Young Cherry Cheerleader

a Straight erotic story

by Author Unknown (see copyright note below)


Jenny arrived home from school, dressed in her cute little school uniform. Her long blonde hair was parted in the middle and pulled back in two ponytails, with bangs to her eyebrows.

Her white long-sleeved blouse, the blue plaid pleated skirt which hung so short from her thin waist, and white knee socks with blue-and-white saddle shoes looked absolutely marvelous on the delightful young girl.

Jenny set her books down as the phone rang. She ran across the room to get it before the answering machine kicked on. Her little school skirt danced high on her thighs, flipping up to show brief glimpses of her white cotton panties.


"Hi, is this Jenny?" came the reply.

"Yes, it is," she answered.

"Hi, sweetheart, it's Mr. Walker."

Jennie smiled.

"How are you, sir?" she asked.

"Just fine, Jenny. Listen, remember what I told you about meeting a
group of guys for some photos and stuff?" he reminded her.


"Well, how about Saturday night?" he asked.

"I'm not sure. How can I get it past my mom?" Jennie asked.

"It's easy, Jenny," Mr. Walker assured her.

"Just tell your mom you're spending the night over here."

Jenny shrugged her shoulders.

"I guess that would work," she said.

"Listen, these guys are willing to pay you $1,000 for spending the night with them," he told her.

"Wow," replied Jenny. "How many guys are gonna be there?"

"Seven of us, Jenny. We want you to spend the whole night with us."

Seven guys! Jenny's mind reeled just thinking about it. She could really use that money, she knew.

"Oh, and also," added Mr. Walker, "would you mind it if another girl was there?"

"I guess not, sir."

"Good, Jenny. Be at the Excalibur hotel, Room 120, at 7:00. Be sure to bring your cheer uniforms and pom pons."

"I'll bring several of my uniforms," Jenny volunteered.

"Great, Jenny. I'll see you Saturday night."

The phone call was cut short by the doorbell. Jenny answered it, and it turned out to be her sister's boyfriend, Doug, and his friend, Mike.

"Hi, Doug," greeted Jenny, smiling.

"Hi, Jennie," Doug answered. He smiled back, fondly remembering his interlude with the young girl a few weeks back.

"Is Susie home?" he asked.

"Nope, she went shopping with Kim, but she should be back in a little while. Would you like to wait for her?"

Doug looked at Mike.

"A few minutes wouldn't hurt, I guess," came Mike's answer.

"Come on in, then," said Jenny, holding the door open for the two boys.

Jenny led them into the living room, where they sat down on the couch.

"Anybody want a Coke?" Jenny asked politely.

"Sure," they both answered.

Jenny spun away and walked into the kitchen. She knew that the two boys were watching her. The refrigerator was within sight of the couch, and as she opened the door, she bent over for the drinks, which were on the bottom of the fridge door.

Mike's eyes bugged out, and Doug just smiled. The little schoolgirl, dressed in her uniform, was giving them a nice panty-peek.

Her short blue plaid pleated skirt pulled up just high enough on her teen ass to show off the crotch of her white cotton panties. She looked around and caught them gaping at her panties.

"Yeah, I see you guys! Shame on you!" she jokingly chided them.

Mike and Doug both laughed as she came back with their drinks. She handed the Cokes to them, then sat across the room in a lounge chair.

"So, what are you guys up to?" Jenny asked.

She slowly spread her knees apart. She knew that the boys could see her panties, and she loved it.

"Ummm, we were just cruising around, and thought we'd stop by for a few minutes," Doug replied.

"Yeah," added Mike, staring not-so-subtly under the young schoolgirl's skirt.

"I see," said Jenny.

The sweet young blonde pulled up one saddle shoe on the edge of the chair, off to the side, pulling her little pleated skirt up high on her waist, while she swung the other leg wide to the other side. It was a blatant show for the two boys, and she was not ashamed in the least.

Jenny giggled when she saw both Doug and Mike in a hypnotic trance. She had them at her command, she knew.

While the two boys watched in fascination, Jenny placed one hand on her crotch and started massaging her cunny through her panties. Her other hand slid slowly over one knee sock and caressed her thigh.

"Anybody want to do anything?" she asked teasingly.

"Yeah," answered Mike, dumbfounded.

Jenny looked absolutely darling. The long blonde hair in ponytails, the cute little bangs, the dimples in her smile...

"You guys wanna fuck me, don't you?" she asked, brazenly.

"Yeah!" they both gasped in unison.

"Well, what are you waiting for?" she asked.

Doug and Mike both jumped up and ran to Jennie. She laughed at their eagerness.

Jenny reached for Mike's zipper and tugged it down. While she fumbled around in his pants for his dick, Doug knelt down in front of her. Doug reached up under her skirt and tugged Jenny's panties down. She raised her ass off the chair so he could pull them all the way off.

Doug spread her knees wide apart while he buried his head in her tender, moist twat. Her little pleated school skirt draped over his head while he gave her sweet little cunt a good licking.

Jenny fished Mike's swollen cock out of his underwear and clamped her precious young mouth around it. Her tongue softly stroked his cock as swirled it around the head. She took him like a vacuum cleaner, sucking hard as she slowly worked him in and out of her mouth.

