Making Love With My Black Daddy

a Erotic erotic story


Making Love With My Black Daddy

By D.O.

The flames crackle in the fireplace. Light romantic music is playing in the background. The wine is going to our heads. The bearskin rug is soft beneath us. My sheer, pink negligee sticks to my sweat slickened form as our hands roam each other's bodies.

I'm slowly, oh so slowly riding Dwayne Mitchell, my incredible Black Daddy. His eight inch erection is buried to the hilt in my soft innards and he gasps as I slowly grind and swirl on his jutting thickness, massaging and gripping him lovingly in my silken boywomb. The heat from the fire, only a couple of feet away, is radiating over us and causing a sexy sheen of sweat to form on both of us. Dwayne is on his back, his knees bent upward, keeping me saddled in the space between his thighs and his belly paunch. I love mounting my Daddy this way as the closeness and friction is amazingly sexy. I look down into Dwayne's eyes and see him staring back at me with lust...... and love. True love. I'm in love with Daddy and he with me.

We are inside Dwayne's modest, but beautiful cabin in Michigan's Upper Peninsula, near Munising. He owns a small but very successful shipping company on the west side of the state and lives full-time just down the street from my parents and me. That's how we met, about a year ago when I
was just eighteen and was doing some lawn mowing and other yard work for Daddy, or as I called him back then, Mr. Mitchell. I had started to realize around the age of fifteen that I wasn't really attracted to girls so much, but most guys didn't interest me either. Then I met Dwayne Mitchell and my life changed forever. After meeting him for the first time, I couldn't stop thinking about him. He had come to the door dressed only in silk pajama bottoms that did little to conceal his prominent bulge and the image of his big, dark, meaty and oh so hairy upper torso was burned into my memory that sweltering morning and soon became the fodder for all my teenage jack off fantasies. I couldn't stop imagining how he would touch me with those brawny paws, how he would kiss me with those full, chocolate he might take me, powerfully, with his......well, you know. Those torrid thoughts fueled my pubescent desire for over six months before Mr. Mitchell took matters into his own hands and seduced me into a world of sexual and sensual pleasure that I could never have envisaged, those months ago. Daddy is divorced and at forty two is almost two and a half decades my senior. He also knows just how a boy like me needs to be treated, which is to say, like a lady. I've become Daddy's girl and things couldn't be better between us. He always knows just what to say to me and little things to do for me that make me feel special and loved. He's so masculine, big and strong but not in a super muscular, uber workout fanatic way, just in a tall and brawny and powerful and manly kind of way. Like a dark ebony lumberjack. His bulky 6'2" 250 physique dominates my much slighter 5'10" 180 frame and I love being the submissive in the relationship. Once initiated into the role of being, essentially a white male wife to a black man, I started to fall for Daddy and I felt like he was falling for me as well. And now here we were, gone away for a weekend together of romantic escapades. My heart had jumped when considering the possibilities that lay ahead.

Daddy moaned again as our eyes met, firelight causing them to sparkle and yet I could see dark, aching desire deep within his. I could feel the desire within my own body, as well. It was almost overwhelming. God! How I
wanted this, to be Daddy's good little girl. His hands were caressing my nipples through the flimsy material of the barely-there nightie, taunting them and teasing them into tender, throbbing peaks of bliss. He touched me everywhere, like he owned my body; I guess he does at that. He stroked my thighs, cupped my buttocks and lightly milked my boy clitty. I groaned and thrust into his hand as the contact of his burly mitts on my heated flesh caused my rectum to tighten around his manhood, buried as it was inside that most personal of places. We both cried out together as we could finally express ourselves openly and in full abandonment, unafraid of anyone overhearing the intensity of our sexual intimacy.

Although Daddy had taken me anally before, it had almost always been a
quickie in the basement of his house, before my folks got home and wondered where I was. It was often fast, quiet and somewhat unsatisfying. Now we had time to go slow, to truly make love to each other, and we were grinding so unhurriedly it was just about excruciating. My butthole ached for more of my Daddy and I longed to show him just how much I desired him inside me, all the time.

This time I had used the excuse of going up to do yard work and clean up at Mr. Mitchell's cabin for the entire weekend and mom and dad had thought nothing of it. They could scarcely have known that their polite, friendly, divorced neighbor guy with teenaged kids of his own was secretly fucking their son and turning him into a cock-craving girlyboi. Heh, if only they could see me now, mounted on Mr. Mitchell's magnificent erection, coal-black and nearly trembling with unbridled supremacy. Actually, I
rather hoped they wouldn't see me, you know the whole `gay thing' and then the whole `interracial thing' to go along with it. They'd be doubly disappointed as my folks were traditionalists. Men and women had standard, heterosexual relationships and people always should keep things within the confines of their own race. They weren't homo-phobic or racist per se, they just believed in doing things the old fashioned way. And then there'd be the age difference bit. Jesus, how was I ever going to tell my parents that I was in love with a black man who was old enough to be my father? No idea so I probably just wouldn't tell them anything at all.

