International Boarding House, Part 1 of 3

a Gay erotic story


Part of this story happen to me some years ago.

I had write this story in spanish, and a generous friend had done this very good translation. From here I give the thanks to him.

For a time, a few years ago, I lived in London, in an attempt to learn English. I lived in a boarding house with a bunch of other foreign students: Irish, Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai, Iranian, Turkish, Dutch, Spanish, Mexican, Honduran, Brazilian, and people from practically all over the world who, each one in their time, helped to build the British Empire. After some time the money I brought from my country was gone, but the manager of the hoarding house told me that I could stay there and have food and a bed as long as I cleaned the other student's room in every morning. On the afternoons I used to go downtown London, visiting museums because they were for free and warmer also. After three months living in London, alone and penniless, I got a little depressed because I didn't know what to do.

The students usually had their classes in the morning and I used that time to clean their rooms, but it was common for me to find a few lazy ones still in their beds, but I cleaned the room just the same because that was the instruction I got from the manager. And besides, all I did was sweep the floor, clean the bathroom and the table. But it was embarrassing for me when this situation happened and I always did my task as quick and as noiseless as possible, without even turning the light on.

Room 218 was one that most of the time I found occupied and belonged to a black student. In one of those occasions I noted that the bed was rocking and I
thought that he was jacking off, so I left the room in a hurry. Since then I
always left it as the last one to be cleaned, waiting until I was sure it was empty. It worked sometimes, but in other occasions I still found him in bed. Once I thought he was naked; the room was dark and I never flicked the light on because the light filtering thru the blinds was enough. Once again I left the room in a hurry.

The next day I peeked in and saw that he was naked, lying on his back, but this time I decided I would clean his table. And this incident kept repeating itself for the next days that I assumed that was his way of sleeping, in the nude, and was not trying to tease me. So I lost a little of my worries and decided to sweep the floor, being careful not to get close to his bed. On the forth day I
gathered some courage and began to observe his body sprawled on the bed. He was lying facedown and his body was big and all muscle, the broad back, his ass, his legs; he was like a beautiful ebony statue. He moved and I startled because I
thought he was awake and caught me admiring him since I had stopped doing my chores. I left in a hurry and closed the door. But my thoughts were full of him for the rest of the day; I loved the sight of his naked body.

I never thought I would like to watch a man's body, much less a black man. But I got horny when the thought of my hands caressing his body crossed my mind. For coincidence I found a homo porn magazine under the bed of a Hindu, which I
leafed thru it in a haste for fear of being caught, and those images caused an impact inside of me but I didn't know if I liked them or not. That night I
jerked off thinking about the black student's naked body. The next day, when I
fearfully entered his room, I didn't look directly at his bed while I cleaned the table, but when I turned around I saw that he was lying naked on his back and he had a huge hardon. I flew from the room. It was obvious that he was waiting for me and intended me to see him that way. I had seen him before in the boarding house but I was sure he was not a student like everybody else. He probably only slept there and didn't go to any of the schools downtown. But what I couldn't get out of my head was the sight of his tool, large and shining. Later that day I thought that it would be good to caress him with my hands, my face, my lips. That night I could not control my horniness and I
masturbated twice in a row, thinking of him. I promised myself I would never enter his room again while he was there.

The next day I kept my promise, but the day after I could not resist the temptation of seeing him again and I got in. He was lying facedown and I got disappointed for not being able to see his beautiful cock. Maybe he was not really interested in me, but I decided that I should do something that would show him that I was interested in him. The next day, in spite of my fear, I
approached his bed. He was naked and I began to admire his back. As in a dream he turned around and remained on his back. Even trembling all over I kept my ground and fixed my eyes on him. I watched his face, his eyes were closed, and I
lowered my eyes to his cock. It was not completely hard but, before my eyes, it began to get hard until achieving complete splendor. As for me, is spite of the fear in my guts, my cock began to swell as well. I thought he moved his arms so I left the room quickly. But I thought that maybe he was awake and was waiting for me and I felt very bad because, maybe, I made him feel rejected.

The whole afternoon I spent with a hardon, waiting for the night to come and that my roommate went to sleep so that I could jack off, thinking about him. It was obvious that I wanted to caress him but I was afraid that he wanted to do the same with me, and maybe other things than simply touch me, things I could not even imagine. But I think that my fear was only an unconscious way of defense in face of my true desire. That night I could not sleep. The following day I decided I would do something. I looked toward his bed but it was empty. I
felt desperate because I thought that, maybe, I would never see him again. Since he was not there I began to look thru his belongings. Economy books, one picture where he was with a beautiful black woman and one boy and a girl. All of them were wearing summer clothes and had smiles on their faces. He was looking straight to the camera; he had a beautiful face and had an intense stare. He looked a little younger than then. I got near the undone bed and caressed the place where his naked body had been. I leaned forward and inhaled deeply to smell his scent. My cock sprung to life immediately. Definitely I would have to do something, I'd have to.

