Fantasy I

a Gay erotic story


Barry, the man who owned the property I was just pulling onto, and myself had known each other and chatted online for a while now. We met occasionally, but also discussed our fantasies with each other, vowing to each other that we would help make them happen if we could. He had promised me just such an evening, and as I pulled up to his house, my mind was flooded with swirling emotions; mostly nervousness, excitement, and of course, horniness.

Immediately, I noticed that there were three other cars here that I hadn't seen before. Holy shit, did Barry put together an orgy? No way...

I got out of my car and walked to the front door. Barry appeared behind the glass of the door, opening it for me. Before I had the chance to even say hello, Barry, loud enough for the neighbors to hear (if he had any) said, "Gentlemen, the star of the evening has arrived!"

I blushed, asking, "What are you talking about? What's the plan for tonight?"

No answers were spoken aloud, but the group of men that suddenly appeared in the entry to greet me basically answered the question for him.

Suddenly feeling a bit shy, I said, "Hey guys, wow, quite a crowd!" Hopefully they didn't hear my nerves come through in my voice.

Barry spoke up, pointing to the men gathered, "This is Frank, John, Bob, and Steve. I told them a little about one of your fantasies, and they said they'd be more than willing to help."

"Okay, wow, this should be quite the night!" I said, trying to sound cheerful and not let on about my growing nervousness.

Barry again spoke up, "I'm going to act as a sort of ringleader for the night. So guys, you all need to listen to me, and Alan," he said, looking at me, "You need to listen to everyone here. That's how this works. Got it?" I nodded, and the other men all smiled and nodded in agreement.

"Okay, ground rules are: No leaving marks, no physical harm of any sort, and our safe word tonight is 'Dishwasher'. Got it?" Barry asked the group. Again, they all nodded. "Well, I think that covers it. Gentlemen, I'll turn it over to you." Barry finished his speech and winked at me. He then walked into the living room and took a seat in a large chair, picking up his drink and smiling at me while he gave me a silent 'Cheers' and took a sip.

I found myself, excited but nervous, surrounded by four strange men, not sure what exactly was going to happen next. I looked at them, Frank was a bit older than me but pretty average otherwise with a bit of stubble and short brown hair. John was older still, but looked athletic; he was clean shaven but the hints of gray in his hair betrayed his age. Bob and Steve were both pretty attractive, mid-30s, bit of beer bellies but by no means out of shape. Bob's hair was longer and curly, matched to his reddish beard, while Steve had a shaved head and only a small goatee to show he once had jet black hair.

After I had eyed them all up, and I had no doubt that they had been doing the same to me, someone finally spoke. It was John. "Well, I think I speak for everyone when I say thanks for including us in this. I've been looking forward to this evening since Barry asked me to participate about two weeks ago. And with that said, we're going to need you to lose the clothes ASAP."

I blushed for the second time already that evening, "Thank you-" I began, but was quickly hushed by John. "Aha now, no talking from you yet. You can thank us at the end of the night," he said with enough authority that I figured I'd listen. He began again, "Now, like I said, clothes ASAP," and he pointed to the ground at my feet.

I resigned myself to not speaking, that was fine with me for now, and slowly began to timidly undress in front of the group. My shirt was tossed to the ground at my feet. As I began to undo my belt, I could feel everyone's eyes on me. I began blushing yet again as I unzipped my fly and starting pushing my pants down to my ankles. As I bent over, pulling my feet through my pants, I caught a firm smack on the ass from Steve that nearly toppled me. I stood, wearing only my boxers. My now growing erection betraying my excitement to the others gathered around. John spoke again in a stern but bemused voice, "I said all of the clothes." Sheepishly, I slipped my boxers down to my ankles and stepped out. Reflexively, I covered my swelling dick with my hands, as if I could hide it. "Hands at your sides, there's no hiding from us," this time it was Frank who spoke. Bob chuckled and I could see a huge bulge swelling up in his pants. My eyes widened with a bit of shock and trepidation. Bob noticed this and chuckled again, "You can play with it soon enough," he said with a hint of pride at my reaction to his hidden package.