Daddy moving under me startled me back from my reverie and I looked down at the smoldering passion etched on his face. I was overcome with emotion to be looked at in that way, to be totally desired by this man whom I loved so deeply and more than anything or anyone I had ever loved before. He pulled me down onto his chest so we could kiss and our lips met in a sensual dance as tongues intertwined and spit mixed with spit. The kiss was sooooo slow and deep and fervent that I almost couldn't think as Daddy took my breath away with the amazing gentleness and softness that he showed toward me. He tenderly broke our liplock after a few breathless seconds and motioned for me with a pat on the bearskin to move off of him and roll over on my side. I did as he wished and was soon lying with my back pressed into Daddy's chest and belly. My negligee was a flyaway-back style and I could feel the coarseness of the thick matte of hair that covered his upper front torso, in total contrast to my completely smooth, depilated body. I had always had very little body hair and what amount I did have tended to be very light, as I was a blonde. So no one would likely notice that I had gotten it all removed especially for this weekend, at Daddy's request. It would be our little secret.

My boipussy was feeling very empty as I felt my man arrange himself behind me. I innately knew that Daddy was moving us into this position so he could take control of our lovemaking and I had every intention of letting him do just that. Daddy is a masterful cocksman who really knows his way around a
young girlieboi's body, knows just how to pierce into her and touch every nook and cranny inside of her. How lucky I was to have found such a sweet and wonderful and sexually skilled Black Daddy. I gasped at the feeling of his fingers invading me and could tell he was still at full mast, his cock pressing into the small of my back. His lips were on my neck and ears and shoulders as he whispered sweet nothings to me, trying to get me to relax into him. I realized I was a bit tense and tried to calm down and focus on the experience of those meaty, knowing digits exploring my moist, slick heat. God I wanted Daddy back in my fuck slit in the worst way and I
arched my smooth buns into him, letting him know how ready his girl was for him. He chuckled, the perceptive laugh of a man who knows just what he's doing and is in total control. I knew he knew that I wanted him, ached for him, throbbed for him. Even though I still enjoyed cumming from my clitty, my bowels had become my new erogenous zone and I could feel ripples of sensual electricity undulate along the insides of my rectum, colon and prostate. My guts were on fire for my Black Daddy and I needed him to take me again, NOW!

I again arched back impatiently into Daddy's chest, wanting him badly and needing him to know it. Of course he knew it. Again he whispered into my ear the words I needed to hear, calling me his sweetheart and letting me know that he was going to take care of my needs, soon. I shifted restlessly, requiring of my man to spear my pussy again, pressing the softness of my tiny slit up against his hardness repeatedly, all the while mewling like a kitten, or a bitch in rut. He ran a rough paw possessively along my waist and hips and then brought my small hand into his much larger one and clasped tight, so our fingers were knitted together in a grip that only lovers know. He pulled the digits of his other hand slowly out of my behind with a wet squelching sound and I immediately felt the tip of his wickedly powerful cock taking their place. Stiff and unyielding it was, and it was exactly what I wanted, to be taken by Daddy and made into his girl, his wife. I closed my eyes, gritting my teeth against the expected jab of pain and was surprised when Daddy's fingers, the same ones that had just been in my ass, jabbed into my mouth and I was soon slobbering away on the offered fingers, like I was giving Daddy's hand a blowjob. I was loving this roughness, this ravishment. God I loved him in control like this, his steady experienced touch guiding me and taking me where he wanted us to go, where we both wanted to go.

And then suddenly, with a quick authoritative stab, Black Daddy was inside me again and I bent back into his fuck as an animalistic scream was ripped from the bottom of my very soul. I was lost in the simultaneous sensations of exquisite pain and devastating pleasure. I worked my aching gash feverishly around his dark meat, trying to milk him and feel his juices course through me. This was my man and I was going to show him just how much he meant to me, just how much I loved him and appreciated how he took command of our relationship. Daddy moved himself inside me, slowly entering my dripping quimmy, pulling out till just the tip was encased in my velvety flesh and then pounding back in, hard. With every inward thrust, he mashed my prostate and turned my innards into jelly. I was crying by now, my young body and mind overcome with emotion as the man I loved took me as his sissygirl. I felt him softly kissing away at my tears as they streamed down my cheeks, streaking the light smattering of blush and mascara I had applied, in addition to the bright red lip-stick, in order to excite my Daddy.

