International Boarding House, Part 3 of 3

a Gay erotic story


I went back to his house after two days, feeling desperate. I couldn't stop wanting him. These desires exhausted me. All I could think about was feeling his hands on my body, his tongue in my mouth and his huge phallus in my ass. For two days, despite masturbating thinking of him, I could not get over it. It was as if I had a fever, and the desire consumed me day and night.

When I arrived at his building, I feared that the drug traffickers would again be at the door, but fortunately, no one was there. I went upstairs, knocked softly with my knuckles, but got no response. I put my ear to the door, again I heard nothing. Resigned to my disappointment, I turned slowly to descend the stairs, and came face to face with one of the three traffickers. He smiled at me. The youngest of the three, with the lightest skin, he could be an Arab. "Tafari will not be coming home for at least an hour". He recognized me from the last time. But this guy did not scare me; in fact he might have been about my age.

He had just let me know that the name of his uncle, object of my fantasies, was Tafari. I stood there, not knowing what to say, or do. "If you want, you can wait in my apartment, I live right in the basement. You are invited for a beer". I hesitated for a moment thinking that perhaps he could tell me about Tafari, so I accepted his invitation.

We went downstairs to his apartment. I feared that the other traffickers might be there, but there was no one – just a musty odor with a strong smell of spices, tobacco snuff and marijuana. I sat on a rickety couch while he went to the kitchen for beers. The room was dirty. There was no window and the single overhead bulb gave a dim yellow light. The room could only be ventilated by opening the front door. The place had a sinister feel.

He returned with two glasses. "It's beer with some whisky".

I tried it, it was OK, maybe a little strong for me. We chatted and I
wondered why he seemed so interested in my life and my country. I gradually felt calmer and we talked and talked. Our drinks were soon gone.

"I'll prepare another one." I told him I had to go. "It's still too early for Tafari to come home" he said.

The second glass seemed stronger than the first, but the alcohol was having a calming effect.

"Put on some music" he instructed, pointing to an old cassette player and lots of tapes.

When I got up, I realized I was dizzy. Most of the tapes were of music that I didn't know.

I found one of Billy Holiday and put it on.

When I sat down again, he was rolling a joint.

"Good choice that music – my name is Ali, and you?"


"Alfredo, take a puff" and he offered the joint with one hand while the other rubbed the growing bulge in his pants. Through the worn fabric of his tight jeans the whole profile of his erect penis was visible. I took a deep breath, sat down, took the joint and had a puff.

Now, I was a bit dizzy but very relaxed and noticed that my penis was growing in my pants. It felt good. I tried to relocate it discretely to a
more comfortable position, and he noticed and smiled reassuringly.

Now, neither of us spoke... the velvet voice of Billy Holiday singing "My Man" was the only sound. I looked at the bulk of his erect penis again and he again caressed it, still smiling and never taking his eyes off mine.

I took two more quick puffs on the joint and returned it to him. I was thinking of what might happen, and what was sure to happen, if I did not get up and leave straight away.

But I could not move, nor did I want to. Actually, I wanted to to know what was to come, and waited for him to do something. I felt almost hypnotized by his eyes, like a mouse before a snake.

Ali got up and moved to sit on the couch beside me. He gave the joint to me again, but I did not know what to do with the stub and it burned my fingers. As he put one arm around my shoulders, a shiver ran through me. "Relax, my friend. I'm not going to hurt you." He took the remains of the joint from me, took a deep puff and tossed it on the floor. With his body pressed against me he put his lips on mine and slowly exhaled the smoke. I
was trembling, and he gently caressed my face and turned it towards him. He slowly brought his lips to mine again, his tongue gently pushing to enter my mouth. I felt dizzy and tried to stand, but he held me gently but firmly. At that moment my resistance ended and I accepted whatever was going to happen. My erect penis showed my deepest desires.

He slowly undid the buttons on my shirt and his hand caressed my chest and pinched first one and then the other nipple. I moaned with my eyes closed, savoring the sensations and the moment.

