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The Show Must Go On By Steam Train (

The 2006 story `Last Boy Standing' by Nialos Leaning was the inspiration for this story and this story is set in that universe with the authors permission. This story also provided me with an opportunity to republish a story I really liked, the 1998 story `Revenge on Ricky' written by Ricky Stratton under the author's name of Doe Scott. Ricky's story is reproduced here with minor editorial changes to fit it into the plot of `The Show Must Go On' with his permission as the last two chapters of this story.

Chapter: 1 The Ricky Cooper Show Comes to Town

Ricky Cooper looked at the concerned faces his four best friends, Mike Proctor, Derek Underwood, Scott Burns and Zack Taylor, not fully understanding why they were so concerned.

"Guys I promise to email as much as possible when I'm on the road. We will still be the best of friends, you'll see" Ricky promised.

Ricky's parents, Bob and Jane Cooper had finally secured a road tour across the nation for their son so he could really start building his profile with the young teenage and pre teen market. His second CD had been picked up by some radio stations and MTV and the opportunity was there to really market Ricky's career to new heights.

Of course at fourteen years of age Ricky was more excited about seeing the sights across the nation, but his parents were focused on his long term career and hoped to build his profile on this trip to such an extent that he would be picked up for a new television show that was in the early stages of planning, that required a young teenage singer and performer to host it.

The reason for the boys concern was that Ricky had for as long as Mike, Derek, Scott and Zack could remember been the leader of their gang. Being three years older than his friends the boys all looked up to and admired Ricky. There were not many kids in their local neighborhood; most of the families that were living near them had older families who had grown up and in many cases left home. Ricky had initially wished that some of his school friends had lived closer but no one his age ever moved in to his neighborhood, so he had naturally gravitated to the younger boys and by natural selection had become their leader. Now he was leaving them for four months with the possibility that he might hit the big time with success as a teenage singer and performer. The boys all feared that there would be no time available to them to do the things they liked to do with Ricky, if his parents were successful and Ricky became famous.

There was also of course a large amount of jealousy involved. The four eleven year old boys all wished they could trade places with their fourteen year old friend. All of the boys were pretty good looking themselves but compared to Ricky they felt inadequate. Ricky had Adonis like looks with golden blond hair, piercing cobalt blue eyes and a slim firm build. At fourteen and a half years of age Ricky was not tall for his age being only five feet two inches tall and weighed in at ninety six pounds. Ricky was still at that stage where he had lost the soft contours of pre-teenagers, but had not yet developed the muscular definition of older teens. This suited the young teenage image his parents were trying to market for their son. The last thing they wanted was a big hairy son who looked older than his tender years.

Not yet being a national star Ricky's tour was designed to work communities large and small across the nation. Ricky couldn't really see the point in performing in these small back water towns but his parents had insisted that it was important that he built up a solid, grass root fan base and they had determined that Ricky needed to perform in more than just the larger cities. When he was a star the people would travel to see him, they said, but for now he had to travel to them!

Early in the tour Ricky kept his promise to his friends and emailed then, even ringing them regularly on the mobile but as the days passed into weeks then months and the number of adoring fans increased he spent more time chatting up his numerous and ever increasing band of female fans and the small group of male fans under the constant gaze of the hired personal security guard his parents had contracted to watch over him on the road trip and less time communicating with his friends.

His experiences as a budding teen pop star were so different to the life the boys were leading back home that as time went on he seemed to have less and less in common with them anymore and conversations often seemed forced and unnatural. The process of being adored by his young fans also affected his attitude to others. As the road trip progressed so did Ricky's attitude and not for the better!

He became more and more demanding and intolerant of both his tour staff and his parents.

Ricky's mother Jane who was travelling the whole trip with him noticed this change in her son's behaviour and attitude before her husband Bob, who only joined the road tour when his own work commitments permitted. By the end of the third month of the tour, tempers were beginning to fray around the edges between Jane and her son. They shared the same tour bus and privacy and `chill out time' was hard to get.

Ricky was a pretty modest sort of guy. He rarely wore shorts, preferring trousers and jeans. When swimming, he always used long baggy swim trunks and despite the efforts of his parents and performance trainers who wanted to `spice' up his stage act, Ricky still refused to perform in scanty costumes or go shirtless on stage no matter how hot he got.

