Nudist Camp

a Straight erotic story


Nudist Camp.

Once again it was that time of year for our annual nudist camp vacation. My mom, my dad and me had been going there for as long as I could remember. However, for a young boy it can be down right humiliating. Especially when he's old enough to start comparing manhood for manhood. There was another reason I looked forward to going and it was not for looking at naked women. More to the point, looking at naked men. Yes, I knew I was gay from an early age.

There was a particular man, he and his wife came every year. What started my attraction happened last year at the camp. I was tossing a golf ball around in the air when this man came out of the woods. He had the biggest cock I ever saw. I stared at his balls and his big cock, swing in the air as he walked back to his cabin. Of course, I was only 12 at the time and every ones cock was bigger than mine but that image just stuck with me, maybe out of envy.

That was the beginning of my secrete infatuation with this man. My goal in life was to see his cock stiff as a board and being able to touch it. I would lay awake in bed pretending I was holding that big thing while I was wanking. Last year I was 12 and I wasn't producing sperm. This year I was 13 and I was squirting. I don't remember when it started. All I remember for sure was one night in bed, when I was wanking away, my hand suddenly got all wet. Now, I didn't know his name but he and his wife usually stayed in cabin 4, so I just referred to him as Mr.4.

I helped dad carry in out luggage. I had to walk by cabin 4 on my way to out cabin which was 7. Then a cold shiver came over me. What if he and his wife didn't come this year. How horrible that would be for me. I waited all year to see him naked and now it could be all for nothing. Dad and mom finished unpacking, I was on my way to the pool to mingle with the other guys. It was almost noon so I walked back to the cabin to get some lunch.

Suddenly I stopped, the door to number 4 was open, but I couldn't see inside. I slipped around the side hoping to get a peek through the window. Suddenly I heard dad shouting at me. “Jason! Get over here. Lunch is ready!” I quickly took off running back to the cabin.

After lunch I just kind of hung around our cabin, hoping I would see the man come out of cabin 4. Later that evening before I went to bed I took another look at cabin 4 and I could see some lights on. I just hoped it was the man and his wife. That night before I went to sleep I stroked my hard little cock and pretended I was holding the cock of the man in cabin 4.

The next morning after breakfast I ran off to play. I was playing volley ball for a time, but it was more fun to watch. The guys junk bouncing up and down as they jumped for the ball. The womens tits bounced quite a bit also, especially the big ones. After lunch I strolled along the beach, up over a knoll and into the woods. I laid down in some soft grass and starred up at the sky. Suddenly there was a noise nearby.

It was someone coming my way. I got up quietly and went a little further in the woods. I stopped and knelt down by a large bush. There he was. It was him! The man in cabin 4. Wearing nothing but a fishing hat. His fingers were rubbing and pinching his nipples. I watched as his cock began to swell. It seemed like the more he pinched his nipples, the harder his cock became. Until it was twitching and standing straight up. It was huge, bigger than I remembered from last year. His balls looked like two ripe plumbs hanging in a big bag.

His hand grabbed hold of his cock, gently he stroked it up and down a few strokes at a time. Occasionally he glanced around to see if anyone was watching or coming up the path. I was on the ground well hidden behind the large bush. He arched his back and groaned, then he sped up the strokes a bit. His hand was low around his shaft. Every upward pull made his balls ride up his shaft. His hand moved downward and they would quickly drop back in the sac. My own cock was rock hard but I didn't move.

It was like watching a maestro playing a fine instrument and getting every bit of enjoyment from it. He turned around and all I could see was his ass. Two big hairy muscular humps, clenching in and out while he stroked his cock. I prayed that he would turn back around. I wanted to see the finale. At the last moment, he turned around, groaned loudly and his head shot back. I saw the long stream of juice squirt from his cock. Then another and another, he yanked his cock and another shot out. I was afraid I was going to squirt right there on the ground.

He knelt down on one knee to regain his breath. His chest was heaving in and out, his large nipples standing straight out from his hairy chest. He stood up, glanced around , then walked back down the path that led back to the camp. Once he left I stepped out from behind the bush and walked over to where he stood. There on the ground were these huge gobs of semen still glistening in the sunlight. I grabbed my hard cock and quickly jerked out a a small load of juice. It was small compared to that of Mr. 4.

Now I knew what he was doing in the woods last year when I saw him coming out. He went to the woods to wank off every day. I thought that was strange because he was married and I didn't think married guys had to wank off. Later, I saw him walking by himself on the beach and he was walking toward me. I was casually kicking sea shells with my feet. “Hi, young man.” He caught me off guard, I wasn't expecting him to speak to me.

“Hi.” Replied. “I've seen you here every summer.” “Yeah. I seen you around too. With your wife.” He rubbed his head and stared out at the ocean. “She passed away last winter. This is the first time I've been here alone. Don't cut your feet on those shells, young man.” He clasped his hands behind his back and strolled away down the beach.

Every day after, I went back to the woods, found a quiet place to hide and waited for Mr. 4 to come back and ejaculate. I thought he must have have picked another place because I didn't see him that day. Then the second day, my persistence payed off. He came strolling up the path, his cock was already half way hard. He rubbed it up and down, pinched his nipples and gave his balls a few tugs with his hand. That afternoon, I observed another performance that left me aroused for the rest of the day.

The next day I was playing on the beach and I saw Mr. 4, sitting against a sand dune with just his fishing hat on. I waved at him and he waved back. I eventually got up courage to go speak to him. “Hi. Remember me?” “Yes, I do. The boy kicking sea shells.” He was laying back with his legs spread open. His cock bent downward and his heavy balls resting on the sand.