I would have liked him to fuck me violently without further preliminaries, so that I could leave as quickly as possible, but he seemed in no hurry. I
opened my eyes and he smiled at me. He really was a handsome boy and his face looked beautiful. He may have been younger than me and perhaps he also needed to be caressed and kissed.

I unbuttoned his shirt and stroked his chest. He groaned and closed his eyes. I pinched his nipples hard until they stood erect and hard, and he moaned in ecstasy. Now I was the one pleasuring him, and he wanted more. The tide had turned. I unzipped his fly, lowered his pants, removed his shoes. He let me take control and undress him.

His erect penis, slightly smaller than mine, yearned for my touch. I ran my hands and lips over his young, beautiful brown skin. He kept moaning and needing more. I kissed his lips while gently stroking his penis and his tight silky testicles, and his long shapely legs. His body was a delight! I freed my large hard penis and my pre-cum dripped on his dark skin. His body was beautiful, almost feminine. I needed to penetrate him and make him moan while I fucked him. He opened his eyes, which were pleading with me to do it. I put my lips to his and he let my tongue penetrate his mouth, as he joined me in a passionate kiss.

I felt strong and masculine and enjoyed taking the lead – perhaps from the drink or maybe the joint or both. I was surprised by the ease with which I turned him, and felt his small tight perfect ass. Bending down, I
prized open his buttock and slowly began to lick his slit, and from his throat came a torrent of moans.

My tongue played with his ass and little by little it penetrated him. Well lubricated, I penetrated him further with a finger, then two, and with the tip of a finger I stroked his prostrate, while with my other hand I stroked his penis. Without removing my fingers from his stretched anus, I slowly sucked his penis and savored the salty viscous fluid that dripped from its tip. For a moment, he trusted in my mouth and tried to come – but I
would not let him.

I slapped his penis and twisted it hard. He had given himself to me, and I
could do with his body whatever I wished. It was no longer for him to decide.

I felt strong and powerful. I penetrated his mouth with my penis and began to gag as I pushed into his throat. He tried to push me away, but tearing his hands apart and holding him tightly, I was amazed at my strength and the ease with which he submitted to me.

Finally, I penetrated his throat. I looked down at his flushed face. My entire hard cock was in his throat and he was breathing hard, his eyes wide. I was surprised that I could enjoy being so sadistic and how this beautiful young man submitted to me. I was not ready to cum yet.

Removing my cock so that he could breathe normally again, I put his legs on my shoulders and returned to fucking him with my fingers. I looked deeply into his eyes – he was staring, his body trembling, with fear and desire. I felt as if in a trance because of the drug... my penis was harder than ever. Now I desperately needed to fuck him, dominate him, impose myself on him. The tip of my penis touched his well-lubricated hole. I
stopped and looked into his eyes.

"Ask for it," I muttered in his ear.

"Please. Yes, Yess, Yesss" he screamed.

Slowly I pushed...

Then we heard the sound of the front door opening. I froze. The glans of my penis was inside. I looked at the door, and there stood the other two black drug traffickers.

"What a surprise – the great Tafari's groom, fucking our friend Ali!"

They came over to examine closely how we were intimately joined. I remained quiet, but a shiver ran down my back. I still wanted to sink the full length of my cock into him, but Ali suddenly separated from me. He got to his feet and I saw that was wielding a long knife, as he threatened them and shouted at them to leave. I felt paralyzed by fear and saw, as if in slow motion, as one of them snatched the knife and the other one knocked Ali down with a tremendous slap. Then I reacted and threw myself against them. I knocked one down and head butted the other. I felt strong enough to overpower both of them.

"Come on" I yelled at Ali.

I rose from the floor and saw the surprise in the eyes of the traffickers. I grabbed the knife, but the one that was on the ground floored me with a kick, grabbed the knife and threw it away.

