Slave Farm

a Gay erotic story


Jeremy Cheng is a well known resident of Athens, Greece. His family immigrated there when he was three, and now he is around 13 to 14 years old. The reason for his familiarity among the citizens there was mainly due to his nimbleness in physique, which allowed him to run from slave traffickers easily, and his handsome but slender form, with a pretty head resting comfortably on his smooth, lean, muscled shoulders. He had six abs, and well- built thighs and beautiful feet. However, his family was extremely poor, and they couldn't afford to buy clothes for him every year he grew, and he did grow very high. The result was a tight secondhand Greek chiton that did not hide his small, delightful looking privates at all, and so were very attractive to the roman slave traffickers when they followed the conquering army into the city. "Not only is his privates desirable, his slender form would portray every portion of his body clearly, thus increasing the chance of a good sale," they thought. And so, they asked around the city, and eventually gathered the information of his home and friends. They pillaged his house, enslaved his parents, and sent them to a labor camp. They also took his friends, who they reasoned would be along the lines of Jeremy, due to the natural bond that forms between people with the same characteristics. They reasoned correctly. Finally, they took Jeremy and his closest two friends to a slave trafficker named Tiberius, who eagerly received them, and transported him in his slave galley to Rome herself. The trip was very uncomfortable, and all of them were cramped together. They were all stacked on top of each other, and there were no windows. The door was locked shut. The result was 100 naked bodies sweating and urinating on top of each other for a day. Jeremy was between his friends Patrick and Sammy and his grew to know his friend's bodies better than he would have normally preferred, however much he liked them due to their similarities in physique and personality, as Patrick was light and agile, with lean muscles and lived with Jeremy. He wore a loincloth. Sammy had a warming skin color, and moved around with ease. His parents were beggars and he was naked. When they arrived, they were led to a farm-like structure in the outskirts of Rome that had no animals, as Matthew noticed, but only restraints, buckets, and metal tools. The smell was truly terrible, of urine, sweat, and suffering. Jeremy noticed that he didn't smell particularly different. He was caked with yellow, slimy material with a mixture of stool. He noticed that everyone was like that. They were led inside, and unbound by several muscular men, dispatched 3 members of a small rebellion by the slaves immediately, ensuring a swift silence among the captives. The slaves were separated into age groups: Younger than 18, and older than 18. Jeremy found himself in the company of his friend Patrick, who was trembling from head to foot with fear and humiliation. "What do you think they'll do to us?" He whispered. "I don't know," Jeremy responded. They were lined up and led towards a slightly pudgy man on a wooden stool at the far end of the barn. Sammy went first, and the man started to perform a rubbing action with the boy's dick. It eventually swelled to an respectively big size, and the man started to rub his nipples. Sammy started sweating and moaning. The man dripped some saliva onto his penis. After 4 minutes of continuous action, Sammy let out a huge burst of white material, drenching the man in it. He man licked his lips, smiled at Sammy, and pushed him away to the next section. Eventually, the line got to Jeremy. Trembling just as Patrick had done, he stepped forward. The man slapped his thighs, mumbled to himself, rubbed his dick, and feeling it go hard, smiled, and began a careful examination of his body, feeling him everywhere, even feeling into his anus. He mumbled something about it being tight, and threw me to the side. I watched Patrick now. The man rubbed Patrick's penis, and it swelled even more than Jeremy's did. The man's eyes seemed to smile, and his lips curved pleasantly. He began pinching Patrick's nipples, stroking Patrick's growing cock, and eventually inserting a long, pudgy finger up his anus. Patrick screamed, and was kicked toward Matthew. He squirted right in Jeremy's face, and both dirty boys toppled away from each other. The man was watching with lively interest, and made a note on his paper. He pointed to another man behind a desk, and the boys walked there. The man took a black collar and clasped them over their necks. The weight of them made it difficult to keep their heads up. Then, the man clasped a penis ring around Patrick's still erected cock, and the poor boy took a sharp intake of breath of the great tightness around his privates. The same was applied to Matthew, though his cock was not that big yet. Finally, nipple clamps were applied, and Patrick took another involuntary intake of breath. Jeremy winced as each clamp was attached to his body. The man pointed to a small cell in another section of the barn, accessible through a rotting wooden hallway. The two obeyed. Once they arrived, they found a surprise waiting for them: Sammy. Indeed, he was standing next to the cell they were assigned! Jeremy and Patrick gasped with joy and hugged Sammy. But then, a curious sensation of naked bodies enveloped them, and they starting licking each other's cocks, ejaculating over each other, and pissing over their bodies. They kissed, rolled around, and drank the fluid that came out of their dicks. Then, a man hurled them apart from each other, unlocked the cell, which was 3 feet long, wide, and tall, and ordered all three of them in. Then, when they had all entered, he slammed the door shut and walked away. It was very cramped in there, and the only way that it was possible to fit was that they were all very skinny. However, it was not fear that enveloped them now, but joy. Patrick exclaimed:"I think that this life was better than the one before!" Jeremy replied,"I think you're right, Patrick! I love you!" Sammy now interjected:"Then lets have fun with each other!" And they did now feel dread, but happiness, for the rest of that day. However, every time they had to urinate or go to the bathroom, they were forced instead to do it in the vicinity of each other. The result was 3 dirty, oily, smelly, and not to mention hungry boys in the morning the next day. They were led outside into the grass on leashes and not given any food, so, overcome with hunger, the slaves, including Jeremy, Sammy, and Patrick grazed in the meadow, and drank in the stream next to them. Their meat was a rotten dead cow, which they ate with pleasure. Now came the slightly uncomfortable part. The slaves were led inside, into the big barn, but Jeremy and his 2 friends were led into a different, smaller barn filled with pretty boys like them, and chained onto metal posts on the side of the room. Their feet were bound, their hands were bound as well, chained against the pole. Their bound feet were clamped into metal feet secures, which cuffed their feet firmly to the ground. Thus, their bodies were very immobile. Jeremy, however, noticed that this left his penis very much exposed, and he shivered with discomfort. The next moment, a man began to rub his penis. It immediately went tight, and was kept this way by his penis ring, fastened very securely around his cock. The man dripped some saliva onto it, and continued to gently massage the growing shaft. Jeremy started squirming, and trying for physical contact with Patrick, who was beside him, also being similarly treated, but his efforts were denied. Soon, Jeremy possessed a huge cock, a foot in length and could feel the cock ring biting into his skin. He started screaming uncontrollably, struggling harder than ever against his bonds, but to no avail. Patrick was in even greater discomfort than he. The unfortunate boy's cock was 2 feet in length, and he was unconscious by the pain. They were kept at this for five hours, and Jeremy fainted twice. Then, when the man came to untie him and release the cock ring, he immediately passed out, and found himself in his cell with his friends when he woke up, two hours later. It was then when he found out that they were enuches, but still with access to their fluids, yet unable to physically grow from them. They were greatly grieved by this. But what will happen next? To be continued...

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