He smiled at me. “What's your name, boy?” “Bobby” I replied. “Nice to meet you, Bobby. My name is Carl.” I wasn't much for small talk, hell I was only 13 so I just came right out with it. “I know what you do in the woods. I've seen you.” Mr. 4 lifted his hat and looked at me. “Oh, and what did you see?” I smiled. “You were wanking off. Two times.” “Have you told anyone?” I quickly fired back. “No. I'm not a snitch!”

He smiled at me again. “That's good to know. Are we gonna keep this our little secrete?” Now the wheels were turning in my little brain. He was afraid I might tell. I thought I might be onto something. I smiled back at him. “Maybe. If you let me do something.” “And what would that be?” This time I looked around to see if anyone was watching. “I wanna play with your big hard cock. And I wanna wank you off.”

I could tell he became very uneasy, he was also looking around. “You know that's really inappropriate, don't you?” I shrugged my shoulders. “I played with my cock all the time. I even played with my dad's cock once. But he was asleep. Cause he always sleeps naked.” “Yes, but I'm a stranger and a much older man. If we ever got caught doing that, they would send me to prison. For a very long time.”

I really didn't know what to say. I didn't know if that was true or not. I decided to excuse myself. “I gotta get back for lunch. See you later.” I certainly didn't want to get him in trouble. I conceded the fact that I would just have to admire his manhood for another year. Maybe next year on vacation, I would get to wank away on that big thick cock. I would still sneak into the woods in hope of another performance.

The next afternoon, I went to beach because I knew Carl would be there resting against a dune. I walked up to him and waved. “Hi, Carl.” “I've been thinking about you fantasy. I may have come up with something that could work.” My eyes and ears were open wide, he had my attention now! “Yeah? Really? Tell me.”

“Well let's say some guys caught me in the woods. They tied me up tight to a tree. I wouldn't be able to move. They tied a gag in my mouth so I couldn't yell out. Say you happened along and found me all tied up like that. You could play with me as long as you liked. I couldn't stop you, now could I?”

The gears in my hormone obsessed brain were turning a hundred miles an hour. He was right, I could wank him all I wanted. All day long if I wanted. I couldn't think of a better fantasy for a young gay boy to have. “That sound really great, Carl. When do you think these guys will tie you up?” He smiled. “Ohhhhh, I think later this afternoon. You can come up in the woods and find me.”

It was one of those things you just couldn't wait for. You know, kind of like Christmas morning. The anticipation was exciting. My cock got hard and stayed hard just thinking about. On the other hand, I had to remain cool because I didn't want mom or dad to suspect anything. They said there were going to the pool and wanted to know if I wanted to go. “No, mom. I'm gonna look for sea shell again. I might find some that are worth a thousand dollars!”

They both laughed and went on their way. I came to the small clearing in the woods and there he was. All tied up to the tree and not even wearing his fishing hat. Completely naked! His cock curved down over his balls. His mouth was gagged just like he said. His arms and hands were tied behind the tree. I slowly approached, like a lion stalking his prey. I had waited a long time for this moment and I was going to take my time.

It was soft and warm, the balls were heavy. I actually had to use both hands. One for each ball. I could barely get my hand around his cock, so I stroked the big mushroom head. My hand gripped his cock and I felt it beginning to swell. It was actually getting bigger in my hands. It throbbing and twitching as it grew until is was finally hard. I could even see the big veins sticking out. I worked my right hand up and down his cock. At the same time tugging at his balls with my left. I remember seeing him do that while he was wanking.

Suddenly I remembered his nipples. He pinched liked to pinch and pulled them. I switched hands using my left hand to rubbing his cock up and down. With my right hand, I grabbed his nipple and pinched it as hard as I could. He jumped and his hips bucked. I pinched it again, he groaned and his hips bucked. I pinched the other one hard as I could. I was enjoying his reactions. It was like controlling a puppet. I could make him jump when ever I wanted by just pinching.

I was also mesmerized by his jumping balls as I yanked his cock up and down. I even reached over and gave them a little pat with my hand. This was all new to me, I never had wanked anyone before except myself. I didn't really know what to expect. Suddenly he moaned, his legs tried to come together. That's when his huge cock began to erupt, looking like a volcano full of white lava. It spewed over the top, down his cock and all over my hand. I kept yanking up and down because I liked how his balls bounced.

Every time I rubbed my hand over his cock head he would grunt and his head would jerk upward. There were just so many things going on. I never wanted it to stop , but finally his cock began to decrease until it was back to hanging down over his balls. I was so excited, I took my own stiff little cock from my pants and wanked away right on the spot. I don't know why, but I was suddenly afraid that mom and dad might find me there. I put my cock away and took off for the cabin.

Later that evening, I thought about Carl. I wondered if he got free or if he was still tied to that tree. I quickly ran outside and looked over at cabin 4. I saw the lights on inside. I was relieved, he had made it back. I would have to ask him how he got away. He looked like he was tied up pretty tight. I went to sleep that night thinking about that huge hard cock of Carl's.

I never saw Carl again, our vacation was almost over and we had to leave for home the next day. We came back the next summer and the summer after that, but there was no Carl in cabin 4. It was always someone else. Sometimes I still dream of that summer when I was 13. The summer I got to masturbate my first man. I still go to the nudist camp every year with my boy friend Darren. We even play in the same woods where I first saw Carl. I tie Darren up to the same tree where Carl was tied. Then, I give his cock a really good workout..............end.

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