So, there I was, completely nude and completely under the control of five other men if you counted our self appointed ringleader Barry. My mind was racing, trying to calm my nerves and listen intently to any commands. It felt like an eternity had passed before anyone so much as blinked. Then, Steve bent and gathered my clothes and shoes and put them into a small trunk behind him. He pulled a padlock from his pocket and sealed the trunk. Oh damn... This just got a bit more serious. My cock swelled again at this new turn of events. Bob chuckled quietly once more. I glanced at him with wide eyes and noticed his bulge having somehow grown even larger. What had I just walked myself into?

John once again spoke up, "Alright boy, now that we've seen half of you..." he smiled wide, "Why don't you just turn around and bend at the waist 'til your hands come resting flat on the floor."

I looked at him, thinking there's no way I could pull that off, but rather than offer resistance, I obediently turned and bent at the waist, trying to touch my toes. "No no no," said Frank disapprovingly as he approached me and began to slap my inner thighs, "Feet a bit over shoulder width apart." I cooperated. "Good, now," he continued, "Tilt forward, reach out in front of you. Now catch!" And with that, he smacked ass hard enough to push me over, forcing me to catch myself with my outstretched arms. I caught myself, but my knees buckled. Frank swiftly spanked my right cheek hard, commanding, "Keep your legs straight!" Again, I complied, but this position isn't one my body is used to, and my legs began to shake from the strain.

John spoke up, "Well guys, get your inspection quick, cause it don't look like this boy will hold too long. Shame." I tried my hardest to steady myself, knowing I was totally vulnerable to whatever these men wanted to do to me. I saw them gather close around behind me. For what felt like an eternity, I waited, doubled over and helpless. Finally, I felt a hand come down hard on my left cheek, smacking and then squeezing my buttocks. Another hand, this one grabbing and gently tugging at my balls. Another now, on my right cheek, squeezing and pulling my ass wide open. "This looks pretty tight guys. Should be a fun ride." I'm not sure who said that. Then I heard someone spit and felt it land just above my hole, slowly dripping down; followed by a finger rubbing the saliva around my hole playfully before slowly pushing into my ass. "Tight is right. Good thing for him we've got some warm-ups," I think Frank said. Then, Frank's finger retreated, followed by all but two hands that were spreading my ass open for the world. I felt something against my hole again, it pushed and slid slowly into place, widening and then getting suddenly narrow. I let out a quiet gasp as I felt the butt plug lock into place. The hands retreated. I watched the men step back from me as John again spoke for the group, "Good boy, now drop to your knees and turn around."

As I slowly lowered myself onto my knees, I heard the men undressing behind me. I turned, feeling the plug riding along in my ass. As I looked up, to my disappointment, the men hadn't undressed. They had removed their shoes, socks, and shirts, but not their pants. Their clothes also went into a locked box. Still, now slightly more revealed, I reveled in the sight of Frank's hairy chest, John's physique, Bob's cute little nipples and Steve's well defined treasure trail. I feel suddenly a bit self-conscious and look down at the feet of John, who unsurprisingly is front and center of the group, "Hey now, chin up. We ain't gonna hurt ya or anything, remember? And don't be acting all shy because remember, we all already know how much you want this. Hey guys," he says, addressing the group, "What do ya say we go get more comfortable and the boy here can freshen up our drinks for us?"

The group moves to the living room, John stays behind to continue instructing me, "You're gonna stay on all fours now, ya hear?" I nodded my head. "Good boy, now, of course you can stand if you need to reach something, or if someone tells you to, but otherwise if you're moving, you're down like a dog, got it?" I nodded again. "Good boy, now c'mon then," and he led me into the living room, patting his leg like he was calling a dog. I followed. He stopped me in the center of the room. "Stay here, just like that," he commanded. I looked around, all of the men had found seats and were smiling at me, even Barry. He winked again and I blushed in response.

"Who needs a drink?" John asked the room. "Yeah, another beer here," said Frank. "I'm good, thanks," Bob shook his head. "I'll take another whiskey coke," Steve replied. "And get me a beer as well," said John, looking at me. Barry chimed in, "Beer and mix is in the fridge, liquor is on the counter."

I looked up at John. He pointed in the direction of Barry's kitchen. As I shuffled past him on hands and knees, John bent and gave my ass a couple good spanks to send me on my way. I made the drinks, and with two beers in one hand and a whiskey coke in the other, I shuffled my way back to the living room where my crowd awaited me. I passed out the drinks, and before I had a moment to think, Steve called me over to him.

