The Corporate Way

a Straight erotic story


The Corporate Way. By BMAN

Thirty six year old Alicia Weston was the youngest CEO Hamilton Manufacturing had ever had in its history. There were only two women before her and they were in their late forties. She had been a breath of fresh air for the company, intelligent, innovative and hard working. However, she could be very demanding and quite strict on those not in her favor, so to speak. She appointed Camile Patterson as her chief operations officer. Camile was 46, also a hard worker and with a lot of experience.

The Board of directors were impressed by what Alicia and Camile had accomplished in the last year. They were also impressed by the plans they had to go forward with the company. That was, all except Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton. Lady Hamilton, as she liked to be called, was very prominent in society circles. Her wealth was left to her by her late husband, John Hamilton. Founder of Hamilton Manufacturing. She didn't pose a threat as far as controlling shares or anything like that. However, she did have influence with the rest of the Board.

Mrs. Parker had slowed progress for the past two years by her influence. Alicia realized if she was going to move forward, she would have to find a way to deal with Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton. Now, Lady Hamilton didn't attend every Board meeting, just the ones she felt were important. She wanted to make sure Alicia and Camile didn't become too ambitious and try to leave her out.

Alicia thumbed through her personal directory, and there it was. The card with just the name Brian on it. Corporate fixer was in small letters at the bottom followed by the phone number. She remembered her predecessor giving her the card before he left. “Good luck, Alicia. I think you are right for this company and you will do great as the new CEO.” “Thank you Mr. Randall.”

“I'll leave you with just one item. A card from Brian. If you ever need anything handled, should we say....... quietly? He is the man. He has put many companies back on track. But only call him if you really need something seriously done.” “Thank you, Mr. Randall. I will.”

Alicia put the card back. Perhaps tonight, after everyone had gone. She would make the call then. “You have reached the private line of Brian. Leave a contact number.” Alicia gave her cell number. She was standing in front of the large windows, looking out over the city with all the beautiful lights. The phone suddenly rang. “Hello?”

“This is Brian. You left me a message?” “Yes........I did. I was given your card by a Mr. Ben Randall. He use to be CEO........” “I know who he is. You have a problem and it needs to be fixed?” “Yes, I do.” “Your office in one hour?” “Yes, I'll tell security you are expected.”

Brian was not at all what Alicia had expected. She thought he would be more like the James Bond type. Such this was such a secrete thing. “I don't waste a lot of time, Ms. Weston. Get to the point and I'll tell you if I can help or not.” “Ok, then. There is a person on the Board. Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton. I need her to vanish for a short period of time.. I don't want her harmed. I just need her out of my way so I can go forward with the Board.”

“You want her kidnapped. Taken away so she can't show up here?” “Yes. After the Board votes in my favor.........then she can return. By then I will have accomplished what I wanted. How much will it cost?” “Not a lot for what you will gain. Describe her to me.” Alicia pulled a picture from her top drawer and gave it to Brian.

“Fifty four years old. 5” 6” tall, about 130 pounds. Short cut silver and brown hair. Dress size 12. Bra size 36, C-cup. And I don't know her measurements. Anything else?” Brian smiled at her. “Very attractive looking for fifty four. Must have had some work done.” “Can you do the job?”

“You give bonuses? Or is that just for corporate employees?” “Why would I give you a bonus?” “I'll bring her here when the job is finished. She'll kneel down and lick your shoes.” “If you can do that, Brian. I'll give you a very very big bonus!” “Done!”

Brian walked to the back of the night club and sat down at an occupied table. “Hey, Brian. Long time no see.” “You too, Scott. Hows things?” “I think they're getting better, now that you're here.” Brian handed the picture to Scott. “Thats Mrs. Dorothy Hamilton.”

“Yeah, I know. Lady Hamilton. She looks fine. I'd do her.” “You may get the chance. I need her to disappear for about four weeks. The client doesn't want her harmed, just training to be respectful.” “Like a submissive little bitch?” “You got it.”

