Nathan Wilkinson Is Taken Back Under Control, Part 2 of 4

by Steam Train

Nathan Wilkinson Is Taken Back Under Control -- A Nudie Juvie Story. By Steam Train (

Part Two:

It didn't take Nathan Wilkinson very long after the three Community Guardians had left for him to decide it was time to try and reassert the power and influence he had held at home for the last five years. Nathan was still lying on his back, naked and exposed on the lounge spread across his mothers lap as she felt all over his smooth hairless body in what the authorities referred to as `bonding"!

"Mum this is not right; the Guardian's have gone, so you can let me up now!"

"Nathan bonding is a very special loving part of `Taking Back Control'. You know from school that the rules are not the same anymore and that adults now make the rules, so there is nothing wrong with this special bonding" Allison Wilkinson responded as her fingers fondled Nathan's immature hairless groin, penis and scrotum.

"Mum please this is perverted, it's not right it's ..... Ohhhhh ..... mum please stop that .... Ohhhhh ahhhhhh !!!!!! " Nathan exclaimed distracted by his mothers manipulations of his penis and scrotum

Again Nathan gave out deep guttural moan of ecstasy as a look of utter humiliation passed across his face. No one had ever touched him like this before and he found the feel of his mother's fingers on his hairless genitals both humiliating and at the same time sexually exhilarating.

Noticing her sons agitated state Allison reminded her son of the `Taking Back Control' rule about cumming, "Remember to announce publicly if you are cumming son, even if you are not mature enough yet to have anything shoot out".

No sooner had Allison uttered her last statement, than Nathan shuddered and bucked his hips in an intense but totally dry orgasm that caused him to cry out in ecstasy, `I'm cummmmmmiiiinnnnngggg".

As soon as Nathan came down to earth from the euphoria of his orgasm the totally humiliated boy attempted to get off his mother's lap and escape the utter embarrassment and total lack of control over his life that he was now feeling.

Allison tried to restrain him but he shoved hard, almost violently in his attempt to escape his mother's clutches.

Allison grabbed his arm and pulled him back down and turned him over in one movement so his bottom was now facing up.

"Do you want another spanking?" Allison asked threatenly.

As much as he hated giving in Nathan didn't want another spanking, "No mum".

"Sensible answer, so let's compromise, you can get up off my lap, but you come out into the kitchen and help tidy up!" Allison responded.

Nathan never did any house work. The fact that he was being ordered around by his mother and actually made to put away the dishes his mum had washed up earlier and finish the cleaning of the kitchen that his mum had been doing when the Guardian's had arrived caused him enormous humiliation and embarrassment. The fact that he did it totally nude only heightened the strangeness and embarrassment of it all!

Naked, humiliated, embarrassed and distraught as Nathan was he could tell that things had dramatically changed for the worse as far as his life was concerned and his mum's new found personality left him in little doubt that his mother was obviously very serious about 'Taking Back Control'. He already had decided that unless he could reassert himself quickly, his life would take a permanent and dramatic turn for the worse!

After half an hour or so had passed in the kitchen Allison Wilkinson called Nathan to her and marched him down the hall into the bathroom.

Nathan's face glowed with renewed shame as his mum ordered him to run a

Despite having been totally naked in front of his mother and the Guardians, Nathan unconsciously covered his genitals with his hands as he waited for the bath to fill.

When Allison noticed his actions she ordered as she had been instructed in parental classes on `Taking Back Control', "Stop playing with yourself, there is no reason to cover up, little boys don't need to be so modest".

A new blush of shame spread across Nathan's body, as Allison smiled at her sons reaction to the little boy comment, Allison had been shocked at first at how undeveloped her son was for his 15 years of age, but now she was certain it was a blessing. Much easier to control a little boy than a young man and with his clothes stripped away Nathan was defiantly still a little boy! A smirk crossed her face momentarily as she made a mental note to follow up with Dr Disney about the possibility of prescription medicines to keep Nathan a little boy for as long as possible.