"You want war, you'll have it"

He seemed calm, but I saw him wiping blood from his nose. Then I realized the seriousness of our situation. It was two against two, but they were clearly stronger, plus the fact that we were rather wasted by drinking and dope. I threw myself back at the one with the bleeding nose, who seemed stronger and more dangerous. Looking sideways, I saw Ali give a tremendous kick to the balls of the other man, who bent over groaning. I could not knock my opponent down and he firmly held my naked body. I bit one of his hands and he cried in pain, but a blow to the ear knocked me back to the ground. One of his huge hands grabbed my balls and I started to his him with all my strength, but he did not release his painful grip on my testicles and I gave up. He released his grip and then beat me mercilessly. I no longer felt anything and looked over to see Ali curled on the ground, suffering a flurry of punches. These guys were going to kill us, but for some reason I did not feel afraid... and lost consciousness.

I woke up under a jet of warm liquid on my face. I was on the couch, naked with my hands handcuffed behind my back, and one of the traffickers was peeing on my body, and on Ali beside me, also handcuffed. I noticed that the stronger of the two must have been in the bathroom.

Ali tried to convince the other to leave us, by promising money and his share of the drug that they had in common. This one was called Bongo, and the other, who seemed to be the leader, was called Selub. Bongo said he would have to talk with Selub. When he returned, Selub was wrapped in a
bathrobe, and seemed to have just showered as his hair was wet.

He had a plaster on his upper lip. He gave me a frightening look.

"You take a shower now, while I entertain myself a little with these two fags."

He approached me. "You smell of've peed in fear?" he said and gave me a hard slap.

"I will give you some pills so you can see that I am a good guy and want you to be happy."

Ali tried to negotiate with him, but also received a blow in response.

"Two tablets of Viagra for each of you, so you both stay hard. Bongo and I
will take one each."

He made us swallow them with gulps from a bottle of rum.

"Now a little Ecstasy and we'll wait to see the effects. I'll put on a sex tape from Ali's collection, and then suggest that you continue with what you were doing when we arrived."

It seemed that only Ali lived in the apartment and the other two had keys and came and left from time to time – as they used the apartment as a
storehouse for drug dealing.

"What a surprise" cried Selub as he waved a video cassette in one hand, and put the cover under our noses. It showed a big black man fucking a white boy.

"So that's what you like, I should have realized..., and all this time without us knowing.

Both Bongo and I could have fulfilled all your fantasies! I'm sure you masturbated many times thinking about doing it, and now you'll finally have it – both you and your friend."

He put the video on. In the first scene, a white boy is sitting alone on a
park bench. Then a black gardener pushing a wheelbarrow full of pots comes along. Their eyes meet; the gardener stops the wheelbarrow in front of the bench and looks the boy up and down. The boy looks away. The man parks the wheelbarrow beside the path and sits beside the boy, who remains motionless, looking down the path. The man places one arm over the boy's shoulders and strokes his neck. The boy gulps, and the gardener's hand reaches under the boy's shirt. Then the man kisses the boy on the lips, placing one hand on the boy's penis which bulges under his trousers.

I noticed that my cock was already erect and I turned to see that Ali was also erect. Selub had opened his bathrobe and was fingering his huge semi erect penis. Then Bongo appeared at the bathroom door.

"You started the party without me?"

He looked at the three men and then at the TV screen. "So, Ali likes queer videos."

Selub handed him a tablet of Viagra and another of Ecstasy.

"As you can see, we are already loaded. Let's start the show. You two on your feet, face to face and rub your cocks against each other."

We stood as though hypnotized. Our erect penises touched. Our faces were a
foot away from each other, our hands still handcuffed behind us. We stared into each other's eyes – desire overwhelming us. We brought our lips together, we kissed, our tongues stroked and sucked each other – our penises sliding side by side.

"You're making me very horny – come over here and both of you stand between my legs."

We obediently stopped kissing and did what he asked. One of his huge hands held both our penises, while the other held our four testicles, stretching them down so hard that we both groaned and pulled away, but he just tightened his grip. He pulled our balls away from our penises as if they were a bunch of fruit hanging from a tree. The pain was intense, but our erections just become more powerful. The tips of our penises were leaking seminal fluid which he stroked over the glans of our penises. The feeling was an exquisite mixture of pleasure and pain. We breathed heavily, our chests so close together that we could feel the pounding of our hearts. We kissed and licked each other's faces and necks. When we were about to cum, Selub removed his hand from our penises and gave our balls a sharp slap. A
cry of pain escaped simultaneously from both our throats.

