Family Piss

a Gay erotic story


We were on the way back to Florida after being on the road for 2 weeks. My husband of 27 years and I (we were married in Canada) had a class reunion and a family reunion in the Upper Midwest. We had stopped in a
small town in Illinois to pick up some signal parts that I needed for restoring a couple of antique railroad signals.

The guy that I bought the parts off of worked for a regional railroad. Dave had been involved in a motor vehicle accident a few weeks ago and it had screwed up his knee. He was thirty-three years old and a
blonde-headed, blue-eyed stud. Unfortunately, he was divorced and had his kids with him. Dave came to the door shirtless with athletic shorts on and a knee brace in place. He was using crutches. He had a chest and belly that were covered in blonde fur. It looked soft as opposed to wiry. His blonde hair was evident in his armpits too. Thick, but not overlong -
it appeared natural rather than being trimmed. I would have give a
thousand dollars to suck the sweat off those blonde hairs. I looked at those crutches with great envy where the handles tucked up under his pits.

Dave was very friendly. While Jeff was looking for my checkbook in the car, I brought my computer in to show Dave pictures of my signal collection. Of course, his thirteen year-old son was there as well as his daughter. The son was similarly attired just in shorts. He was going to break a few hearts too in his remaining days. He wanted to see my signals too.

Dave asked his son to plug in my computer and I switched it on. The night before, I was bored in the middle of the night and was cruising some porn pictures in bed. I was too worn out to jack off, but I wanted to look at something entertaining nonetheless. When I started to fall asleep,. I set the computer down. Little did I know that the computer hibernated rather than running out of batteries. When I booted it up, it came up to the last porno picture that I was looking at. I quickly closed the lid. Let's just say that it involved someone laying down covered in the cum from the two large cocks still in his face. I think Dave saw, but his son did not. I just laughed it off, apologized and acted like it was no big deal. Apparently, it did not bother Dave.

The rest of the visit with Dave was rather uneventful - I got the parts I
needed and we spent some time talking shop. He gave me some good advice about the restoration or my signals. It was lunch time and Jeff had to piss like a racehorse. We stopped at Wendy's at the town exit from the freeway. We had a quiet lunch. Little did I know what was to come!.

As we got ready to go, I went to stop in the bathroom. As I got up to go, a whole family of males trooped in in front of me. There was a
hot-looking man of maybe 40. He was in tight jeans, boots and a
polo-shirt. He had a nice build without being overdeveloped. The four kids with him ranged from four to maybe seventeen or eighteen. They were all spitting images of him. The two youngest kids ran into both the stalls. The dad and the older two kids went to the only urinal and stood around it. I was standing by the sink and had a great view of the dad and other two kids as I waited for a stall to open up. Thankfully, the youngest two were in there a while. Otherwise I would have missed the show of a lifetime!

The father unbuttoned his jeans and opened the crotch of them wide. He pulled his boxer shorts down and hooked his balls over the elastic band. I find it very hot when guys piss like that. The older son did the same thing. I could not see the younger son as he had his back to me, but it seemed as if he did the same thing as well. Since the younger one was a
minor, he was of no interest to me. They were all standing around in a
semi-circle around the urinal. I thought to myself, "They must have different nudity taboos than I had with my father." It was a really hot scene watching them piss. It did not matter which way I looked with all the mirrors in the bathroom. I could see everything but the youngest kid at the urinal. They were very matter-of-fact and talking to each other the whole time.

The father had a thick 7-inch uncut cock - one of those that are always a
bit plumped up with a head that is very visible under the an equally-thick foreskin. As his jeans were splayed open and nuts holding his boxers down, I could see his entire black bush and the lower part of his moderately furry belly. He must have hiked up his polo shirt a bit, too. I guess I missed it when I was watching him open his jeans to piss. He skinned his foreskin back just enough that I could see about half the head and let fly a hot thick stream of piss He had a large piss-slit. It was a pale yellow color and foamed as it hit the bottom of the urinal. His older son had an uncut cock which was a slightly smaller version of his dad's - maybe 6 inches soft.  He had a black bush like his father. He likewise thumbed his foreskin back a bit and began to piss out a
golden stream. I could not tell, but I assume the younger one was pissing as well.

The father looked at his older son's cock and said, "Damn, boy! You are nearly as big as me." His son seemed embarrassed and stepped a bit closer to the urinal.

