Tying up Grandfather

a Gay erotic story


Tying up Grandfather. By BMAN.

I always knew in the back of my mind that Grandfather suspected I was gay and he was right. My younger brother, Robert, however was not. That didn't stop us from playing with each other at night in bed. Even when we got separate beds, we would still climb in naked with each other and play with our little peckers. I was 14, Robert was 12. We both had been producing sperm for some time now. We began having fun, masturbating ourselves and each other.

The sensation was like something neither of us had ever felt before. Anyway, getting on about Grandfather. He lived only one block over so we saw a lot of each other. Being gay, I was interested in catching a view of my dad or my grandfather naked whenever I could. I had a man teacher in school, Mr. Powers and once in awhile I would see a huge bulge in his pants. I knew it was his dick and I knew it was stiff.

My grandfather always liked to wear tank tops, khaki shorts and never any underwear. I liked that because once in awhile I could get a peak at his pecker. Like when he sat down with his legs open or when he was up on a ladder. I always volunteered to hold the ladder. I could look up his shorts and see his big hairy balls and his big dick hanging down. Also a good view of his round hairy ass. It would make my little pecker stand at attention almost instantly. I would tell Robert about it and we would masturbate each other and pretend we were doing it to grandfather.

One day me and Robert were at grandfathers, helping him clean in the garage. He was on a ladder moving some boxes when I looked up his shorts and saw his dick was not limp like usual. Instead, it was swelled up big and fat. I don't know what got into me, yes I do, my teenage hormones. I came right out and asked if I could feel his big dick. He put the box away and stepped down off the ladder. “Only if you tie me up first.”

At first I though he was joking, but then I saw he was serious, I spoke up. “Why......why would we do that?” “Because that's what I like. Your grandmother use to do it all the time. Here, I'll show you.” He walked over to the bench and opened the bottom drawer. He took out two small leather cuffs with snaps on them. He put them on his wrists and put his hands behind his back. “Hook the clasp together. There.....now my arms and hands can't move.”

He turned back around. “Now, you boys can feel whatever you like. I'm helpless to stop you.” I looked down in the drawer and there were a lot of other things in there I had never seen before. “That's where your grandmother kept her toys.” Robert was paying close attention to the huge bulge in grandfather's shorts. He slowly unfastened them and grandfather's huge dick popped into view as the shorts dropped to the floor.

“Wow! Look at that, Shawn! He's huge!” Robert was right, grandfather's dick was a sight to behold. I liked the looks of his two big balls that hung in his sac. My eye caught the outline of his two big nipples under his tank top. I slowly lifted it up for a better look. They too were huge. The first think that came to mind was titty twisters. We did that at school all the time. I quickly took his nipples between my thumb and forefinger, pinched hard and twisted my hand.

Grandfather gave out with a painful cry and his dick snapped forward. I did it several more times just to watch his dick. I picked up this long black thing from the drawer. “What's this?” “It's called a paddle.” “What's it used for?” “Your grandmother would use that to spank my butt.......among other things.”

I smiled, looking at the black paddle. “Can I spank your butt with this?” “Do what you like. I can't stop you. I'm tied up, remember.” He was right, I could spank his butt if I wanted, and I wanted! I pulled back and let the paddle smack against both his plumb hairy butt. He uttered another groan and I did it several more times.

Robert was busy playing with grandfather's pecker, rubbing it up and down. His other hand playing with his two jumbo balls. I heard grandfather whisper. “Please don't pinch my nipples anymore.” The quickest way to get a young boy to do something is to tell him not to. I pinched and twisted both his nipples at the same time and he groaned louder and began to quiver.

When I looked down and saw grandfather's dick squirting out lots of white juice. “WOW! Look at this, Shawn! This is heaps!” Robert was rubbing his hand up and down on grandfather's dick. Grandfather was bending over, squeezing his legs together and dropping to his knees. “Please!......enough! Please stop......no more rubbing!” I slapped Robert on the back of the head. “Why did you do that? I wanted to do that!”

“Sorry, I couldn't resist. I never held a man's dick before. It was really cool.” “You boys don't fight. You'll have lots of time to share me.” I tossed the paddle back into the drawer. I saw these two shiny things with a sliver chain between them. “What's these?” “Nipple clamps. When you come back, we'll go through the drawer. Now, please untie me.”

All that week I had one image in my mind was grandfather kneeling naked in front of me on the garage floor. I could still his dick all wet on the top. The very next Saturday, me and Robert went back to grandfather's. “Are you ready to go to the garage and tie me up?” I don't think he knew how ready I was. Robert clipped the cuffs and I pulled down his khaki shorts to see him naked. “Open the drawer and we'll start.”

I pointed to the floor by the bench. “Not until you get on your knees.” I could see a small smile on grandfather's face. “Yes......of course. I'm sorry.” He opened his legs so we could see everything. “How is that, Shawn?” Robert and I smiled at one another.