"You thought that I was going to let you cum? There is still a long night ahead of us."

Despite the blow, our penises remained erect. Viagra and Ecstasy were having their effect.

We were like animals in heat, rubbing our bodies together, our mouths kissing and licking each other.

Just then, Bongo returned from the kitchen with a bottle in his hand – he looked at us in amazement. We both turned to him, and watched as his penis began to swell.

"You see how they are...we need to help them. You Bongo take care of Ali, I'll take care of the white boy" said Selub, indicating to me to stand between his legs. His robe had fallen open and I watched as he stroked his erect penis. Both Ali and I stood still.

"What's this!"

Selub, enraged, stood up. He held me by the hair with one hand and started slapping my testicles with the other. I was trying to protect my balls with my legs, so he slapped my ass.

Finally he dragged me to the couch and made me sit on his lap. I sat upright, my body burning with the desire to cum. I pressed myself against his naked chest.

"Relax, I know what you need and I'll give it to you"

I calmed down and he noticed how my body relaxed in his arms.

"I like my handsome boy very much" he quietly whispered in my ear.

My head was spinning as the drugs continued to take effect. His hands passed gently over my skin. I felt a little distant, as if my mind and body had parted. Yet my supersensitive skin felt the slight pressure of each of his fingers. His big hand passed inside my thighs. I savored the pleasure with closed eyes. I didn't know what had happened but my penis had lost some of its rigidity and my erection was no longer painful. I turned my face and found his mouth and with the tip of my tongue, I stroked his lips. He remained still while I stimulated him. He then caressed my erect nipples. His touch was delicate and giving me exquisite pleasure. But I
needed him to hurt me, punish me, give me more pain.

"If you promise to behave, I will release your hands."

I nodded. He undid the handcuffs, and thankful, I held his head with my free hands and kissed him passionately. Moments later he inserted two fingers in my mouth and I sucked them with relish, while my hands tried to touch his penis. I was really super horny and all I wanted was for him to penetrate me with his huge phallus. He seemed to understand what I needed and made me stand between his legs. He prised my buttocks apart and began to lick my anus, while one of his hands strongly pulled my testicles downwards. It hurt, but I didn't mind as with the pain also came pleasure. He then introduced a finger into my anus and when I started to moan with pleasure, he inserted two fingers and began to fondle my prostate. When I tried to touch my penis, feeling desperate to cum, he pulled down harder on my testicles, and then I came without touching myself, screaming.

After that, I dropped to the ground, exhausted. I just wanted to sleep and momentarily lost interest in sex. But he held me by the hair and forced me to lick up the semen that I had ejaculated on the floor. I felt degraded, sick and dirty. I wanted to die right there, and disappear forever.

Then I heard Ali groaning with pleasure. I turned to see him being sodomized by Bongo, sitting on his penis, face to face, using his strong legs to move up and down the thick phallus, his beautiful body glistening with sweat. Bongo was just a dark mass that only occasionally looked to be connected to his penis. I had just cum but I felt my penis stirring to life with the beginning of a new erection.

"Now it's your turn. I'll fuck you like that, but first you have to suck me."

I took his cock in my fingers, and it felt even bigger that Tafari's cock, even when not fully erect.. I caressed, kissed, licked that pre-cum that was leaking from the tip... until it was hard, very hard.

I tried to put it in my mouth, but with only a third, the tip was touching the back of my throat. He held my head and thrust hard, and I started to choke. When I tried to pull away, he just pushed harder and I choked some more. My eyes filled with tears – I could not breathe. I tried to relax and and breathe through my nose, but it was full of mucus and saliva, as the glans entered my throat. As I became desperate to get air, he pushed harder and half the phallus was lodged in my throat. I tried not to pull away and as I remained still I began to breathe again as my throat became used to the penetration. The pain stopped and a strange feeling enveloped me, combining the pleasure of being used in this way, and proud to have achieved something difficult. I had read that this kind of intercourse was possible and that there are people who enjoy it – in fact I had done the same to Ali. I began to understand the pleasure that can come from pain –masochism, pure and simple.