Modesty had also been a big issue for Ricky in the tight confines of the tour bus. With meticulous planning he had still managed to undress and dress with a modicum of privacy. It had been four years since either his mother or father had seen him naked and his modesty was such that he had made sure that not even they got the chance on the bus to see him any more naked than shirtless.

Ricky was soon spending as much time as he could with the girls and the occasional guy who hung around after his concerts and outside hotels the tour occasionally stopped at to break up the road trip.

Ricky was living every teenage boys dream. Attractive; really attractive; girls, offering themselves to him, no strings attached. Gone were the days of trying to persuade a reluctant girlfriend for nothing more than a kiss. Now if only he could have gotten away from his security guard he could have got laid big time as many times as he liked! The girls it seemed were willing and ready.

Ricky however hadn't been able to get anywhere near that far!

He was still a virgin and the truth be known embarrassed about his lack of sexual knowledge and skills. The last thing he wanted was the shame and humiliation of a girl spreading a rumour around the net and the gutter press that she had taken his virginity and that he was a poor performer in bed. It just didn't go with the teen heart throb image.


Over in Edwardsville, in Benjamin County, Mrs Rogers was trying to calm her upset eleven year old daughter Sarah who along with her thirteen year old sister Megan and ten year old friend Valerie had queued accompanied by Mrs Rogers for hours to get tickets to Ricky Coopers one and only performance in Edwardsville, only to be too far back in the queue and miss out on any tickets. Sarah's thirteen year old sister Megan was also disappointed at not getting to see Ricky perform but being just that bit older and more interested in boys in general, Megan found that there were so many male distractions in Edwardsville available to her that her crush on Ricky was no where as great as her younger sisters. This was because Benjamin County Ordinance 17- 769, required that all boys ages 3 to 15 from the hottest stud to the geekiest nerd had to be naked at all times.

For the last three months since the Rogers family and their close friends the Kershaw family had moved to Edwardsville, Megan's twelve and seven month old brother Tyler Rogers and his two friends, thirteen and four month old Freddy Kershaw, who was also Megan's boyfriend, and his brother eleven and a half year-old Charlie Kershaw had been totally naked all the time just like all the other boys in the county.

No boy in the county was allowed any semblance of modesty and the county officials were quick to impose even tougher restrictions on any misbehaving juveniles, both male and female with consequent humiliating, embarrassing and painful experiences as Megan Rogers had herself suffered three months ago.

"It's so unfair mum" Sarah pouted. "Do something"

"Darling I wish I could but if the seats are all sold then they are all sold, I'm sorry, there is nothing I
can do" Mrs Rogers explained to her daughter.

`But you're my mum; you must be able to do something?' Sarah pleaded.

Mrs Rogers giggled, "Well thanks for the vote of confidence in my parental abilities but even `super mum' has her limits and I'm afraid we have just reached one of those".

Tagging along behind his mother and the girls was the totally naked Tyler Rogers who was glad he didn't have to go to the concert. He wasn't at all disappointed that the tickets had all been sold out. Going to a
Ricky Cooper concert was `gay', he would much rather be going to a football or baseball match.

Three months after moving to Edwardsville, Tyler still had not got used to living almost totally naked at all times, he hated exposing his flaccid 1 inch long penis, it was amongst the smallest of any of the twelve year old boys in town that he had seen, and when erect which still happened far too often for Tyler's liking, his boner was again pretty pathetic being only 1 and inch long though he did now have a
very noticeable ball sack which was just slightly smaller than a large strawberry.

What really pissed Tyler off was that his friend Charlie Kershaw who was only eleven and a half was better endowered than himself at 1 and 3/32 inches soft, 1 and 5/8 inches erect. Then there was his friend, Charlie's thirteen and four month old brother, Freddy Kershaw, who's much more developed state only helped in highlighting Tyler's relative lack of development. Freddy's penis measured 2 and inches soft and 3 3/8 inches hard and was proudly accompanied by a sparse brushing of pubic hair and balls that were a little bit larger than Tyler's.