I crawled over and sat in front of Steve as he unzipped his pants and revealed his hard cock. He was circumcised, about 5 inches and had an all around good looking dick. He looked at me and said, "So start sucking until I tell you to stop." I shuffled close to him, between his knees and reached out to grab his cock with my right hand. It was firm and warm; my mouth began to salivate. I bent down and began by twirling my tongue around his head. Feeling him throb in response, I moved down to the bottom of his shaft and dragged my wet tongue slowly up his length. Reaching the top, I began to take him into my mouth, slowly working down as far as I could. I began bobbing my head, sucking Steve's delicious cock enthusiastically. "Oh damn, good boy, good boy! You're good at that! Don't suck me off so soon, go show Frank what you've got," he cooed at me. I backed up slightly and turned to watch Frank pull his hard member out. He was uncircumcised, about the same length as Steve but a bit girthier. I shuffled to him and got close between his knees. As I reached out to hold his cock, Frank stopped me, "No, you're not gonna use your hands this time. Hold them behind your back." I did as he instructed, leaning my head close to his erection unsteadily. I began by licking the sides and bottom like a popsicle before leaning in further to press my lips against his sheathed head. I pressed down, revealing his head to the inside of my mouth as my lips pushed his skin down and his cock swelled. "Oh yeah, he's had some practice at this!" Frank said to the group as I bobbed up and down, his head and foreskin sliding back and forth on my tongue. After a minute or two, John spoke up next, "Frank I think I'm gonna need to sample that talent, would you mind sharing the boy a bit?" "Of course; boy, why don't you go treat John to a little something?" Frank said, helping me lift away from him. Without thinking, I kept my hands behind my back as I shuffled to John. He opened his fly and pulled out a beautiful six inch circumcised cock. He should've been in porn with a dick like that! I licked my lips and John chuckled, "Well c'mon then boy," and he gave his dick a little wiggle. I scooted in close and then began by sucking on his head. I could feel it swelling in my mouth. I then turned my head sideways and sucked my way down the long shaft. I switched sides and worked my way back up again before taking him in my mouth and going as deep as I could get it. I moaned quietly and then began to work up and down, occasionally sticking my tongue out to try and tickle the very base of his dick. "Hoo boy, yeah, you're pretty good alright. You want him now, Bob?" John asked. Bob, with a smile, "Of course, come over here boy." I shuffled on all fours across the open room to Bob. He unzipped and slowly worked out his monster cock, half hard with a glistening bit of precum at the tip. He was about seven inches and the girthiest of the bunch. My mouth hung open as I looked at his huge cock. Bob reached out and took my hand, guiding it to his dick. I was in awe of the heft of it. Slowly stroking, getting a feel for it, he began to stiffen noticeably. With his giant cock steadied now in both of my hands, I bent down and began to lick just under his head, my tongue gently caressing it as I worked. I began to work it into my mouth, but felt like I could barely get more than the tip in so I gave up and began licking and kissing his monster all over while stroking it with my hands. After a minute or so, I reached into his pants do cradle his balls while I once again sucked the head, still working the shaft with my other hand. At this, I could feel him begin to grind into my mouth and soon he spoke up, "Alright, good boy. You certainly have some talent alright. Please, go back to your spot in the middle." I gathered my thoughts, okay, I'll crawl back to the middle. When I arrived, I stayed posed on all fours, looking around at my masters for the night.

Frank finished his drink and stood, removing his pants and boxers in one smooth motion. He stepped out of them, his erect cock bouncing, and walked to a small basket on a side table. Picking up a small bottle, he squirted a little lube into his hand. As he circled around to my backside, he crouched and gave my rear another firm smack. He then began rubbing the lube along his cock as he reached out and gripped the plug in my ass. I felt the pressure as he pulled and let out a small sigh as the plug slid out. His lubed hand now stroked my ass, his fingers easily slipping into my hole. "I dunno about you boy, but I'm ready for a little ride," Frank said while squaring up behind me. I felt one hand grab my ass as his dick pressed against me and began to slide into place over my hole. As he began to penetrate me, I felt his other hand get a grip on my ass and he spread me wide while continuing to slide his thick cock into my ass. I whimpered quietly in pleasure as I felt him filling me up, his firm grip guiding us as he pushed deeper. Then he began to slowly pump his dick in and out at a frustrating snail's pace. I grunted and pushed back towards him as he entered me, wanting more. His pace quickened and my eyes began to roll about in my head; his cock felt so good pounding me I could barely think straight. I called out, "Oh fuck me!" and with a series of quick firm spanks, Frank reminded me of the rules. I bit my lower lip and grunted in resignation, Frank's dick still working my ass.