He began to thrust in and out, and I was completely relaxed. I felt that my throat was made to receive his huge cock, and images burst into my head of cocks moving in and out, and my whole body being a tunnel for this huge penis, powering into me like a train...and I wanted it to release a torrent of thick, hot cum inside me, making me swell like a balloon until I
explode. I thought they were hallucinations caused by the drugs. I don't know whether or not I lost consciousness, but suddenly I realised that he had removed his penis from my throat, and I desperately wanted him to thrust it down my throat again. He had to use all his strength to hold me back. He tied my hands behind my back again.

Ali and Bongo had stopped fucking and they were looking at us curiously. Ali got up and came over to us with a tube of vaseline in his hand. With his erect penis, he looked very beautiful to me and I would have liked to touch him and fuck him with my hands tied behind me. I kissed him on the mouth, thrusting my tongue into him, but he turned away from me, spun me around and began to lubricate my anus with vaseline. I thought he was going to fuck me, but that was not what he had in mind because he then began to lubricate Selub's erect phallus.

Knowing what was expected from me, I climbd on to the couch and tried to ease my anus onto Selub's cock. But the lubricant made it slide from my buttocks. With my hands behind my back, I could do nothing, but fortunately Ali helped me to put the tip of the huge penis at the entrance of my anus. I stared at Selub as I pushed myself down onto the hard phallus. His eyes glowed like embers and he did not move a muscle. I was so relaxed that without any pain the huge organ filled my completely. When I had it all within me, I leaned into Selub's chest and put the tip of my tongue on his lips, then whispered softly in his hear "Fuck me please." But he didn't move, so I started to ride his cock, up and down, while pre-cum dripped from my penis, wetting his chest and belly. I moved to stand until his penis was nearly completely out of my body... , and then at last, the sex machine was set in motion. He held me hard against him in his strong arms and began to fuck me – in and out, in and out, in and out..., and I
began to moan with pleasure. "Yes, yes,...,more, more...

,no, no, oh, oh, yeah, yeah." I think I was delirious by that stage. We both had to come at the same time. We screamed and screamed. Ali and Bongo panicked, thinking that the screams might make the neighbours call the police.

I awoke to the smell of something cooking. I looked at the clock. It was three o'clock in the morning. My hands had been freed from the constrainsts.

"What happened? You fell asleep?" Ali asked me smiling.

"They are preparing something to eat."

Ali stroked my cheek and I smiled. Selub offered me a glass of wine. Soon we were all eating from the same plate, fried mixed vegetables with chicken. We were all naked, but it felt good. It seemed incredible that only a few hours ago, I thought that I would die at the hands of these men. Now I saw them as partners, almost as good friends, from whom I had nothing to fear. Still, something inside my head was not normal. I was still desperate for them to fuck me again. My penis was semi-erect and I
was still horny. I assumed it was the effect of the drugs and the viagra. I
looked at Ali's body and enjoyed the sight. I tried to stroke him.

"Not now."

I went to the bathroom. I showered, tenderly stroking my penis, and put a
finger in my ass.

I needed to be fucked some more – and instead of them, I thought of Tafari who, by now, must be asleep in his apartment. I would love to climb under his sheets and press myself against his body. He would wake up slowly, his arms around me... he would bite my neck and I would feel his erect penis pushing further between my buttocks. My penis began to stir and lengthen. I dried myself and returned to the salon to get my clothes.

They were all drinking from a bottle of rum, and rolling joints.

I went to the door and Selub jumped to his feet.

"Where are you going?" he shouted angrily.

"You haven't finished paying the price for how you behaved when we arrived!"

He moved to the sofa and I sat beside him.

"Take a little drink" and he forced me to take a swig from the bottle.