Tyler's only positives out of the Benjamin County rules in the last three months had been that he had at least seen his bratty thirteen year old sister Megan made a Nudie Juvie and forced to strip naked exposing her profoundly undeveloped state of an almost flat chest broken only by very small pointy breasts that were showing only the first stages of budding and a
very sparse scattering of small light brown pubic hairs that didn't even fringe either side of her slit, doing nothing to hide any part of her most private of parts from his view.

Tyler still clearly remembered how he had smirked when his sister had to allow Freddy, Charlie and him to intimately inspect her previously most private of body places and he still remembered with pleasure how Freddy had taken enthusiastically to being allowed to perform a judicially imposed oral sex punishment on his sister.

The only other positive was that he had so far avoided a green band. The dreaded green band that when applied made you community property, which meant that any kid under 16, any teacher, any police officer or court worker, and parents could touch the wearer anywhere they wanted, anyway they wanted, as much as they wanted as could any other person of any age or sex who had permission from the parents.

He hoped to stay away from the green band but was quite happy to experience other juvenile's humiliation and embarrassment at the expense of the county's rules. He even hoped that maybe his little sister Sarah and his older sister Megan might both end up nudie Juvies and naked like him for all to humiliate.


The very cocky and confident 14 year old budding singing heart throb Ricky Cooper, was standing impatiently at the reception counter in the busy lobby of the Benjamin County Juvenile Center with his mother Jane Cooper having just had his picture taken. Jane was now filling out the exemption form that allowed out of county parents to exempt their sons from Benjamin County's Ordinance 17- 769, which required all boys ages 3 to 15, to be nude at all times. The wearing of a pink exemption tag allowed the male wearer exemption from the county ordinance on any three days within a month.

This would be all Ricky needed for his concert appearance in Edwardsville. They had just arrived in town this afternoon, he was performing tomorrow afternoon and leaving tomorrow night, a total of only two days.

Holding up a bright pink cardboard tag with attached neck string, the female clerk said "Ma'am your son's tag is now ready and validated for use today. Tomorrow you will have to get the tag revalidated at the nearest validation machine; you don't need to come back here unless that is more convenient. The validation machines can be found at all police stations, courthouses and visitor centers, at most malls and schools and at some sports facilities and hotels, just look out for a pink validation sign and machine."

"Thank you," Jane Cooper said to the clerk, before handing the pink tag to her son.

"Remember Ricky" the clerk said, "Don't loose the tag as you can't be issued with a new one at the machines and you will have to come back in here to get a new one and any boy not wearing his pink tag will be asked by anyone in authority to immediately undress to conform to our county's ordinance".

"Oh" said a surprised looking Ricky.

"Also Mrs. Cooper, If Ricky stays in Benjamin County more than three days this calendar month he must either voluntarily undress or you must agree to have Ricky leave the county immediately upon request, as an exemption for more than 3 days cannot be issued until the next month commences and a new three days is available to your son. If Ricky fails to do either of the above he will be arrested. A Nudie Juvie sanction can then be imposed by an intake officer at the court house, it doesn't have to be the result of a formal juvenile court proceeding" the clerk continued.

"My, Benjamin County certainly has a very thorough juvenile system doesn't it?" Jane Cooper responded whilst noticing that Ricky was obviously considering all the implications of the county ordinance and was looking far less cocky and confident than he had only minutes ago.

The clerk had obviously noticed the same reaction in Ricky as she concluded, "I can see Ricky, that you're considering just how lucky you are to have a mother who will sign for an exemption for you. Many parents will not as they consider that some naked time will do their boys behaviour the world of good whilst they visit our county, but remember Ricky you give your mother any trouble whilst you are visiting and your mother can remove your tag on the spot."

Jane Cooper eyed the clerk with a look of satisfaction whereas Ricky blushed slightly.

Holding up a green wrist band, the clerk added, "I will give you this green wrist band as well Mrs. Cooper in case you have need to discipline Ricky further than just removing his pink tag. The wearing of a green wrist band makes Ricky community property. That means any juvenile under 16, any teacher, any police officer or court worker, and you and your husband can touch Ricky anywhere they want, anyway they want, as much as they want. So too can any other person who has permission from you. As well for minor infractions," added the clerk, "police can also use the green band as a sort of summary punishment lasting up to two days, instead of filing charges with the court. They can also take kids to a spanking pavilion instead of court".