Perhaps a minute into my pounding, John appeared in front of me. I hadn't noticed him undressing, but now his cock swayed, tempting, right in front of me. He pulled a footstool from nearby and sat on it, scooting closer to me. He stroked himself slowly before bringing his cock even closer to my waiting mouth. As he began to push his head past my lips, Frank began to pound me harder. The waves of pleasure overwhelmed me and I groaned helplessly with John's cock muffling any sound. I began to use the motion provided by Frank to take in John's dick as well as I could; as Frank went deep, so too did John. I had finally achieved one personal goal - to be spitroasted; but for better or worse, I had no time to consciously enjoy it. As John began to thrust his hips into my face, I felt Frank buck and pound my ass faster, soon releasing a torrent of his lovely cum deep into my ass. I nearly collapsed with the feeling of his load filling me, but John's cock in my mouth kept me upright. Frank then slowly backed out, and I could feel some of his juice run out of me, dripping down my testes and onto the floor.

Unable to look behind me, I could only feel what seemed to be a new set of hands squeezing and spreading my ass. As they began to push their hard member into my ass, John pulled away. Without trying I let out a disappointed sounding whimper and then looked to see who was next to fuck my ass tonight. I saw Steve, smiling at me briefly before looking back down at his beautiful cock sliding into me. "Hang on," I hear John say, "Why don't you give him a little missionary so we can all enjoy these looks on his face?" And then Steve pulled out, causing me to gasp yet again at the quickness of it. Then, he was guiding me over, onto my back, lifting my legs by the ankles and once again driving his dick into my hole. The new position and his quick penetration again led to my groaning, my eyes rolling around in ecstasy. John then knelt down, over my face, placing his balls in my mouth. I began to lick and gently suck them when he began to play with my highly sensitive nipples. At his first brush against them, my body shivered as I grunted. John paused briefly and then began to gently touch my nipples again, causing me to writhe and moan and tremble and gasp, losing all control of myself. "I think I found a weakness here, guys. Should I make him shoot now?" asked John, addressing the group. There was some chuckling and hushed whispering. "Yeah, I'd like to see our boy get a bit messier," came the response from Bob. With that, John dismounted my face and moved to my side, leaning his mouth close to one nipple and positioning his hand over the other. With this, I heard more laughter from the group. Confused at first, I realized that the look on my face must have been somewhere between ecstasy, fear, and obedient resignation. I tried to smile at John, but in that moment he extended his tongue and began to flick at my left nipple playfully. My body convulsed and I moaned; Steve, with his dick still slowly pumping in and out of my body smirked at me, "Haha, I definitely felt that one, boy. You gonna shoot your load soon?" Unable to answer, I tried to turn my head away only to find myself looking at the couch full of spectators. Frank, Bob and Barry were all smiling and watching my face intently. I instinctively blushed again as Steve's pace began to quicken. John began to use his hand in tandem with his tongue, playing with both of my nipples simultaneously. I was shaking, moaning, incapable of complex thoughts, and Steve's pounding started to match rhythm with John's nipple torture. I could feel my cock swelling, my balls tightening and then finally after what felt like an eternity, I came. My cock shot ribbons of cum across my belly, chest and face. Some even landed in my own mouth, but I didn't mind at all. As I spilled my seed all over myself, the contractions caused Steve to cum as well. His cock buried deep in my ass, I could feel him pumping me full again. With this, John backed away and the whole group quietly applauded. "Nice, very nice..." said Bob, approvingly. Then Steve slowly pulled out and I once again felt a man's cum slowly drip out of my hole.