"Do you want to have a little smoke?" I took a puff and reached out to grip his big cock.

"Wait a minute, relax, we can do everything again."

I gripped his penis again and tried to put it in my mouth, but he pulled away violently.

"Fag! You can't even wait awhile? Let's see you get naked, play music and you and Ali can dance together and act out a queer scene for us. I want to see how two fags like you can fuck."

I undressed again, my penis beginning to harden. I put the Billie Holiday tape on again.

Then I approached Ali and dragged him with me to the centre of the room. He was naked.

I put my arms around his waist, his arms around my neck and we began to dance, our bare skin touching. I pushed one of my legs between his legs. Ali rested his head on my shoulder; with one of my hands I caressed his beautiful back and then his ass, while lifting his chin with one hand and giving him a passionate kiss. Then I turned him around.

I held him firmly and lightly stroked him all over. As my penis touched his ass, I stroked his chest and pinched his erect nipples, and he began moaning. I ran my hand down his chest and abdomen and gently touched his testicles and penis, which was gradually becoming erect. I nibbled his neck. I put two fingers into his mouth, and then found his anus and eased first one then two wet fingers into his anus. He arched his body, wanting more penetration. I fucked him slowly with my fingers, still pinching his nipples hard. He kept moaning. My cock was fully erect. I looked over to Selub and Bongo, as they watched us and masturbated slowly. I placed my penis between Ali's thighs, and with two fingers in his ass, with my other hand I squeezed his balls. He was still moaning. I slapped his buttocks hard. He jumped with surprise. I held him by the hair and forced him to suck my penis. Then I turned him around and ate his ass hole. I was so excited and wanted to fuck him – to finish what I had started many hours before, before we were interupted by Selub and Bongo.

Ali sensuously moved his body against mine, joyfully offering himself to me. I fond the tube of Vaseline, and lubricated first the entrance to his anus, then my super-hard penis, and placed it at the tight opening of Ali's ass. Little by little, I pushed forward, easing my penis into his body. This time, nothing in the world could stop me, even if they cut off my head. My hard penis would remain in the only place that mattered at that moment, filling and stretching the tunnel of Ali's ass.

I began to fuck him slowly as he turned his head, looking for my kisses. I
knew exactly what to do, and I dictated the rhythm and the intensity of our movements. I knew it because I identified fully with him; because that is what I'd like somebody to do to me.

I was so focused on fucking Ali that I had not realised that Selub and Bongo had moved to stand beside us. Both at once, they began to stroke and caress our bodies, rubbing their hard cocks against our skin, and reaching between our legs, they stroked and squeezed our testicles. Then I felt a
finger penetrate me. I turned my head and saw it was Selub. I looked for his lips.

Meanwhile, Bongo was pressed against the body of Ali. Soon, Selub began to penetrate me with his fabulous penis. The two big black man made a sandwich of us. We had become one oscillating body, moaning and moving, seeking pleasure, penises, hands, mouths, legs, arms, rubbing and pushing and pursuing the same intense desire. We were a well-oiled machine for hard, pure sex. I think drugs and Viagra had to led us to a mixture of heaven and hell, where we would be burnt up and consumed completely.

I no longer had control of my own movements. It was the onslaught of Selub that forced my penis to penetrate Ali. Selub was fucking Ali through my body, and I passed Selub's movements on to Ali.

When I thought we were going to have a super-orgasm with four voices, Selub broke apart our multiple intercourse and took Ali to the couch. There I
watched as he kissed and caressed the young man, and Ali responded with even more kisses and caresses. I felt jealous and frustrated. But Bongo took me by the waist and led me to the bedroom.

