Springfield Taboo, Part 6 of 6

a Straight erotic story


Springfield Taboo Written By GooseGasm

Part 6 - The Seed

An astounding clarity struck Bart and his mother, they were in their own universe, together, complete. instinctively lathering her G-spot with the head of his pole, Marge groaned "Hhhnnnnnn! Put it inside me Bart, fuck Mommy!" Butterflies swarmed through his core as she spoke, "Ughhh!" He cringed, penetrating his burning cock into his own mother's crying pussy, a taboo shattered as he drove his trembling mass inside her frothing gash. "Aaahhhh-aahh-aahh-aahh!" Marge wailed, her son's bone deep in her sex, her lustful moans tantalysing his senses, driving him wild. Bart gritted his teeth as his mother's vaginal walls clenched down on this helpless member, he bucked savagely into her mound "Oh - Fuck Mom! Your pussy feeellsss--" Bart was unable to finish his sentence, the pleasure was far too intense, his loins were on fire! Bart jerked as he continued to ravish his mother, a viscous concoction of syrupy water flooded the bathroom floor as the couple thrashed in the tub. Feeling the urge to cum, Bart stopped and held himself inside her, a whimper emerged from Marge's mouth as her body tensed up. Bart withdrew his meat from her sheathe and she started gushing , clear strands of honey jetted over his body, coating him in his mother's lube. He held out his tongue, lucky to catch a few stray drops in his eager mouth. He savored the taste of her sweet nectar on his lips, further-endeared to his mother knowing she was a squirter. He sighed as he gazed upon her quivering, naked body, it was a most beautiful sight. "I want to taste you." He stated, grasping his mother's hand and helpng her out of the tub, her magnificent curves enticing his arousal. Marge took hold of her son's vein and lead him to ther bedroom, her gorgeous buns jiggling in his face, her fragrance invading his nostrils. As Marge approached the bed she felt a strong hand clasp her throat, Bart pulled her close, his package enveloped in her juicy rump. Holding her neck, he panned his tongue across his mom's cheek before forcing her head to the bed. Her glorious ass propped up infront of him as she bent over the mattress, her slit discharging cum. Bart dropped to his knees and placed his mouth on her achilles, he began masticating her heel as she probed her clit weeping slit with her fingers, her grool streaming down her leg. This inspired Bart to lick his way up her ankle, calf, kissing behind her knee before lapping up the residue on her thigh. * She tastes like cinnamon* He mused as he kissed and licked her tremendous butt before spreading her open with his fingers, breathing her pollen with a baited tongue. Bart rested the tip of hise nose on Marge's clit, inhaling deeply as the maddening scent of his mother's luscious box washed over him, igniting a carnal inferno. Without any further hesitation, Bart buried hs face into her gap, launching his tongue into her moist kitten. Marge squealed as he tongue-punched her sex, scraping his tongue up and down her vulva as she squirmed with delight. Spreading her cheeks apart, Bart delved deep inside her vagina, savoring the cream sopppig from inside, he extended his jaw and began tongue-fucking her drooling muff. Marge lurched over the bed as her son's tongue conquered her insides, deep, swirling motions massaging her walls. "Mmm-Mmph!" Bart revelled in the taste of his mothers tang sliding down the back of his throat, he started sucking on her hood, his flaring nostrils lodged inside her dripping hole. Marge bucked as his tongue plowed her rosebud, trotting her heels on the ground like a startled mare, her keister nodding back and forth, her legs vibrating from the nirvana. "Oomph!-Ooohh! Don't stop baby, keep sucking Mommy's clit!" As he realised his mother was on the verge of cumming, he relaxed his vacuum as her precious button twiched, mercifully. Marge was about to protest, when she felt a slippery tongue circling her butthole. Bart cackled with euphoria as his tastebuds entered her rectum, he journeyed deep into her cavity, farther than anyone had ever been. Bart wanted to be as close to her as possible, lapping at her funk he injected two digits into her slit and began to finger-fuck her whilst he consumed her anus. Seething with lust, he drove his tongue deeper into her nether, she yelped with excitement as he munched on her sweet pucker. Her tail juce further lubricated her tight hole, Bart's tongue swimming feely inside her as she kicked and screamed; "Eat me Bart! Take me in your mouth!" At his mother's command, Bart laid one final smooch onto her tooshie before giving it a hard slap. * Crack!* Marge flinched and gave a sultry giggle, her son spinning her around and shoving her on the bed. She laid back and spread her rouge lips apart, her vula glistening with her feminine secretions. Bart grabbed his mom's ankles and pushed her legs behind her head. * She's so fucking flexible!