Nathan noticed his mums smirk and stood there naked and exposed, feeling very self conscious wondering about the smirk for a short while until his mum instructed him to turn off the water.

"But mum it's only ankle deep" Nathan pleaded but on his mum's prompting he reluctantly climbed into the bath and sat in the shallow water.

"That's enough water for me to wash you in, now get to your feet so I can wash you."

"But I can wash myself," Nathan objected.

"From today I'm in charge of you and although I don't really have the time I will be washing you till further notice. So stand up fast or you'll be having your bottom smacked again".

Nathan rose reluctantly and his mum immediately began soaping his body.

"Lift up your arms" Allison ordered.

Nathan reluctantly obeyed and he twitched involuntarily as his mum's fingers tickled his hairless arm pits.

"Stand still and don't be silly, Nathan" Allison ordered.

Soon Allison Wilkinson was working her way down to his hairless groin area. Nathan knew what was going to happen even before his mum reached this area of his body and began to lather up his genitals. Shameful and humiliating sensations again began to flood his body and his penis erected like in the bonding session as he gasped and squirmed as his mums soapy hands felt and stimulated what had until today been his most private of parts.

"My, my, after our bonding session and all, you are still quite a randy little boy, aren't you" Allison joked noticing his throbbing erection as she moved on to washing Nathan's legs.

"Turn around," she then instructed and soaped Nathan's back.

Then one of the most humiliating moments so far arrived for the fifteen-year-old as the time for his mum to wash his bottom arrived.

"Bend forward," Allison command.

Nathan bent over as instructed and immediately felt his mum pull his bottom cheeks apart and her soapy fingers begin to wash him out. This action tickled too in an oddly pleasurable way and he again began to wriggle.

"Hold still, I don't care if it is a bit ticklish" Allison instructed as she moved on to wash down the backs of Nathan's legs.

When Allison had finished washing and drying her son she reminded him of the new house rules that he was to stay naked as were any other boys visiting their house and back yard aged between 3 and 17.

Nathan spent a restless night, sleeping naked in bed, his mind going over and over the events of the last few days and fretting about his loss of status.

Eating breakfast nude the next morning was also a new and embarrassing experience and for the first time in many years he was glad to have the excuse of getting ready for school and the opportunity to get dressed and leave the house. In fact Nathan was at the bus stop much earlier than he usually was.

When he arrived at the bus stop, the only other students there were 9th grader Jennifer Ashton and her younger brother 7th grader Josh Ashton, the Guardian, Marcus Ashton's younger sister and brother.

Nathan had never spoken to Jennifer but her younger brother being a close neighbour hung around with his gang of friends sometimes. Nathan was therefore surprised when it was Jennifer not Josh who spoke to him as he waited alone for his other friends to arrive.

"Hi Nathan"

"Oh ..... Hi Jennifer"

"My brother Marcus told me he was over at your house last evening carrying out his new Guardian duties for the first time."

"Yeah maybe, what's it to you?"

"He tells me your mums booked you in as a participant at the County Juvenile Punishment Center on Saturday? I'm going to be there for sure now! Marcus told me I will be in for quite a surprise when you're stripped naked" Jennifer responded with a giggle.

"What sort of a surprise?" Josh her younger brother questioned.

"Yes Nathan, what sort of surprise was Marcus talking about?" Jennifer asked in response to her younger brother's question.

"Bugger off will you" Nathan replied.

`I would be careful with such language Nathan now that you have been taken back under control" Jennifer retorted.

"Really Nathan, you been taken back under control?' Josh asked, "Your mum's always let you do what you wanted, you really been taken back under control?"

"Fuck off Josh if you know what's good for you" said Nathan tersely.