My goodness, that is unbelievable thorough isn't it Ricky. I am sure you won't need that type of punishment but if your attitude doesn't improve from what it has been these last weeks I will be sorely tested to want to remove your pink tag even if I don't put this green band on!"

Ricky blushed again and averted his eyes down to look at the pink tag, noticing that it had his name and age on it, and the month it could be used, it also had his picture on it and a validation stamp with today's date along with a space for two more validated dates?"

The ride into downtown Edwardsville had been a weird experience for Ricky. As soon as they had reached the town limit he began to notice naked and partially naked boys everywhere. All had their privates and behinds showing. Some wore footwear and two even had waist length shirts whilst a few others wore a half shirt but most of the boys he saw were bare chested as well as bare bottomed.

Ricky's mum had warned him about the Benjamin County ordinance in advance. Meanly he thought she had led him on, not telling him about the option of the pink tag for out of county visitors till the very end. He had sighed with relief when he found out there was a
way he could perform in Edwardsville without having to be naked.

Not that he would have allowed his tour officials to enter Benjamin County if he had to strip naked. Long before they reached Benjamin County Ricky had started abusing his mother and tour officials about bringing him to a place with such strict juvenile laws and he was just about to throw a tantrum and outright refuse to enter the county and perform when his mum with a
big smile on her face, told him about the pink tag exemptions.

The look on the tour officials was not so friendly; they looked like they wished Ricky was going to be forced to strip. They had had enough of his tantrums and bad attitude!

Having the rare opportunity of an overnight stay the tour party had booked into a local hotel in Edwardsville. Jane Cooper had arranged for her son to give an interview with the local press and radio the next morning before the midday matinee performance but the rest of that afternoon and evening were free time. She went to have a lay down and instructed Ricky to amuse himself in his room with the TV and video games and not to venture out.

But Ricky was soon bored with his room and could find nothing to interest him on the TV so ignoring his mother's instructions, Ricky quietly left the suite. Chuck the security guard his mother employed to accompany Ricky on tour was seated at the end of the corridor. He looked surprised to see Ricky but having no instructions to the contrary he followed along behind his charge down to the hotel foyer. As soon as Ricky emerged from the lift the sound of screaming girls could be heard from out on the pavement. Ricky smiled inwardly to himself. He liked being the centre of attention, this was much more exciting than boring video games or TV. Borrowing a pen from the concierge Ricky exited the hotel and stood on the steps protected by his security guard who looked out at the throng of screaming girls with some concern. Chuck made sure Ricky positioned himself with the main door right behind him, in case they had to make a quick exit if the crowd became uncontrollable.

Both Chuck and Ricky quickly noticed however that the young girls of Edwardsville were very restrained and law abiding, quickly following Chuck's instructions to form a single queue ready for autographs. There was almost no shoving or pushing. All the local female juveniles knew of the consequences for any anti social behaviour and made sure they would not end up naked like their male counterparts.

Ricky had been feeling quite aroused at the thought of getting to inspect some naked guys around his own age to see if they had pubic hair and if they did, how much along with the size of their genitals compared to himself, however Ricky was disappointed to notice that there were no boys at all in the queue waiting for his autograph.. When he got the chance between signing his autograph for the line of girls, he looked around and noticed a few solitary guys standing away from the crowd on the other side of the road. They could have been boyfriends of girls in the queue or they could have been shy fans he could not tell. What he could tell even from across the road outside the hotel was that all bar one of the boys was totally naked. The chance to see guys naked and compare them to himself was something Ricky was had never been able to do before.

Amongst the seven naked guys standing there the one guy who was wearing jeans, tee shirt and joggers really stood out. Like Ricky he was wearing a pink exemption tag, the rest were wearing only pink blushes of varying hues over their naked bodies!