I was resting my head on Daddy's right arm as I lay on the thick bearskin facing the fire, and he used this hand to stroke my boiclitty, just lightly, enough to elicit moans and encouragement from me for more. We finally unclasped our left hands and he moved his to the sharp, jutting points of my nipples, running his palms over them and tweaking the spiky nubs with his fingertips through the sheer silk of my nightie. The feeling was astonishing and it felt as though there was an erogenous triangle that connected my nipples to my bowels and my boiclitty. Meanwhile I let my now free hand glide down to the place where Daddy and I were joined, the place where his black hardness penetrated my white softness and I circled his blazing hot erection with my tiny fingers as he continued pressing in and out of me with a zealous necessity that I had never before known from him. This action seemed to incite him to further heights and soon he had me screaming, literally, at the top of my lungs as we became one body and soul entwined by a pulsating and awe-inspiring lust, sealed together by sweat and cum and saliva. Words cannot describe the love I felt for Black Daddy at that moment, how I was his everything and we were all things to each other. Tears continued streaming down my face as I was overcome emotionally by Daddy's lovemaking, at once rough and then gentle. My nipples and my little clitty and balls were all aching painfully and deliciously from being pulled, poked, pinched and twisted. The scent of Daddy was all over me and I could sense through the haze of the harsh sexing that he was getting close to making me his girl completely, almost ready to breed my slit.

I hollered out my feelings blindly, half crying then half squealing, how much I loved Daddy, how much I needed him and to my astonishment, he reciprocated by telling me he loved me and that he couldn't live without me. His declaration of love sent a jolt of romantic sensuality through my bowels and I convulsed orgasmically around my older lover, my boy juice rocketing out of my clitty with a force that left me gasping for air and calling out my Black Daddy's name in my best erotic girlie voice. I ground my moist slit into his unyielding groin as hard as I could, wanting him to get there as well. Daddy was shouting hoarsely as well, calling me his twink and telling me how he loved his sissyboi and he was dominating me harder than ever at that point. His full eight inches were entirely in me, engulfed in the massaging silky heat of my rectal muscles and I could feel his wiry pubic hair scratching the tender flesh of my soft buttocks as he jammed himself into the hilt, my fuck slot expanding obscenely around him, like a petite sucking mouth. His teeth were clamped down on the back of my neck and his fingers squeezed my little titties incessantly as he continued to fuck toward his nut, harder than I would have thought possible, with the desperation of a man lost in the desert getting his first drink of water in days. Grunting, swearing, shouting, roaring, cursing......and most of all fucking. Fucking toward that most primal of goals, orgasm.

Abruptly I felt his throbber expand a bit inside my cavity and then he was cumming, gasping out his nut into my gripping entrails. Again he shouted out that he loved me. Even though I had already shot a load, my clitty was still partly hard and stiffened back up when I felt Black Daddy seeded my boipussy. I came again, as sore as I was from cumming just a minute before, another torrent of boysap escaping violently from my loins. I was pressed into him tightly, our bodies sticking together from the sweat; we were at that second as close physically as two people can possibly be, his cock as far inside my tush as was achievable. We were both gasping for breath, the aftershocks of our shared climax still shuddering through us both. My pink negligee was a mess, the sheer silk absolutely SOAKED with sweat, cum, spit and my tears. It clung to my svelte figure now; I was surprised Daddy hadn't torn it off at some time during our lovemaking.

The fire in the fireplace had burned down quite a bit even as we had been generating a scorching heat of our own. I lay there in the arms of my loving Black Daddy, content to let his slowly shrinking black viper stay snug in it's nest inside my bum. I snuggled back into Daddy's hard, hairy frame and let him wrap his brawny arms around me. He gently kissed the back of my neck as if to apologize for biting me there and softly whispered to me that he truly did love me and he called me `baby' and `sweetheart', making me feel like I really was his girl. And guess what I was. That was Friday night and Daddy and spent the entirety of the next forty eight hours enjoying each other carnally, almost constantly. Daddy took me many more times, in so many positions I lost count. But those are stories for another time. Over the weekend I must have taken fifteen more of Black Daddy's copious loads in my mouth and my asscunt. He was insatiable and unstoppable and I wouldn't have had it any other way........

The end.......?

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