Brian took a big swallow of his drink. “She lives in this apartment building, room 1127. She hires a chauffeur from this limousine service. The dispatcher can send whoever he likes to pick her up. “No problem. See ya!” Scott payed a visit to the dispatcher with a thousand dollars and the the job was sealed.

That Friday, Lady Hamilton called for the Limo. Lady Hamilton stopped and looked the young man over. “I don't believe I've seen you before. Where Is Randy?” “Out with a bad flu.” The young man opened the door for her. “I need to go to the Hamilton Manufacturing first. You know where that is?” “Yes Ma'am.”

Mrs. Hamilton picked up the phone to contact the driver. “I think you are on the wrong street. It is three blocks over. Do you hear me?” The Limo turned onto another street. “HELLO! HELLO, driver! You are on the wrong street!” The limo turned into a large parking garage. “Where are we? Where the hell are you going? I'll have you fired for this stupid mistake!”

The door opened and three hooded men pulled Mrs. Hamilton out of the Limo. “LET GO OF ME!” Before she could say another word, a towel was put over her face and she lost consciousness. The three men put her into a van and it quickly drove away. Dorothy awoke to the sound of birds chirping. She opened her eyes to see herself in front of a large mirror.

She was tied into a chair, completely naked. There was a red rubber ball gag in her mouth. Her legs were spread wide apart and her arms bound behind the chair with leather straps. The same leather straps that held her legs open. The room was dimly lit except for the light over her that cast her naked reflection into the mirror. What had happened ? Where was she? Who did this? Her brain was reeling with thoughts.

Suddenly the door opened and two young men walked in. She recognized one of them as the chauffeur that picked her up. One of them was carrying something in his hand. “Lady Hamilton, I presume?” “Mmmmph....Phhmph!” “I see you're at a loss for words.” He lifted up the black object.

“This is called a posture collar. It fits around your neck and tightly up under your chin. It will hold your head up in that regal position you are use to.” He fastened the collar and Dorothy realized she could no longer bend her head forward or backward without leaning her body too. “You look very attractive in that. You will notice it has several rings around it. Those are for attaching a leather leash.

“MMMmpphmm!” “How do you like the mirror? I think it displays you quite well. Nice pair of tits, nice big nipples. Someone must have been sucking on those for awhile. Wide open pussy, covered with some hair. We'll shave that all that off. So you'll have a nice smooth pussy.”

“Mmmmmphhhhh!” The man grabbed Dorothy by her hair and pulled her head back.

“You're going to need some training I am afraid to say. The first thing you're going to have to learn is you place!” The man slapped her across the tits. He took her nipples and pinched as hard as he could, twisting them before he let go. “Aauuuugghh!”

He slapped both her tits again. “Take to the baths. I want her washed and shaved. Then bring her back here.” Lady Hamilton suffered the humiliation of being washed in the shower, and further humiliation by having her genitals shaved. She was returned to the room with the mirror. The young man held a red butt plug in his hand. The two men forced it into her and tied he back down to the chair.

“Feel that butt in your ass! I want it to remind you what a slut your are. I two nice big nipple clamps for your tits.” They had long silver cylinders attached. He clamped them on her nipples and flipped the little switch. She felt the vibration immediately. “Now for your pussy. A whore wouldn't be complete without a vibrator. I'm sure you've used those before.”

He strapped a large vibrator to the special straps on the chair. He forced it tight against her pussy and locked it to the chair. “In the mirror you'll be able to watch. Just like the rest of us will be watching.” He flipped the switch and they walked out of the room.

Lady Hamilton felt the steady pounding of the vibrator against clit. The young man had known exactly where to place it. The clamps on her nipples were sending shocks to her pussy and the vibrator was pounding and pounding. She had not had an orgasm in over a month. The last time was in the shower by herself. She couldn't hold on any longer, she gave into the vibrators relentless assault. She tried but the gag suppressed her screams.