Two of the boys stood next to each other and looked like brothers to Ricky. The taller boy who appeared to be the eldest and was Ricky guessed by his height about 13 years old had a penis that was bigger and thicker than his brothers even though it was soft. He had no pubic hair and didn't appear to have reached puberty even though he appeared to be a teenager. His balls were bigger than his brothers too and hung down in plain view, but they still looked like a kids balls, not a grown-ups. Both boys were circumcised. And the younger boy's penis was flaccid, only slightly smaller than the older boy's, but his balls were much smaller. His penis almost covered them totally from view.

A bit further along the pavement stood two more naked boys. They were talking to each other in animated discussion. One of the boys was much taller than the other boy but could have been about the same age which appeared to be 12 or 13 years old. He had dark hair and eyes. He was quite good looking, though the shorter boy next to him had even more striking looks with sandy blonde hair and really blue eyes. He was slim but very athletic and had the cutest smile which swept across his face as he talked to his friend. Unfortunately this boy had a very immature hairless penis and ball sac whereas his friend had an uncircumcised penis which was fairly large, though Ricky found it hard from that distance to tell just how large as his foreskin covered the head. His balls were larger and hung down more than the older of the two boys next to them on the pavement and to add to the image of maturity his penis was surmounted by a
small bush of short pubic hairs which were very noticeable even at the distance Ricky was standing from them.

A group of three boys stood a little further down the road. One boy who appeared to Ricky to be at least 11 or 12 years old had a tiny flaccid penis, it was the smallest of any of the boys standing there watching though he did have a noticeable ball sack. The boy next to him looked to be a bit younger thought better endowered in penile size than the first boy though not in the ball sack department. The third boy appeared to be more like 13 or 14 years old and was much more developed than the two others, with his erect penis sticking out in all of it's 3 and a bit inches glory and proudly accompanied by a sparse brushing of pubic hair and balls that were a little bit larger than the first boys.

Ricky was pleased to see the clothed boy who had been standing a short distance from the last three boys begin to move across the road and join the back of the queue.

It took some time for the queue to dwindle and for the boy to be the only remaining person standing waiting for Ricky's autograph. The security guard kept the girls moving along though most wanted to stay with Ricky for as long as possible, asking a wide range of questions from his favorite foods to the brand of cologne he was wearing through to the inevitable question of did he have a steady girl friend. By the time the boy reached the front of the line only the last three naked boys remained over the road, now accompanied by four girls.

"Please could you sign this made out to Trent'" the boy asked.

"Sure thing Trent, Ricky replied, and then his curiosity getting the better of him Ricky asked, "How come you are wearing an exemption like me. You from out of town?

`Yeah' Trent replied, "Visiting my Aunt Sue and my cousins for a couple of days whilst my parents attend a funeral interstate. I'm from Lakeland in the next county. You just signed your autograph for both my cousins Sheila and Beth".

"Cool, are you and your cousins coming to my concert tomorrow?" Ricky asked as the security guard looked on impatiently.

"Nah, I'm going home tonight, my three days are up", Trent lifted his pink tag to show three date validations. "Just as well I'm being picked up tonight because I think my aunty and especially my cousins would like nothing better than seeing me stripped naked like all the boys in this county due to the stupid county laws they have in place here. Just look at those poor guys across the road having to show all the local girls `everything'. It's wrong and discriminating I say!!"

`Yeah I know what you mean; I sure would hate to have to go naked like those guys. Pity the girls don't have to go naked too" Rick replied with a giggle.

"Actually" Trent replied seriously, "They do get made naked sometimes. My older cousin over there who is 14 was made a nudie Juvie only last month and had to stay totally naked for 120 hours. I was fortunate enough to visit with my parents while she was being punished and got to feel her up real good, as that is totally legal when you're a nudie Juvie"

"Seriously girls can be made naked too? Wow!!! Hey what's a Nudie Juvie?

"It's a punishment authorized by the courts or court appointed officials" Travis explained, "in which kids have to go around naked and it includes girls, Nudie Juvie girls are required to be totally naked and are made community property but because boys already have to be naked anyway and can be punished by being made community property without being Nudie Juvies, Nudie Juvie boys have extra requirements placed on them like they must be erect and in view of others a lot of the time. All Nudie Juvies male and female must engage in mandatory public masturbation. Boys must also perform public oral sex, as must any girl the court so orders. A judge can also include other sexual actions if they think the behavior warrants it and without exception Nudie Juvies always receive daily public spankings and the judge can order other painful punishments if deemed necessary."