Bongo was uglier than Selub, rather smaller and probably considerably older. He began stroking me on the bed. He knew what he was doing and was a
real expert at giving pleasure. He slowly penetrated me, face to face, looking me straight in the eye. His face was a little sinister. With one of his hands he squeezed my neck and would not let me breathe. I thought that I would be strangled. I panicked and tried with all my might to break free. He started beating me until I was quiet. With one hand, he hold both my hands over my head, and returned to fucking me masterfully. He knew how to give great pleasure – whether it was the way his penis curved, giving such exquisite friction to my prostate or just the mastery of his fucking. When I was relaxed and enjoying the whole experience, he began to squeeze my neck again with his free hand. This time I could do nothing about it and felt that he would end my life there on the bed. Then I
noticed that I was starting to get an orgasm, which was building and growing within me. As he squeezed my neck even harder, my penis exploded, releasing a burst of semen that reached my head. I felt his body tighten and he came in my mouth with a bestial cry. I think that's when I
fainted. I woke up with Selub and Ali by my side. Between them they were holding Bongo.

"He has a theory that hanged men have the best orgasms. He has seen men hanging from a rope in his country more than once, with an erect penis and semen-stained trousers. Let's give him his own medicine".

Bongo remained meekly tied up. Ali brought a dildo and stuffed it in his ass. They sat him in a chair and tied him to it so he couldn't move. Ali began to beat him with a belt in the testicles and penis. Bongo began to become erect again. The more blows he received, the stronger became his erection. I saw the gleam in Ali's eyes. The boy was a sadist. He brought tweezers to pinch the nipples and testicles of Bongo, who strangely was not complaining, just breathing and swallowing hard. It made me think about how complex were the sexual instincts of human beings.

Ali then brought a rope with a noose and placed it around Bongo's neck, and proceeded to sit facing Bongo - gradually lowering himself onto the big hard cock. He gradually tightened the rope while raising and lowering himself on the black phallus. Bongo's face grew red. Ali suddently dismounted and we watched as both penises suddently ejaculated semen. Selub picked up part of the semen from the two men and fed it to me, then kissed me, sticking his tongue into my mouth. I realised that he wanted to savour the semen and put it in my mouth to conceal his own homosexual desire to receive the semen of other men.

They untied Bongo. Selub sat in the chair with his great penis erect. He was the only man who had only come once. He asked me to fuck myself on his cock, with my back to his chest. He did not need to ask me twice. It was what I wanted. Although my cock was not yet hard, I was made to be fucked – my ass needed to be filled with cock. It was not hard for me to ease myself onto his beautiful cock. Ali began to lick me and play with me until I was erect. He went to the kitchen to get something and when he returned I was slowly riding my man.

Ali approached me with a spoon in his hand. He grabbed my penis with one hand, and I tensed. "What're you going to do with that?"

"I'm just going to put the little handle in your urethra. It won't hurt and it'll give you pleasure."

"No, I don't want to" and tried to push him away with my hands.

But Selub pinned them behind me. I sat still, very excited by the big cock deep in my ass, and with my masochistic side resurfacing. My cock already felt as hard as if a rod of iron had penetrated my penis, and I was terrified and excited at the same time. I was completely helpless. They could do whatever they wanted with me. Bongo came over to me, placed two clamps on my nipples, and put a dildo in my mouth, which he then eased down my throat. I gagged a little, but soon accommodated it.

Ali lubricated the tip of my penis and the spoon handle with petroleum jelly. He grabbed my super-erect penis and gradually eased the metal handle into my urethra. At first annoying, the strange feeling was bearable. Ali could now remove his hands and the spoon stood upright inside my erect penis. The four of us watched mesmerized as my penis bobbed up and down with the spoon inside. I would have liked to see my semen ejaculating with the metal spoon inside my urethra, and imagined a hollow tube connecting my penis with my mouth, so that I could receive my own semen directly when I

Meanwhile, Selub began moving. He held me by the waist and practically pulled me up off his cock, and then let me fall back so that his cock filled me again. I saw my penis moving obscenely with the teaspoon inside. Ali had returned from the kitchen with a teaspoon in his urethra. Bongo took him from behind, Selub stopped thrusting as Ali began to cum over my penis. The Ali pulled out the two spoons, and with one collected the his semen and poured it into the open slit of my urethra, and pushed it into me with the handle of a spoon.