The next two days he did not sleep in the boarding house. Maybe he had left for good, I thought, but then I saw that his belongings were still there. On the third day when I opened the door to his room I saw him and began to have an instantaneously erection. I cleaned his table and noted that he was naked, his face facing the wall. I began to sweep the floor and glanced at his body from time to time, and then I decided to approach his bed. Just like the other day he turned around and I saw that his cock was growing slowly. I stopped sweeping and stood there, mesmerized by his shining, hard cock. Slowly I reached out to touch him, but just then I looked into his face and to my horror I noticed that he was looking at me with the same intensity of the picture, plus a smirk. My hand paralyzed in the air and I made a move to run but he grabbed me on the wrist with an iron grip. I tried to get free but it was useless. He pulled me on top of him, I tried to get away with all my strength, but accomplished nothing. His other hand covered my mouth, preventing me from shouting. For a brief moment I
thought about really running away, but then I realized that it was useless and little by little I got quiet. It was then that I noticed his body imprisoning mine; he was trapping me from behind and I could feel the hardness of his cock in my ass, separated only by the fabric of my pants between them. We remained quiet for a moment and I got more confident, thinking that maybe nothing bad would happen, that all he wanted was to caress me. To confirm that he let go of my wrist and pulled me tight against his body and, with his free hand, began to touch my body still clothed. His touch was intense as if he wanted to measure my forms. Soon he opened my pants, lowered them to my ankles and did the same with my underwear. This time I helped him by lifting my body and pressed myself against him, his naked skin against mine, and then I abandoned myself in his embrace. After a few minutes he let go of his hand that was covering my mouth and began to caress it. He unbuttoned my shirt and I felt his hand caressing my naked skin, the fingers running across my body, while his cock rubbed against my buns.

I began to fantasize, thinking that he was desperate for sex, that, in his mind, I was that beautiful girl in the picture and that he was also fantasizing that I
was her. He was caressing me with infinite tenderness and that convinced me that he was not gonna hurt me. He spoke for the first time in a language I had never heard of, and I pretended that he was saying that he liked my body, that he wanted to make me happy and not to worry. My cock began to rise again while his strong hands caressed my legs that I spread so that he could reach the inside, until his fingers touched my balls and my hard cock. It was a pity I didn't have the organ he was looking for, that is, a vagina. Now he was touching my butt and his finger began to search inside my cheeks. I froze! What was his intention? He noticed my uncertainties and stopped caressing me there. I rolled over to face him and I looked straight into his eyes; his smile put me at ease and I kissed him on the face. He then lowered his eyes to his penis and I
understood what he wanted from me. So I took him in my hand, which could not wrap completely around his large tool, and I let him fuck my hand. Just then I
heard the manager calling my name and stopped in front of the room. He got up in a jump and locked the door before she could open it and came back to the bed and pulled me tight against him. I gave myself in again to him and allowed him to kiss me in the mouth, but I didn't respond it. I told him that I should go and he agreed with the condition that I came back that night after ten. I promised him I would come and left. Once outside I wondered if I should come back because I knew he would try to fuck me and that would hurt me badly.

The whole day consumed me in doubt if I should go or not. When the images came to my mind my cock would respond immediately and all I wanted was to caress and kiss his large, hard cock. He had behaved nicely with me and he seemed to be a
nice person, so I would try to satisfy him without having him sticking his cock up my ass. Since my roommate was gone for the day I jerked off without really cumming, stopping when I felt my balls shrinking to erupt. In spite of disliking the possibility of being fucked, I lubbed my finger with butter and began to fingerfuck myself. It hurt at first, but then I got used and I got horny by thinking that my ass was a well-lubricated, tight pussy. Soon I was touching my prostate and my fingers began to slide in and out easily, my cock leaking profusely. I collected some of my precum and tasted it. I had never done that before, but I liked it. I thought that I would like him to cum in my mouth.

