Springfield Taboo, Part 5 of 6

a Straight erotic story


Springfield Taboo Written By Goosegasm Part 5 - A Fated Encounter

...Marge took a good look at herself in the bathroom-mirror, still rocking a pornstar body. She gave a satisfactory smile before dabbing some moisturiser onto her wrist, spending the next five minutes delicately kneading the cream into her skin, as was her nightly ritual. Upon drying her hair and brushing her teeth, Marge glanced at the ground only to notice her underwear and monokini were missing, pausing for a second, she stared back at Bart's door and bit her lip, her snatch moistening as she surmised that her son must have swiped her dirty clothes while she showered. A sensual gusto flowed through her, the mother of three took pride in her body, and prided her son, cute as he was. Snapshots of Bart's erect penis flashed in her psyche as she paced through the hallway, passing the laundry on her way to her bedroom. In the corner of her eye lay Bart's spunk-laden briefs, her nipples hardening as she inspected them closer. Gently picking them up, she held the oozing cloth to her nose and inhaled deeply, endorphines flooding her system as she savored her son's gravy. Unable to resist temptation any longer, Marge scuffled back to her room and darted onto her bed. Voraciously grinding her pubic mound as she sucked the jizz from her son's underpants, she squirmed and arched as heinous, taboo sex acts rained though her consciousness. *Mmmnnnnn Bart Baaaby!* The Milf moaned into the saturated fabric, grinding her tongue along the stain while she pawed at her weeping honey-pot. She was on her hands and knees now, her glistening booty in the air, floundering gracefully as she siphoned every last drop of boy-sugar from Bart's undies. She gulped down a hazy mix of semen and saliva and began gyrating her body, literally fucking her self. She clenched her hand into a fist and dug deep into her birth canal, her juices squelching as her whole hand penetrated in-and-out. Marge was getting close now, hyptnotic currents radiating from deep in utero. Her breathing became ragged and harsh as her body convulsed, overcome by a primal lust. Her eyes rolled into the back of her head as she pumped her forearm deep inside her minge, stammering as her core exploded "Fu-uck..Me-ee-Baaarrrtt!!!" Subtracting her hand from her moot , Marge furiously fanned her clit as she climaxed, sending a shower of lady-juice all over herself and her bed. Her whole body vibrated as she her holy water squirted across the room. Marge gasped and licked the sauce off her lips, Marge collapsed into the sheets and faded into limbo, lube exuding from her clam, the cool night air caressing her hot skin. As she slept she became weightless, falling through dimensions, passing intimate memories and fragments of her past. She descended into a lake of what seemed like milk, infusing her with a profound, omnipresent love, a spiritual love. She surrendered to the calming sea and was instantly transported through space-time, absorbing the sacred covenant into her subliminal wiring. A torrent of incestual realisations flooded her mind, her entire life had been a lie, her morals, her faith in religion was eviscerated. She now knew the truth, realising her one true calling, her God, her Saviour, her Son.... Bart awakened to the hazy mesh of his mother's desirables sprawled across his face, his immense rod at full-mast, and the faint hymn of Björk echoing through the walls. Björk being his mom's favourite artist, but she usually only played music when she would do yoga... "MOM!" He declared! Springboarding out of his bed and stumbling out to the hallway, he was met with a curious peacefulness. No television blaring or dogs barking or Flanders' mowing lawn, nothing but the birds chirping and the subtle reverberation of of his dark desires, vibrating constantly. As if drawn by fate Bart ambled downstairs toward the kitchen, hoping to find his mom; *naked preferrably* he mused to himself as the the vacant kitchen came into view. *Somethings not right here* frowned Bart as he scanned the rest of the living quarters, unsuccessfully. Peering through the window, he analysed his mother's car in the driveway; he knew she was home...But where? The familiar sounds of Björk luring him back upstairs, Bart tripped on the monokini still looped around his ankle, prompting him to discard it as well as her thong, now sporting nothing but his birthday suit and a raging boner. He emerged at the top of the stairs only to be greeted by a trail of red rose-petals leading down the hall, not to Marge's bedroom, but to the Bathroom... Bart's jaw-dropped as he processed the sight, the stipulation of his mother being mere feet from his tender embrace. His teenage hormones rioting inside his loins, Bart made the sacred pilgrimage toward the light, knowing, but not quite believing that all his fantasies were about to become reality. As he entered the shrine, the first thing he noticed was the cloud of steam concealing a golden silhouette, a sodden mass of silky, sapphire hair swathed down her back. Her darting focus catching his gaze momentarily, as Marge drew her smart-phone and exited the music app, the somber atmosphere gave way to a more carnal ambience, nothing but the sound of bath-water cascading over smooth, gilded arches. As he moved towards his mother's foggy visage, his senses were imbued with her flowery bouquet. Marge's pheromones caused his muscle to quiver and tense up, her musk was an aphrodesiac for her son who's wailing prick was now resting against the small of her back. Bart was gliding his shaft up and down his mother's spine, tracing precum into her amber flesh. Marge swooned her royal hair over her shoulder, exposing her neck and upper back. Bart took this invitation to begin massaging his mother's soft frame, gingerly kneading the tissue of her back and placing small, affectionate kisses on her neck and shoulders. He drew his fingernails down her arms to meet her hands, their fingers weaving together as Bart planted a long, sensual kiss on the left side of her neck, sucking a bulb of citrus flesh into his mouth. He ran his hands back up his mother's arms and under her armpits, prodding at the silky pockets before reaching around to her torso, his palms never once breakng contact with her skin. After gently tending her collarbone, Bart brought his fingers dow to her rack, lightly circling the velvet bumps of her areolas. Marge shuddered as he teased her nipples, pulling on them as he made love to her neck. She took his rigid phallus into her hand and began servicing her son, copious amounts of slop ejecting from his weeping eye onto her hip and thigh. Bart left out a savage, guttural moan and pulled her body to his, desperately fondling her pillowy tits as he gnawed on her flesh. Her son's passion sent electricity through her her body, she winced as his right hand migrated down to her pubus. Bart took his index and middle fingers and started massaging hard rhythms into his mom's pulsing snatch, he sucked on her earlobe while his hand ruthelessly molested her clit. " Hhuuunnnn-Baabbby!" She bellowed as she climaxed, arching her whole body as Bart slapped her vulva, sending splashes of poon into the sauna. Marge convulsed in her son's arms as the orgasm coursed through her, taking Bart's dripping hand to her mouth and sucking his fingers clean. Overwhelmed by lust as his mother lapped up her nectar, their eyes locked and he dove down into her waiting mouth. Their tongues uniting amongst a sea of saliva sent Bart into a frenzy, he siezed upon his mom, driving her into the bath-tub as he passionately tongue-fucked her face. He lay atop Marge, his hands pressed fimly into her breasts, her legs wrapped around his waist, his manhood writhing against her clitoris. " MMmmmmnnnnnn" They simultaneously moaned as their tongues darted down eachother's throat's, grinding their sex-organs against one another, Bart's crest enveloped in his mother's greedy lips. The warm bath-water sloshed between their pelvic movements, Bart biting on his mom's bottom lip before devouring her neck once again. Sucking life-blood to her epidermis, a second crimson mark tattoo'd upon skin. Their combined juices seeping profusely through the tub, Bart finally broke their embrace, analyising the massive strand of cum oozing from the tip of his penis to his mother's awaiting gash. They stared into eachothers eyes; "Take me baby, give yourself to your mother..."

End - Part 5.

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Aug 15, 2016

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