I realised that I was beginning to cum and began ejaculating. Ali collected my semen in a spoon, and pulling the dildo from my mouth, he shoved the spoonful of semen into my mouth.

Everything that was happening was a mad perversion and had to stop. Selub let me get up.

I was surprised that he had not cum. That was my fourth orgasm. I went to the bathroom to shower. When I returned, all three of them were sniffing something, which I assumed to be cocaine. Through a tiny window in the room, I could see that day was breaking. Exhausted, I went into the bedroom and lay down on the bed. I dreamed that Selub and Bongo were at the entrance of the house, where a queue of men were waiting to come in to fuck Ali and me. One of the first was Tafari. I wanted to let Selub know that Tafari could fuck me free of charge ... , and I awoke to find Selub getting into the bed beside me, and touching me and rubbing his hard cock against my buttocks. I noticed that my penis became erect immediately. The drugs we had taken had kept us continuously on heat, both physically and mentally. Our sexual appetites were insatiable.

I turned to him and licked and stroked his penis. We kissed passionately, Selub muttering endearments in my ear. "I like you a lot", "I have never enjoyed anyone before so much", "Let me stay and live with you", " I want you, I'm in love with you". I never imagined that this drug trafficker could speak so tenderly. His touch was delicate and enervating and was making me more and more horny. I held his head with both hands and turned to kiss him, delighting in his lips and the touch of his tongue. I also muttered words of love in his ear – words that I could never have imagined coming from my mouth – promises and declarations of passionate love. One of his fingers was trying to penetrate me. I asked him to wait, and went into the living room to fetch the vaseline. On the living room couch I briefly watched as Ali sodomised Bongo. They didn't see me as they were so focused on their pleasure. I collected the tube of vaseline and was also very excited, but this time not in a hurry.

After fucking all night, I felt that this would be our first real union, because in addition to sex, this time there was genuine affection. Like a
virgin bride, I lubricated myself well, raising my hips with a pillow, my legs raised and apart, and my arms stretched out to him, smiling as I threw him a kiss. I offered myself willingly to the masculinity of this man, while only a few hours earlier, his mere presence had filled me with panic. This man, like me, needs not only sex but affection, to love and be loved, to break the siege of loneliness that is imbedded in the soul of us all.

Selub moved slowly as his cock touched my ass, and I stared into his eyes, revelling in the intimate contact of the desired penetration. I moaned with pleasure, my arms around his neck, as his cock filled me completely. His lips covered mine to stop me moaning, and our tongues engaged in a dance of love. After thrusting into me and withdrawing from me, sometimes maddeningly slow, and at other times quick and brutal, there were were more moans, cries and words of love mixed with depraved obscenities. One being inside another, dominating, using, enjoying, fucking..., and then the roles changing, so that the man who was penetrated is taking control and dominating and using the other. Two beings fused into one, under the intense blaze of a primordial, irrational, strong and deep passion. We had cum many times throughout the night, so this coupling could take a long time. I asked him to take me from behind and I lubricated myself again. Now his mouth is on my neck, and on my nipples, his fingers on my testicles, my penis, my thighs, my mouth. Pleasure, pleasure, and greater pleasure. An endless ride. And then again he fucked me from the front, face to face. He told me that I would cum without touching myself and that he would fuck me until that happened. It didn't take long until I felt wave after wave of orgasms, one, two, three, four, pass through me. We saw my penis lose its erection after cumming. Although only little semen was released, it was the most brutal orgasm I have ever felt. He licked my cum with his tongue, and gave me a pair of powerful thrusts, pulled his penis out of me, and he came in my open mouth. Neither of us swallowed the semen, but we kissed again and with our tongues we shared both saliva and semen. Then, embracing, we fell asleep.

When I awoke and looked at the clock, it was four in the afternoon, almost twenty-four hours since I entered the house. I got up, and while the other three slept, I quietly dressed and left.

Two days later I flew to my country. Years later, I still remember that night as the time in my life when I experienced the most intense sex.

I wonder what became of the three drug traffickers, and my first lover and his uncle?

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