I took my shower because I wanted to be clean, even though I did not know if I
would keep my promise to him. There were two guys there and I never felt much comfortable with people around me. I thought about leaving, but then decided to stay and began to undress. Just before I took off my underwear I looked at them and they were observing me and talking to each other, their cocks semi-hard. I
blushed and hurried to the shower, my cock beginning to get hard. I turned my back to them, feeling completely vulnerable. But I was horny just the same, my cock hard as a rock. I looked at them over my shoulder and they were staring at me and to my horror they were jerking off. But then more people arrived and they resumed their bath and so did I. Precisely at ten I was at the door to 218, clean and smelling good and nervous like a teenager in his first date. He let me in with a smile with only a white robe. I stood in the middle of the room and he came from behind after locking the door and his lips fell on my neck as he began to unzip my pants. I was paralyzed but completely given to him. As soon as my pants dropped to the floor my cock sprung out. He got rid of my shirt and started to caress my nipples. If it were not for his body against mine I would have crumbled. I could feel his cock in my back because he was taller than me, and he had a strong body. He kept rubbing his lips on my neck, his tongue flicking in my ear. I felt his cock insinuating between my legs and I spread them to accommodate it properly.

Then he moved and faced me, took my hand and placed it on his large and hard cock. He leaned forward and this time it was me who took his lips onto mine. It was all he needed to take me in his arms and kiss me, shoving his tongue inside my mouth. After a long time, he stood back and looked me in the eyes. I blushed and kissed him again, inserting my tongue in his mouth, allowing him to suck on it. He sat and took me with him, making me sit with my back to him, his cock between my legs. It was so big that I could see it protruding behind my own cock, making it look a dwarf comparing to his (although I had a well proportionate tool myself), the purple head resembling a big mushroom. He took both our cocks in one of his big hands and with the other he caressed my whole body.

Once again he began to talk in that foreign language. I had never been so happy in my whole life like I was feeling wrapped in his arms and caresses. I knew that I was not his wife and could never replace her. Sometimes he used some words in English and I could understand him, like my dear, my sweet boy, and things like that. Only then I realized that he wanted me, myself, a boy, that it was my body that was causing him to feel that way, and I turned my head to kiss him passionately in the lips. I felt loved and desired and I decided that I
would give myself entirely to him so that he did whatever he wanted with me. His hand kept jerking us off. He took some of our precums in his fingers and brought it to my mouth, inserted his big finger between my lips and I sucked on it eagerly. He made me stand up and with one of his hands he caressed my balls and with the other he touched my asshole. The finger, lubbed with my saliva, tried to enter me. I wanted him to fuck me, and his finger, large as a cock, made me feel full, and he choked my grunts of pain with a kiss.

Our cocks were kissing each other too, just like our tongues entwining themselves. His finger was making love to me and I couldn't take it any longer. My cum began to flow in jets and covered the big ebony head of his cock with my white milk. He removed his finger from my dilated ass and replaced it with the tip of his large member. He tried to get in, but I was terrorized and tried to get away, but he didn't let me go. Like the first time he covered my mouth with one hand to choke my cries and began to enter me. I thought I was gonna die, the pain was horrible and the tears began to run down my face. And finally I noticed that he was completely inside me. I could not stand the pain and tried, once again, to get free and dug my nails on his body and tried to bite him, but his embrace never got loose. I gave up and tried to relax myself and little by little the pain became bearable and I took a deep breath, my heart pounding hard in my chest, which also made me aware of his heart beating thru his cock that was buried deep inside my ass.

And then he began to move inside me and the pain disappeared completely making me feel the pleasure of having his cock fucking my sore ass, awaking in me feelings never felt before. I felt wonderful, full of life. The metamorphosis had been complete, I felt I was another man, happy and purified. I could not understand what was going on while he fucked me in and out. He was making love to me, was fucking me and I accepted that by opening myself the best I could for him. I was happy and didn't want that to end. He noticed that something had changed inside me and began to whisper words in my ear, words that I could not understand but that I took as loving words. I surrendered myself to him and my body would meet his when he trust. My cock was hard again and he caressed my balls. Waves of pleasure crossed my body, new sensations full of happiness. I
never thought that it could be this wonderful. My ass was no longer mine; it was an altar to love, a place to give and receive pleasure. I told him to fuck me harder and he rode me with violent strokes of his pelvis while his tongue fucked my mouth. My cock began to erupt without being touched, driven by the thrust of my lover. He took part of my cum and brought it to my lips to savor it. My contracting ass brought him to climax. I noticed that his cock got larger and he filled me with his abundant semen.

Without pulling his cock out of my ass he pulled me on the bed with him and we lay there, tired but happy. We remained like that until we felt OK again. All I
could say was " thank you" and kissed his face. I felt like I had a fever, my head throbbed, like I had been drugged. I didn't want that to end. His cock began to get hard again and soon it was up in all its splendor, and so was mine. He moved inside of me, his cum lubricating my sore, happy pucker. He made me turn and we faced each other. Now I could see his face and caress his chest. This time he fucked me for half an hour. At the end we came together looking each other in the eye and I felt that he loved me as much as I loved him.