She watched herself in the mirror, her thighs quivered, her chest heaved up and down. She watched her breasts bounce wildly as the clamps hung on tight. The vibrator wouldn't stop! Please she wanted it to stop. Another wave of orgasm came over her as she watched her whole body tremble in the mirror. All she could do was make whimpering sounds through the gag.

The young man turned off the vibrator and removed the clamps. Dorothy looked at herself in the mirror. Her hair was a total mess, drool from the ball gag, running down her chest. She could see the strings of oozing from her mouth. “You put on quite a show for us, Lady Hamilton. Or, should I saw Lady Slut! I saw your pussy trying to fuck that vibrator. You were rubbing it as hard as you could.” The humiliation was overwhelming. “Take her back to the showers. Bring her to room 21.”

The rook resembled a hotel room. Bed, night stands, dresser, toilet at one end and a chair. She was on her back, hands were tied to the headboard. Her feet were tied to the bottom rail, spread eagle. The gag and butt plug were still in place. The young man entered the room followed by two others. “This is where you'll sleep. The rook had a light above the door. As long as the light is on, you are available.”

The young man sat down in the side of the bed. “By available, I mean you are ready to receive hot and hard cocks!” He placed his hand on he smooth naked pussy, letting his fingers explore inside her. “Fifty four year old bitch.” He shook his head. “Hard to believe you look so good.”

“Anyway!” He slapped her pussy as he stood up. “You keep that pussy hot for me. I'll be back later to try out.” He kept his word, he climbed on the bed naked, his hard cock all wet with lube. “Aaaaahhhh.......that's a nice tight pussy. Do you remember the last time a big cock filled it up?”

Dorothy could remember, it was with her husband, out by the pool. They swam naked and he later fucked her on the lawn, and it was so long ago. She couldn't help herself, she was building and building to an orgasm. This young cock was ramming her pussy and his fingers were pinching her nipples. She was about to.........and she screamed as best she could through the ball gag. Her head tossed, she had not felt like this in a long time.

Dorothy felt so ashamed, because she strangely enjoyed the sexual release. Was she going to enjoy it every time her kidnappers used her? She dozed off sometime later. She was awaken early by the young man who was standing over her bed completely naked. “Hello, pretty lady. It's time to make another deposit in that lovely pussy of yours.” This time she made up her mind not to orgasm.

She was taken to the rook where the other slaves were kept. Dorothy wondered what kind of place this was. There were five other women and even three men, all bound and naked. They were kneeling on the floor eating from dog dishes. The young man untied her arms and removed the gag. “Get down on all fours! Now, eat! And don't say a word!”

Over the three weeks, the young man had broken Dorothy's will power. She was ashamed to admit it, but she liked how nasty he talked to her. He made her stand in the center of the room with an arm binder on and posture collar. Her legs spread apart. He rubbed his hand across he ass. “You know you are a beautiful sight like this. Your sole function is to simply give pleasure me and the others.”

He slid his hand up and down her pussy. “Soon you'll be anxious to serve any master, young or old.” The young man picked up a leather paddle and forced her head down. “Now, I'm going to give you a spanking. Just because I love the smooth round ass of yours. And it looks so good when its red.”

Other humiliating things she was forced to do was the dildo room. It was a room with fifteen dildos in different locations. Some were on the wall at different heights. Some were in chairs or tables and some were on the floor. The young man forced her to kneel. “You will notice all the dildos. They all have coloring on their heads. You will go around the room and suck the color off each one. For every one you leave color on. You will get five lashes across your bare ass! Now begin.”

Dorothy received several ass whipping before she could clean all the dildos of their colors. When she had to urinate, the young man would take her outside on the lawn. “Get on your knees and pee!” That was most humiliating for her, but with training, she became use to it. Just as she got use to taking a shower in the open with everyone watching. She knew the purpose of all this was to humiliate and dominate her, and it was working extremely well.

Then there were the party nights. Dorothy, along with two other women and two men, were bondage servers. They wore arm binders, posture collars, leather corsets, and serving trays attached to the corset and chains that attached to the posture collars. Both the men and women wore makeup, with eye lashes and bright red lipstick. The women had tiny bells attached to their nipples as did the men. The men also wore cock rings. Last, all of them wore black high heels.