I lay there, splayed open and covered in my own cum, unable to move or think coherently as John took his place underneath me. With both ankles in one hand, he folded me over. I felt another spurt of cum dribble out of my ass. "Goddamn boy, I love the look of that sloppy hole!" John exclaimed enthusiastically. I felt his cock align itself and easily begin to slide in. I moaned quietly for several seconds as his full length penetrated me. Suddenly, without a buildup, John began pounding my ass in long powerful strokes, the full length of him sliding in and out of my ass. As my own half erect dick flopped around uncontrollably I began to moan in time with his thrusts. "Uh-uh-uh-uh," escaped my lips. Even though I hadn't spoken a word, John took his opportunity to spank me. "Ahhhh-uh-uh-uh-ahhh," I continued, unable to stop. He continued to thrust and spank, my reddened cheeks becoming sore. Unable to do much else, I held my hands over my mouth in an attempt to stifle my noises. John seemed to like this and ceased his barrage of spanks; he then split my legs and leaned in between them, his pace quickening. "Mmmfmmmfmmmf," still quietly escaping my sealed lips. Soon, I felt him spurt his hot load even deeper into my ass than the others, the sensation causing my toes to curl and the knuckles of the hands clamping my mouth to turn white, holding back any noise they could. When my hands relaxed a guttural "Ouhhggghh," slipped from my lips. John looked directly into my eyes and smiled. I tried to return the glance, but now even my facial muscles refused to cooperate. John began to ease himself out of me, and as his head escaped my ass with a little dribble of his cum, I slumped flat against the floor, my legs twitching.

As John stood and moved to his spot on the couch, his dick glistening but beginning to soften, Bob stood and smiled at me with a devious grin. He removed his pants revealing his massive cock as it swelled, seeming to point right at me. "Now, get yourself back on all fours, boy," he spoke playfully, "I want you to be ready to take me balls deep." I was pretty sure that that wouldn't happen, but obliged silently and began to roll over onto my hands and knees. As I lifted myself, I could feel more cum oozing out of my hole and dripping down my balls. I steadied myself, trying to pose as I did at the beginning of night, but my arms began to shake with weariness. Bob knelt behind me and reached between my legs to grasp my half-hard dick. "Boy, I figured you'd be a bit more excited for me," he said with a little squeeze. My shaft stiffened with this attention, garnering a, "Good boy," from Bob. Soon I felt him rubbing his huge head up and down past my hole, teasing me while he lubed himself up. He began to push against me and I could feel my ass stretching to accommodate him, his girth only getting harder as he forced himself deeper into me. I gasped loudly as I felt his head now completely disappear into my hole. He continued to push deeper, filling me like I had never felt before. I wondered just how far he was, I don't think I can take him completely!