"Shit that's scary" was all Ricky could say and then deciding to change the topic back to something less confronting he asked Trent, "So if you're not coming are your cousins going to my concert tomorrow then?"

"Nah, my cousins wanted to go but they couldn't get in, as tickets to the concert sold out quick, the local Edwardsville Theatre isn't very large.

"Oh too bad" Ricky replied, then a flicker of a smile spread across his face, "Hey want to impress your cousins and get back on the good side of your eldest cousin?"

"Yeah sure, but how?" Trent asked.

"Wait here and I'll get you passes for your cousins to the meet and greet before the show" Ricky offered.

"Any chance of eight passes ???" Trent asked.

"Eight !!!!!!!!" Ricky gasped, "You don't want much!"

"Well" said Trent, "You see my the five girls standing over there next to those three naked guys, They are my cousins 14 year old Sheila and twelve year old Beth Powell and their best friends 13 year old Megan Rogers, 11 year old Sarah Rogers and 10 year old Valerie Kershaw and that's the Rogers girls naked brother 12 year old Tyler over there ..." Trent pointed to the first of the three boys in the last group over the road near where he had been standing. The two boys with him are Valerie's older brothers, Megan's boyfriend 13 year old Freddy and his younger brother 11 year old Charlie Kershaw and as you know I'm Trent, Trent Austin, I'm 14 like you. I thought I better try and get them all passes too in case they want to come" Trent informed Ricky.

"Oh why not, the more the merrier" the smiling Ricky informed Trent. "I'll get Chuck my security guard to get you eight meet and greet passes and bring them back down to the foyer. Pity you won't be here, I'd get you one as well!"

"Nah thanks as much as I'd like to go, I don't want to have to go naked as much as my cousins and their friends would love me too" Trent replied with a smile.

"In case you change your mind Trent" Ricky said with a
mischievous smile that partially betrayed his interest in wondering what Trent was hiding under his clothing, `Ill send down eight passes anyway! Keep it as a
souvenir. You just wait here and Chuck will be back with them soon."

"Ok thanks, my cousins will think this is so great", Trent responded politely but with excitement in his voice.

Ricky waved goodbye to the fans still hanging around then went back into the hotel instructing Chuck to bring the eight meet and greet passes back down to Trent.

Ricky snuck back into his room in the hotel, being careful not to wake his mother and lay on his bed and thought about the tight fitting tops some of the girls had worn that left little to his imagination. Some of those tits were pretty firm and large for girls that mainly ranged in age from 12 to 14 years. He wondered if any were padded!

Before long his thoughts drifted to the naked boys he had seen across the road and he smiled to himself hoping they took up his offer and that the 3 naked boys would be getting up close with him at the meet and greet tomorrow. Then he would be able to inspect their `tackle' at close range and find out a bit more about them. He didn't know why but the thought of naked boys excited his as much if not more than the chance to see a girl naked, something he was yet to experience. His thoughts then turned to Trent. Pity he was not going to be there tomorrow, Ricky was now really fascinated about what Trent would look like naked, especially if he had any pubic hairs.

Ricky had found Trent to be a good looking boy with his dark brown hair and deep green eyes, weighing in about 115 pounds and being about two inches taller than him at around five foot four inches. Ricky thought of Trent standing outside the hotel in his loose fitting baggy blue jeans which showed off his boxers and a black tee shirt, a look that made him appear really hot. He didn't appear to have too much body fat and Ricky had noticed that he had a really cute butt.

Such thoughts were too much for Ricky and knowing no one was going to barge in on him he took off his white tee shirt, undid his own jeans, slid them down to his ankles, along with his blue and white check boxers and his red briefs. He slipped his fingers around his limp penis, closed his eyes and began to fiddle with it, stroking it and tugging on it as he'd been doing for the past few years as his mind fantasised over his most private and secret thoughts.

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