I pulled the nipple clamps out again. “Where do these go?” “One on each nipple. They open just like a clothes pin. Except when you pull on them they clamp down tighter.” Robert and I put one on each nipple and gave them a tug for good measure. I found a wide black dog collar with the word slave on it.

“What's this?” “My posture collar. It hold your head straight up. It has a rings on it for a leash.” I put it on the bench and pulled out a black bag. Inside were two rubber dicks and a large tapered thing. “Those are dildos and a butt plug.” Robert spoke up. “What for?”

I could tell grandfather was getting uncomfortable on his knees. “You can stand up now. But keep your legs open.” Robert was twirling one of the dildos around. “Tell us what these are for.” “Dildos are for training. You put them in your mouth to practice sucking on a dick.”

Robert laughed. “Why would you want to suck somebody's dick? That sounds gross!” I knew what these were. Mom had one and I saw her use it once. I continued. “What else are they for?” “They are also inserted up your butt. Taking the place of a real dick.” “What's the butt plug?” “To train the anal muscles. It's easier to insert the dildo into your butt.”

I opened another small box with two black things inside. I held it up. “What is this?” “A remote control cock ring. It fits around you cock and balls. The amount of vibration is controlled by the remote.” Robert spoke up again. “What does that do around your dick?” “It vibrates and after awhile it makes you ejaculate.”

“WOW! That's cool! Can we put it on him, Shawn?” “I guess.” “If you untie my hands, I'll put it on so you see how it goes.” I picked up the tall collar. “Here! Put this on too.” Robert cuffed his hands again. “Now press the top button. There, I feel the vibration now.” “Whats the other button for?” “That increases the amount of vibration”

I pushed it once and could hear a small hum. I did it again and the hum was louder. I could see grandfathers balls jiggling a little. I pulled out another thing with a handle on it. “What's this?” “A flogger.” “To spank your butt?” “Yes, and my cock and balls.”

I was intrigued by that thought, so I slapped his dick a few times. It was fun watching his strong legs quiver while I flogged his cock and balls. “Shawn, please turn the cock vibrator off. It's........it's going to make me ejaculate if you don't.” “I'd like to see that. I've never seen a dick shoot without somebody rubbing it.” “Yeah! Me neither.” Suddenly he began to moan and groan. His hips went forward and the juice began to squirt from grandfather's dick.

Seeing grandfather standing there naked, that black collar around his neck and his big dick still dripping. That was very exciting for me. The black ring around his cock and balls made them look really hot! In fact, Robert was still playing with them. “Please, Shawn. Turn off the vibrator. It's still on.” Everything about that moment, I realized how much I wanted to fuck him. His legs were still spread apart.

I slid my hand up the crack of his ass and found his anus. Robert looked at me. “What are you gonna do?” “I'm going to fuck him in his butt.” Robert's eyes got really big. I felt grandfather's butt move backward toward my hand. I stepped out of my pants, rubbed my already wet dick a few times, then plunged it into his ass.

Grandfather groaned when I did, then he bent forward a little more. “Go ahead, Shawn. Fuck me good and hard.” I did what he asked, slamming my hard dick in and out, in and out, until I came in him. I heard Robert. “WOW! His dick is dripping more cum now.” As a young gay boy, this was a fantasy come true.

I spent a lot of time at my grandfather's over the next several months. I was 15 now and my sexual drive was going full throttle. Anything and everything excited me. My cock went up and down like a thermometer and just as hot. I never got over the attraction of seeing grandfather bound, gagged and naked. I can't leave out the taste of his thick cock in my mouth. Even when he didn't get hard, I would suck and lick it just for the thrill of it.

Grandfather and I developed a role playing game that excited both of us. Of course, we included Robert, after all he was 13 and very horny. The role play game was about a grandson who decided to kidnap his wealthy grandfather and train him for his own sexual lust. The grandson would keep him naked with a daily controlled spanking and fucking. All his authority and self confidence would be stripped away. He would wear the posture collar with the word SLAVE on it.

The most exciting for me was urination. When grandfather wanted to piss, I would take him outside in the backyard. I made him kneel. “Go on! Take your piss!” I never got tired watching this mature naked man forced to piss in front of me. It always made my cock hard. Sometimes I got so horny, I would just fuck him there. All of those things are now just fond memories of my time with grandfather.

Today I have my own harem of mature daddies. Those that stay at my ranch and enjoy all the sexual abuse I give them. Some are husky, some are tall, some short. Some are nerdy, some are athletic, some have muscular asses, and some have plump asses. Some are uncut, the others cut, big balls, medium balls and even small balls. They all have one thing in common. They are perfect for tying, gagging, spanking, masturbating and fucking.....................End

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