They were quite a picture. Mike groaned as Jenny blew him. Jennie groaned as Doug sucked her clit. The three lovers enjoyed the passion of the moment.

Jenny scooted forward in the chair so Doug could suck her better. His tongue and hot breath felt so good down there. Then she felt Doug poke a
finger into her pussy. He slid it around in her tight little teenage cunt as he continued licking and sucking her clit.

Jenny popped her lips off Mike's prick, but kept working him with her hand.

"Oh, Doug..." she moaned. "You're gonna make me cum..."

Doug lapped at her love hole with a frenzy. Up and down, side to side, he rubbed her clit with his tongue. She enjoyed the friction of his tongue, combined with his probing finger. Little Jenny felt herself grow flush, then tremble uncontrollably.

"Oh, God, I'm cumming! Oh! Oh! Oh, shit!" she gasped, almost out of breath.

Mike had started taking his pants off. Jenny released her grip on his cock while he took them off, and he did so quickly. He dropped to the carpet and lay on his back.

"Get on top of me, Jenny," he ordered.

Jenny, still enjoying the afterglow of her climax, got out of the chair. Still dressed in her school outfit, she pulled the skirt up around her waist and lowered herself on Mike's cock. The head popped into her pussy, and Jenny groaned slightly as she dropped on it slowly, plunging it deep into her sweet love nest.

She started riding Mike's prick slowly, rocking forward and backward on him, while Doug took his clothes off. Jenny was sitting up as she rode Mike. His six-inch cock fit her tight twat quite nicely, she thought.

Doug came to Jenny and put his cock next to her mouth. She took it in her hand and pushed it into her hungry mouth, then started sucking him like she had done to Mike.

"Oh, Jenny..." Doug whispered.

Jenny was enjoying herself. One cock in her cunt, one in her mouth, she had never had sex with two guys at once before. She could hardly imagine Saturday night with seven of them!

"Just remember, Mike," said Doug. "I get to fuck her, too!"

"Yeah, sure," was the answer from Mike.

"Hey, Jenny, where do you want us to cum?" Doug asked, remembering the face bath he had given the young girl the last time.

"Where do you want to?" she asked, keeping up the fuck-pace.

Doug laughed. "I wanna do it in your pussy this time!"

"You mean you've fucked Jenny before?" asked Mike. He cupped her ass cheeks with his hands, helping her rhythm.

"No, she just gave me a blowjob," said Doug. "But I blew my load all over her face!"

Mike laughed. "That sounds like fun! I think I'll try that!"

Jenny slowed to a stop, then pulled up from Mike's cock. She rolled over on her back, lifting her knees high, as Doug climbed on top of her.

"My turn!" he announced.

Doug fisted his prick into his girlfriend's sister. Jenny wrapped her knee socks around his back as he started pumping her, slowly at first, then harder.

Mike watched his friend fuck the young girl while he sat next to them. Jenny felt a little sorry for him, so she reached out and took his cock in her hand, stroking it softly for him. She knew she didn't want to hand-pump him too hard, because he'd blow his load before she wanted him to.

Doug fucked Jenny good and hard. His balls slapped her ass as he hammered her with quick, short fuck-strokes.

"Fuck me hard, Doug..." she coached him, while rubbing one of her breasts through her white school blouse.

"I'm gonna cum..." he told her. "...any moment now..."

He felt his cock spasm and release its first load of hot spunk into her young snatch.

"Ohhhh!!!" he groaned.

Spurt after spurt of warm cum filled Jenny's pussy. Finally, Doug slowed his pumping to a stop and pulled his wet, dripping cock out of the girl. Cum dribbled out of her pussy onto the carpet under her.

"Okay, Jenny, are you ready for me?" Mike asked.

"Yep," was her answer. Lying on the carpet in her school uniform, her knee-socked legs raised and spread, her skirt piled up on her tummy showing her semen-soaked pussy, her long blonde hair spread out on the carpet...

Jenny smiled with those little dimples as Mike kneeled over her face. He frigged his cock as fast as he could, holding the tip of it toward her face.

Jenny opened her mouth wide, giggling as she waited for her face-bath.

Mike knew he wouldn't take too long.

"Get ready!" he told her.

Suddenly his prick shot a stream of jizz at the young girl. It splattered across her face. Another squirt hit her in the mouth, then another and another on her angelic face.

Mike sprayed his load all over Jenny's sweet, smiling face. His fuck-cream was thick and warm as it coated her face from forehead to chin, with some of it even in her blonde hair.

When Mike was finished, he wiped the last of it on her lips. Jenny raised her head to take it in her mouth and sucked one last time on it, trying to get the last bit out.

Her efforts were rewarded with a tiny bit of salty cum. She savored the taste as the two boys stood up and started putting their clothes back on.

Jenny pulled her panties back on as Doug and Mike finished buckling their pants.

"Hey, Jenny, we'd better go," Doug said. He and Mike headed for the door.

"By the way, thanks!" the two boys said.

Jenny smiled, with a cum-smeared face.

"You're welcome," she answered.

The two boys left without seeing Susie or even opening their Cokes.

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