They must have had huge bladders as they pissed on and on. I saw the father wink at his younger son and watched with astonishment as the father aimed his yellow piss-stream at the older son's cock. It splashed on the lower half of his cock and his right hand. They were standing in such a way as most of the piss would still get in the urinal as he did this. I heard older boy exclaim, "Hey" and the younger one burst out laughing. The father said, "Whoops - sorry!" in that way that fathers do when they really meant to do something.

While the father and the younger son were laughing the older son then pissed on his father's cock. Unfortunately for the dad (fortunately for me), he did not have the same aiming skills that father possessed. Instead of just getting his cock and hand wet like his father did, the older son actually pissed on his father's bush as well as his cock and hand. He really soaked him down in just a split second. Some of it went on his jeans and shorts. I heard the younger boy laugh again and the father exclaim, " Jeez! I didn't get you wet! Look at my jeans!" I was still standing where I could see everything in the mirror. I thought I
was going to shoot a load in my pants without even getting hard. It was the hottest thing I had ever seen! They weren't done yet though!

I was feeling a bit self-conscious as I was just standing there with no other way to look but at them directly or in the mirror as I waited for a
stall to open up. There was no way that I could not have seen what went on so I just sort of chuckled and shook my head like it was the most natural thing in the world. The father and the older son looked up and smiled one of those goofy father-son grins that you do when you did something a bit naughty. The younger son continued to laugh, but did not join in the pissing war.

The younger one got finished while the older son and the father were still laughing and pissing. The father asked the younger son to lock the bathroom door as he had to get "cleaned up". I did not notice when I came in, but the door had a lock on it even though it was a "multi-holer. They must have been here before. The younger son went to the door, locked it, and then started to wash his hands. The father had let go of his cock and stood with his hands on his hips as shot the final few squirts of piss in the urinal. He then grasped his cock again and milked it back and forth to get the last bit of piss out.. I swear that thick foreskin made an audible snapping sound as it sheathed and unsheathed his cockhead as he milked it. He then shook it up and down rather vigorously and I heard the older son go "Daaaad!" Apparently the father had splashed a bit more piss on his son's cock as he was shaking it.

The father stood there at the pisser for just a few seconds with that thick cock hanging out while his older son finished up. His older son likewise shot a few final squirts in the urinal, milked his cock -
snapping and unsnapping his foreskin over his cockhead and then shook it. The older son then unhooked his briefs from his adult-sized nutsack, tucked his cock and balls in his shorts , and refastened his pants. Apparently, it did not bother the older son that he had some of his dad's piss on his dick. He proceeded to the sink and joined his younger brother who was still washing his hands.

As the older son came to wash his hands, the father left the urinal with his half hard cock and nuts still hanging out and strode to the other sink which was next to me. He unabashedly stood there within a foot of me with that hot cock out. He took a paper towel, looked at me, grinned, and said, "Boys - you got to love `em!" I chuckled and thought to myself, "Oh man, if you only knew!". What incredible self control I had! I would have given him the deed to my house to lick him clean, suck the piss out of his pants, and drain him of any piss and cum that he and his oldest son wanted to get rid of! Instead, I feigned a slight indifference.

The father wet a paper towel under the water from the faucet and proceeded to wipe off his bush and his cock. He spent a couple of seconds on the shaft and on his foreskin skinning it back to do the head.. He told his older son in mock indignation, "It looks like I pissed myself. What am I supposed to tell your mother?" Then they all laughed again.

As the father was cleaning up, the youngest of the kids in the stalls, asked his dad to come wipe him. The father jokingly said, "You can wipe your own butt. Your brother pissed on me and I am cleaning up." He then told his older son with a smile, "Just you wait!" He then finished drying his cock, balls, bush, and jeans with a paper towel, He then popped the wet shorts over his genitals and fastened and buttoned his damp jeans.

The older two kids unlocked the door and left the bathroom while dad assisted the youngest one in the stall. The other stall opened up and the fourth child came out to wash his hands. I went into the stall and did not see them after that. I heard them wash their hands and leave. They were nowhere to be seen in the restaurant when I came out.

Jeff said "What took so long?" I said, "You wouldn't believe it! Where is the computer? I have to write this up on while every details is still fresh on my mind." And down I-72 we went with a river of precum leaking out of my own cock onto the car seat as I typed.

Jerold Crawford Tampa, FL USA

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Jul 9, 2014


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