The young man walked over and kissed her, letting his tongue wonder into her mouth. “Another beautiful sight you are. You look better than those other women. And they're much younger.” He felt her pussy. “There'll be no fucking tonight. This party is just for touching and feeling. You're going to have a lot of fingers and hands all over you tonight. Oh, and you'll have to serve drinks on those trays.”

Dorothy never felt so vulnerable as she did walking around the room. Her head was held high, her arms bound behind her with no protection. She had to endure whatever poking, prodding and fondling anyone desired. There were women at the part also, and several of them were very fond of her. “Isn't this lady pretty? What do you think Wanda?” “Yes, very elegant. Open your legs and let me have a feel.”

Dorothy stood there in silence as the two women fondled her. “I like the tiny bells on her nipples.” The lady jiggled Dorthy's breasts to make them ring. “I would like to use a strap on and fuck her.” “Yes, I would too.” They both laughed. “Do come back soon.”

Dorthy's ass was getting sore from being pinched and swatted so many times. The nipple clamps were also getting her aroused. She had them on for two hours and every time someone touched them, it sent a shock wave straight to her pussy. The young man stepped up behind her and slid his hand between her legs. “Nice. I see you are wet. When you finish here, I'm going to take to outside and fuck you good.” That sent another shock wave through her pussy. She wanted him to fuck her now! She didn't want to wait.

The time came when the young man led her outside and made her kneel on the lawn. He took his cock out and put it in her mouth. “That's good lick me all over. Get my cock ready.” It was difficult with the posture collar on, but Dorothy managed to lick his cock and balls and make him ready. When he entered her, she gave out with a loud groan. “How does that feel?” “Wonderful. Please, fuck me. I'm almost ready to cum. Please, fuck me hard!” If this was what a slut was like, then she was ready to become one for the rest of her life.

The limo pulled up inside the parking garage of Hamilton Manufacturing. Brian, along with a young man got out, followed by Lady Hamilton. She walked behind them as they went to the elevator. The door opened and they walked to Alicia's office at the end of the hall. Alicia and Camile were in the office. Brian, the young man and Lady Hamilton walked in. “I've been expecting you.” She looked at Dorothy. “How are you Mrs. Hamilton?”

Dorothy stood straight, looking ahead all the time. “I'm fine. Thank you, Ms.” Brian leaned over and whispered into Dorothy's ear. Dorothy immediately removed her dress, letting it fall to the floor. There was nothing under the dress, she stood naked in front of Alicia and Camile. Both the women were amazed.

Brian smiled at Alicia and turned to Dorothy. “Ms. Weston requires that her shoes be licked clean.” Mrs. Hamilton knelt down and bent over in front of her. She licked the tops of her shoes with her tongue. Alicia was astounded, Camile just stood there with her mouth open. “You see. I like big bonuses too.”

“Get up, slut!” Mrs. Hamilton get to her and returned to her place behind Brian. “This young man will be staying on with Lady Hamilton. He is her master.” The young man pulled her forward. “Go stand in front of the window in presentation.” Mrs. Hamilton walked to the window, spread her legs and placed her hands behind her head.

Brian handed Alicia his card. “You can ship payment to the address in the card.” Alicia was still taken by the sight of Mrs. Hamilton standing naked for everyone to see. “Yes......yes I will.” The young man shouted to Mrs. Hamilton. “Come here, Slut!”

Dorothy returned to the young man. “This mature slut is ready for any kinky parties or other occasions you might have planned. We'll be at the house if you need us.” The young mad ordered Dorothy to dress and they left the office.

They got out in front of the house, Dorothy followed the young man inside. She stopped and looked at the two people in the foyer. A middle aged Spanish maid and black man in a chafferer's uniform. “This is Estella, the maid. This is Randy, the chafferer. They will be living here now. They will see to our needs and you will see to their needs. Whatever they may be. Am I clear?” “Yes, Master.”


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