too."

Nathan looked like he was going to object but the thought of being made a
NEWDD for disagreeing, curbed his tongue. Instead, his mind went back over Mrs. Powell's last comment. Nathan knew of her two sons, Kareem who was 14 years old and Jamal who was nearly 13. He hardly knew their 12 year old sister Werona at all but it sounded from their mothers comments that the three of them were experiencing plenty of naked time in their own household.

Nathan's thoughts were cut short as he inhaled suddenly at the feel of his mums hands beginning to feel the smooth juvenile skin of his chest 15 year old chest.

"All over his body, especially his penis, scrotum and anus" encouraged Mrs. Powell, "You will soon get used to doing this and Nathan will soon learn to relax and enjoy these bonding sessions with you."

As Allison looked down at her hands caressing the naked body of her 15 year old son she accepted for the first time that despite his age, Nathan was still very much an undeveloped little boy and neededto be treated like one not as a young adult.

Nathan gave out strange moan of partial ecstasy and partial humiliation as Allison's fingers moved all over Nathan's slender hairless body, finally working their way to fondle Nathan's hairless penis and scrotum.

Nathan looked horrified to see his penis erecting under his mothers manipulation.

The three Guardians left Mrs. Wilkinson and Nathan to continue their bonding with the reminder that Marcus would pop around tomorrow after dinner to check how Nathan was behaving.

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