I left his room three hours later, tired, but happy. I was a new man who had discovered paradise in a casual and unexpected way and I was determined to come back if I had the chance. And I did return the following nights. He gave me a
key and waited for me in the nude. He bought some lubricant and, even though it always hurt in the beginning, I always endured it because I knew I would feel immeasurable pleasure once he was inside. We did everything there was to be done with our hands, tongue, lips, cocks, smooth penetrations and also violent ones. Every day we made something new to keep our passion alive. He made me dress women clothes and pretend that I was his fiance, his wife, his sister, his daughter and even his mother. We talked only the necessary. He did not know about my life neither I knew nothing about his. It was not necessary because we were creating a new world only for us. One night he arrived late and he brought a friend with him; both of them looked a little drunk and laughed a lot. I tried to get up, but he restrained me while he said something to the other man in his foreign tongue. I was really upset with him for betraying our love, revealing our secret to others and also allowing others to catch me naked in his bed. His friend was a giant, even bigger than him, with a mean face. That monster began to smile while caressing his enormous penis inside his pants. He told me that he was an uncle of his that worked in the docks and who had left his family and the only thing he did was to work to save money to rent a house and bring his family to live with him. He also told me that he was very lonely and had not fucked a
woman over a year now. Was he insinuating that he was offering me to that brute? I tried again to leave, but he didn't let me and told me to not worry because he had told his uncle that he was being very happy with me and only wanted to introduce me to him. He asked me if I could give his uncle a kiss on the cheek because that was the proper way to greet somebody and not to worry for being naked, that in his country it was something natural. I looked at his uncle, he had stopped caressing his cock but I could see clearly the lump of an erection; the smile had left his face and I could see a great loneliness.

Slowly I approached him, looking straight in his eyes, feeling his hunger for me and I noticed an involuntary twitch on his cock and I dropped my eyes to the floor. He was much taller than I was and I stopped in front of him. Reaching out and up I placed my hands on his neck and putting myself on the tip of my feet I
rubbed my cheek against his, his three days beard scratching my face, but I
noticed that his skin was warm in contrast to my cold one when I rubbed his other cheek. Just then I felt his big, callous hands rubbing the end of my back, almost touching my buns. My cock jumped to life quickly. Thinking that my love could be jealous if he saw that I was excited, I turned to look at him and he smiled at me in agreement. Feeling encouraged and sensing the loneliness of that giant I did something that I never thought I would do someday. With one hand I
caressed his penis encased in his pants and with the other I began to undress him while my lips searched for his. He caressed my body tenderly as if he feared to break me. I freed that monstrosity of a cock of his, taking its weight in my hand while I measured his large balls. I nibbled on his nipples, also big, that stood up. Finally I fell on my knees to worship that magnificent cock from which was flowing thick nectar, a man's nectar. I had time to give him just one lick before I felt a powerful contraction and a shower of dense, warm liquid covered my face. I stood up quickly and received the rest of his hot load over my overexcited cock, which began to cum too.

All of a sudden I was pushed and my lover was shouting at me and at his uncle who left the room in a hurry. He was upset and took me in his arms and dropped me on the bed with my face buried in the mattress. He grabbed my cock and balls, lifted my ass and buried his mouth in my crack, which he began to lick and shove his tongue in and out. Without any warning he shoved his cock in my ass in just one move, without lubbing it. I was hurting in the balls and in the ass, but I
felt happy nonetheless because he was jealous of me. He fucked me two more times without rest, like a beast in heat. Now he was completely spent; we were both silent. I asked him to forgive me, caressed his body and covered him with kisses and he began to cry like a child. It was then that I realized that he was jealous of his uncle too. Maybe he wanted to be in my place and maybe I could make him happy if I fucked him too. Taking advantage that he was lying on his belly I began to caress his strong and beautiful ass, making my hand travel around it until I found his crack and he moaned. I gathered courage and kissed his butthole, which made him groan louder. I fucked him with my tongue first, then I used some lube and made him used to my fingers fucking his ass. He would even raise up to meet my shoves. He had a huge erection. The moment of the truth had arrived. I had a big cock, although not as big as his, and I knew it would hurt, but truth is, he would enjoy it too and feel happy. I fucked him slowly, giving him time to adjust and a few minutes later we were both dancing in perfection the dance of love. He thanked me and offered me his lips. I
remembered what I felt the first time and I began to fuck him with powerful thrusts while he cried with happiness and I filled him with my spunk and he came for the third time that day. A new human being had discovered the other hemisphere of male sexuality.

The next day we went out together for the first time. He didn't want to see his uncle again. However, his uncle wanted to see me because I noticed that he was following us ... Please feedback me with your opinions.

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