The Family Stud

a Erotic erotic story

by Author Unknown (see copyright note below)

It was quite a shock to my system to find my sister naked in the living room. I almost fainted, so quickly did the blood rush from my head into my dick. For speed of tumescence, naked siblings are tops. Of course, my appearance had the opposite effect on her. As her gaze met mine, her hands, which had been between her legs, flew to cover her breasts. Her legs, which had been splayed wide, snapped shut so hard her knees bounced. And her color, which had been a sexy red flush, turned a ghostly pale. "What the fuck do you think you're doing?!" she yelled. "How dare you stare at me like that? What are you doing home?" How typical. I catch her jacking off naked in the LR and she yells like it's my fault. "Fuck you!" I yelled. Stunning repartee, I know, but it somehow leapt easily to mind. "Yeah, you'd like that, wouldn't you, you pervert!" "Hey, I'm not the one masturbating here!" "Like you never have?" she snorted, "Little Boy Perfect, never whacks off!" "If I didn't, I sure would now." That left her open-mouthed and staring and (for once) silent. I escaped upstairs, leaving her to try to recover her shredded dignity. Also, I WAS going to jack off! Minutes later, I was naked on my bed. My shaft jutted skyward, begging for relief. As I stroked my rod, I had my eyes shut tight, recreating in my mind's eye Karen's surprisingly full tits, her golden-hued pubic patch. I imagined her hands, instead of covering her nips, lifting them up, first to me, then to her lips. I could almost feel .... a draft? What the....?! CLICK-whirrrrrr. "Gotcha!" Karen bounded from the room, now clad in a white terry-cloth robe, a Polaroid camera in one hand, an about-to-be embarrassing photo in the other. It took me about 30 seconds to hop into my jeans. Most of that was being careful not to zip up my still-hard rod. Then I
stormed down the hall, ready to tear her room apart to find that photo. But as I burst into her room (by now you've probably figured out that our bedroom doors don't lock), Karen was just sitting quietly on her bed. "Okay, bitch," I growled, but stopped short when I saw the strange look on her face. "What's wrong?" "It's so big," she whispered. Then I noticed she was staring at the photo. In an uncharacteristic bit of modesty I said, "Not SO big. It's only seven inches or so." "But Bobby's is so dinky compared to yours." Bobby was her studly jock boyfriend, though apparently not so studly. Then she looked up suddenly with a gleam in her eye. "Let me see it." I could say I refused. I could say I turned around and left the house without an incestuous thought. But why lie? I just unzipped (carefully) and basked in her admiration. Karen slid off the bed onto her knees in front of me. Closer.... "It looks so nice." ...closer... "So big..." ...closer... "So...tasty." ...BINGO!! She inhaled me. My knees buckled from the sudden onslaught of pleasure and I grabbed the back of her head. She bathed my shaft right fine, 'throating me in no time. I don't know where she'd learned to handle it (not from Bobby), but she did me like a pro. Her frantic tongue whipped the underside of my shaft. Her tonsils cuddled the head like a pussy. Her nose was buried in my pubic hair. After 5 brain-numbing minutes, however, she slid back up onto the bed, opening her robe and cooing "You know, I never came when you interrupted me so rudely." "A thousand pardons, madam," I said, kneeling at her feet and parting her knees. "Allow me to rectify that." Oh, sweet snatch! I love sucking pussy, even when it's a
little funky and tastes it. But Sis was so nice, clean, juicy and tasty that I was in Seventh Cunnilingus Heaven. My enthusiasm must have showed in my tonguing, because soon Karen's heels were drumming on my back, her head was rolling and her red-tipped fingers were mashing her tits together and squeezing her nipples. There's nothing so hot as looking up at a girl's face, framed by her tits, as you eat her pussy! Pretty soon her mewling became more of a deep-throated growl. Then, without further warning, she sat straight up, grabbed the back of my head, ground her pussy against my face and shuddered silently through her orgasm. After she had let go and flopped back onto the bed, I caught my breath preparatory to climbing up and fucking her brains out. Just as I got up, we heard the front door open and our Mom call "hello" as she returned from her waitressing job. I grabbed my jeans and skedaddled into the john, the only door upstairs that did lock, and started a shower. As the warm water cascaded around me, I picked up the soap and began to jack off again, extremely frustrated. I had been THAT close. Mom called "hi" again from the hall. I grunted back at her, finished myself off, stalked to my room and fell asleep. Had I but known what was going on I wouldn't have gone to bed so frustrated. As it was, I never did again. But Karen filled me in on what happened later.

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Jul 9, 2014


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