* He thought as he admired the view, Marge's essence streamed from her peach, down past her sphincter and onto the sheets. Bart made sure to lick all around her lips and her thighs, slurping her gravy off her skin. He stretched his arms under her legs and placed his hands on her stomach; using his right hand to pull back her hood, he began flicking his tongue over her clit. The sporadic sensations jolted pleasure through her system, she would flinch and pull away as he blew air onto her G-spot. Her desire trickling down her labia, quickly lapped up by her son's committed tongue. Marge groaned as he began chewing on her life-giver, sucking her womanhood into his mouth, muffled sounds of love escaping his lips as he devoured his sweet mother. Sliding two fingers inside her channel, he caressed the her mink ceiling while siphoning down her nectar. "OoohhhYeaahHH! Right there!" Marge cried as he pumped in an out, sucking her clit so hard he thought he might swallow it, his tongue rapidly lapping at her strawberry sweet-spot. He felt her walls clench around his fingers, ferociously jabbing her minge while she quivered in his mouth, he knew she was cumming so he hastily removed his hand and buried the full-force of his tongue into her writhing gape. Her primal, animalistic cries were music to Bart's ears, as her floodgates opened and her nectar poured forth into his waiting mouth. "MMnh!" gagged, struggling to contain every last drop of her carnal mucus, his mom violently bucking her crotch into his face, her thighs crushing his head against her lust. As he drank from her holy fountain Bart's mind went blank, his conciousness reduced to that of an organ, who's sole function was to process the copious downpour of liquid-Oestrogen. Limp as he drowned in Marge's fuck, his body merely a vessel for ingesting his mother's cum. As she spasmed against his face, Bart went numb, high on his mother's love-drug. Her contractions slowly subsided, squirting her last few deposits onto her son's tongue. She managed to stammer "Ohhooaaaoohhhh..." As she melted into the bed, her legs draped over Bart's shoulders, her juices pooling beneath her ass. Swallowing the remainder of his mother's load, Bart licked his lips and began slurping up the delicacy emitting from her twat. Kissing her thighs and around her lips, he moved up her body, pecking at her naval and her ribs before nestling himself between her succulent bust. "MMMmmmm" a muted whim escaping his lips, his face enulfed in Marge's supple mammaries as he pressed his God-cock into her mound. Gasping for air before diving back into her cleavage, proceeding to motorboat her silky melons. "BBbbrrrrrrrr!" He sang into his mother's chest the sweet song of lust. Bart opened his mouth and deposited a strand of drool onto her erect nipple, before closing his mouth upon her teat and sucking like whence he was an infant. Marge let out a long, heavenly sigh as she held her baby to her bosom. Bart suckled on his mother's breast, a homely comfort complimenting their forbidden arousal. Bart couldn't understand why such unconditional love was wrong, nor did he care, his entire world was right infront of him. With one swift movement, he jammed his tongue down Marge's throat and plunged his demon into her slit. She writhed in response to the spontaneous assault, their hearts fluttering with desire. Two saffron ethereals swimming through eachother's bodies, Bart's prick celebrating within her walls as they continued to to suck face. They were distraught, lost in the throws of passion as they fulfilled the ancient taboo. At last, freeing his mother's tongue and kneeling back to massage her outer lips, tapping the head of his rod against her clit. "Go on baby, put it in." She pleaded as he thrust his piston inside her, back-and-forth, in-and-out, the holy ritual, the formation of life. Bart slapped her face before clamping his vice-grip down on her right breast, pulling her into his manhood. He was using his mother's tits to leverage himself into her wanting clam, her cries of pleasure only amplifying his speed and intensity. He was pumping deep into her zest now, deeper than anyone had ever dreamed of being. His rapier stabbing at her cervix, he leaned in to kiss his mom's open mouth, grabbing the back of her head and forcing her into him, they tickled eachother's tonsils. As his incestuous dream was realised, that same wonderful ambrosia lifting him into the clouds, his girth pulsating and contracting as he continued to plow her snatch. their combined sauces squirting from their union with each stroke. "Fuck me baby, fuck me harder!" Marge demanded as her hungry walls constricted his tool, the blood rushing to their critical organs as they approached unseen levels of ecstasy. Slop ejecting from her beaver as he fucked her, and fucked her, and fucked her. He'd charted every inch of her reproductives with his viscious explorer, captaining her insides as if he'd been doing it for years. As he nailed her, Marge adjusted herself placing a calf on her son's shoulder, Bart immediately took her heel into his mouth, french-kissing up and down her sole causing his mom to quake and moan. 'Fap!Fap!Fap!Fap!Fap!' His balls slapping against her anus as he sucked on her big-toe. "Ooohhh honey! You make me feel SO Goood!" Marge expelled a long, erotic groan as Bart took her whole foot into his mouth, his saliva running down her leg towards her muff. He gagged on her arches, the sensory overload finally bringing him to orgasm. His balls pleading for release, Bart savagely pounded into her sex as every ounce of his love torrented through his shaft, spewing his seed deep into his mother's womb. A supernatural shriek coursed from his lips, biting down on Marge's ankle as he emptied himself inside her. "CHRIIIST! Every memory, every emotion, everything Bart had ever known stormed out from his loins. His mother's insides overflowing with cum, their batter further-drenching the mattress. Floating in nirvana, his abdomen spasmed as one last, thick rope of spunk entered her chamber, the sacred rite complete. Bart collapsed into his mother's soft breasts, his relieved shlong still resting happily in her crimson-tissue. As their incestual incense filled the air, they both breathed a final, satisfied sigh before succumbing to a deep slumber. Bart had conquered his mother.... her waves had been set in motion..... the cycle had begun....

End - Part 6

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