I began to whine softly to myself, hoping the others couldn't hear. Apparently I was wrong about that, because soon the others had gathered around me, stroking their new hard-ons. Frank spoke, "Why don't we give the boy something to take his mind off of whatever damage Bob is doing to his rear end." At this, I heard Bob chuckle, "Hey, I ain't gonna hurt him, just loosen him up!" He seemed to emphasize his point with a small thrust as he pushed still deeper. The rest of the men stood, stroking themselves while looking down on me. I felt like i must've looked like a little piece of meat stuck on a huge skewer. Frank, the first to fill my ass now knelt and stuffed his cock into my mouth, grasping the back of my head. Unable to control much in this position, I submitted to his face fucking, trying not to gag too hard. As he released my head and withdrew his dick from my mouth, Bob chimed in again, "Well guess what boy? We made it. I'm fully buried in this ass of yours." As if to prove it, he wiggled his hips a little. With his massive member joining us together, I swayed with him. The feeling of his pelvis against my ass sent a wave of pleasure over my body; I felt like he could carry me off like this, my limp body hanging helplessly, harpooned by his giant cock. In front of me, it was now John who fed me his dick, humping my face so that my nose became buried in his pubes. This seemed to signal Bob, whom I could feel beginning to pull out of my ass just as slowly as he entered. With this change in stimuli, my mouth wrapped around John's cock, I let out another guttural moan, "Auooogh". John seemed to enjoy this, as he started to fuck my mouth quite roughly, until quickly pulling out and unloading a torrent of cum on my face, in my mouth, and down my throat. I swallowed quick, gasping to catch my breath as Bob now reversed course again, beginning to slide in and out at a slightly quicker pace. John stood, smiled at me, and sat back on the couch to light a cigarette and enjoy the rest of the show. Then Frank returned, stroking himself vigorously and quickly unloading his second shot all over my face and tongue. He joined John on the couch, taking a triumphant swig from his drink. Bob, behind me, "Now we're starting to get good and messy, just how I like it my boy!" His next thrust was the quickest yet, slamming his rod fully into me. I slipped up again, barely managing a cohesive, "Ohhh f-u-u-ckk..." I didn't care anymore. Bob, having waited his turn, spanked me viciously. My cheeks were sore and stinging, but his enormous cock filling me washed that all from my mind. He began to fully fuck me, gripping my red cheeks tightly as his pace increased steadily. He was now slamming into me, every thrust accompanied by the sounds of bodies bouncing off of one another. The pounding caused my arms to buckle, leaving my ass suspended in the air for Bob. He continued to fuck me hard, probably harder than I'd ever thought I could take, but I was loving it. Before long, maybe only a second later, I was being pulled up again. Before I could see who it was, another cock was fed into my mouth. I took it in as my gaze moved upward, the residual cum letting it slide in smoothly. As my eyes met my new partner I managed to blush again, recognizing Barry's signature smile. His dick tasted so good suddenly, our history together imbuing extra meaning and emotion into the the current situation. As Bob fucked me, I sucked Barry's wonderful cock for a solid 3 minutes before he pulled back to unload into my waiting mouth, much of it splashing down my chin. His cum was sweet and plentiful; he must have saved it specially for me... I watched him stand, smiling, and return to his chair. Steve didn't hesitate to move in, unloading on me as soon as he knelt down, his cum mixing with Barry's as I swallowed it down. I can't imagine what my face looked like by now. As I gasped another breath, cum still thick in my throat, I felt Bob begin the tell-tale signs of getting close to finishing. He slapped my ass, squeezing harder and increasing his pace. His balls slapped mine as his hips began to buck wildly, ramming his enormous cock into the depths of my ass. Then he grabbed me by the hipbones, forcing himself as deep as he could when he erupted, heaving loads of his cum into me. I felt the warmth of it filling every inch of me and let out an exasperated, "Ohhhhh!" as my upper half one again collapsed to the floor. Bob rested for a short time, catching his breath before beginning to pull out of me. As his head finally released me, I could feel his load run out of my now gaping hole. Freed, I finally collapsed completely to the floor with a loud sigh.

I don't know how long I laid there, swimming in my own thoughts, the ecstasy of what just transpired washing over me in waves. Suddenly, Barry's voice called out to me, "Hey, Alan, over here, look at me." I weakly rolled over to look at him, he smiled and before I noticed what he was holding, a camera's flash went off. My head fell limply back to the floor. Barry, you bastard... Thank you.

After another few minutes, the men began to stand and gather their things. I rose to a kneeling position, feeling still more cum leak it's way out of me. As they walked past me, I silently kissed the still swollen heads of their dicks in silent thanks. They dressed, retrieving the rest of their clothes from the box, and stood smiling at me until the last one, Frank, was fully dressed. John again assumed his role as spokesperson, "You were amazing, we loved this. Have us all over again sometime soon, okay? Boy?" he added with a smirk.

Coughing, I managed, "Thank you all for helping fulfill a longtime fantasy. You're all incredible. My ass won't soon forget this." They laughed at that, Bob adding in a little wink. They left, leaving me alone with Barry. "Thank you, Ba-" I began before he cut me off. "Shh... No more speaking yet. You're still my pet until you get the key for that box," he teased. I wiggled my ass for him, but he shook his head. "I want to taste you now," he said with a smirk. I slowly moved backwards over my feet until I was again laying on the floor. He knelt down, taking up my swollen and sticky cock into his warm, wet mouth. I let out a moan as my dick sprung back to life inside of him. He worked me with skill for no more than a minute until my second load shot down the back of Barry's throat. He pushed himself up and knelt in front of me, smiled as he swallowed, and held out a key in front of me.

I was free now, but exhausted and luckily Barry had room for company. We cleaned up and turned in for the night. After a quiet breakfast the next morning, Barry showed me the picture that he had snapped of me last night. There I was, nude and spread wide open in the middle of his living room, my body glistening with sweat and my face drenched in cum. My dick was half erect, and beneath my ass was a sizable puddle. The sight of myself like that brought on an instant erection. Barry noticed this and helped me take care of it, right there in the kitchen. Thank you, Barry.

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