Josh paled and withdrew a few paces, his sister smiled at her pesky brother's reaction. Marcus had told her that the Guardians had erected signs on the Wilkinson house advising that boys visiting the Wilkinson house and back yard aged between 3 and 17, were to be naked at all times. Jennifer was already trying to think of ways to get herself and her brother to accompany Marcus and get the double bonus of seeing Nathan naked and if Josh tagged along too, she would get a good look at him naked for the first time too, as the Wilkinson house rules would force Josh to get naked and reveal all as well.

Much to Jennifer's disappointment, her parents had not yet taken up Taking Back Control in their household to any major extent despite Ashton's urgings, so most of Josh's 13 year old body remained a mystery to her!

Nathan was sure from Jennifer's comments that Marcus had not told her what the surprise was and as Nathan was thinking about how to change the topic of conversation the task was taken out of his hands by Josh shouting out "Fuck would you look at that" as he pointed up the street behind Nathan.

Nathan turned and gasped out loud.

Like Nathan, Jennifer gaped in surprise too, then giggled as she looked where her brother was pointing. The two Bradley boys, thirteen year old 7th grader Harry and eleven year old 6th grader Toby, were being marched naked up to the bus stop by their mother.

Harry's genitals were totally exposed and Nathan, Jennifer and Josh could clearly see they consisted of a bobbing three-and-half inch uncircumcised penis, which had begun to thicken and was topped by a very sparse patch of short pubic hairs. Like his penis Harry's scrotum had begun to swell and was clearly at that in-between stage between boy and teen.

Eighteen months can make a lot of difference at this age and Harry's younger brother Toby's still hairless package bore out that fact very noticeably. Toby had a much thinner and shorter uncircumcised penis than Harry, a penis which at that moment was fully erect at its two-and-a-half inches of full glory, accompanying an undeveloped, small tight scrotum.

"They have been made NEWDD's," said a giggling Jennifer, pointing at the boys prominently displayed green wrist bands.

At school everyone had learnt that there were Green, Orange and Red NEWDD wrist bands.

The wearing of a green wrist band meant the juvenile was authorized to be naked at all times in public and private as they had been issued with a
Notice of Exemption from Wearing Decent Dress by a county assessment officer for the period recorded on the wrist band. The maximum time span for a green band was three days. The green band did not allow anyone but the parents and guardians to touch the NEWDD in public.

The orange band was also issued by a county assessment officer. It allowed any juvenile under 18 to not just be naked all the time in public and private for a maximum period of five days but also to be touched by, any teacher, police officer, court worker, authorized officer, parent, grandparent, aunty and uncle or persons authorized by the above, anywhere, any time they so wanted, as much as they wanted.

Instead of filing charges within the juvenile justice system, Police were also empowered to use the green and orange bands as a summary punishments lasting up to 48 hours and Community Guardians and Teachers could issue Green and Orange bands for a maximum of 12 hours.

The red tag could only be issued by a judge sitting in court. It authorized the same public access as the orange tag but the period of enforcement was open ended and was set by the court based on the severity of the guilty behaviour involved. A red NEWDD wrist band also involved community service and regular weekly punishment sessions at the Irving County Juvenile Punishment Center.

"Get a move along" demanded Mrs. Bradley as she loudly smacked her two sons' very exposed bottoms.

"Hey Harry, thought you said last week that your mom would never make you a
NEWDD?' Josh taunted his fellow 7th grader.

"Yes, well she did," replied a very satisfied looking Mrs Bradley before her son had the opportunity to respond.

"Tell him why Harry" Mrs Bradley ordered.

Very reluctantly and looking totally humiliated Harry replied, "Mum said we were getting too big for our boots and defiant."

"And ..." his mum prompted.

"And that being naked in public would quickly cut us down to size," added a
profusely blushing Harry.

"Remember children" said Mrs. Bradley, "My boys are wearing green bands, so feel free to look at my boys as much and as closely as you want, ask my boys to pose so they display themselves properly, but no touching."

As other children arrived at the bus stop Harry and Toby were subjected to a torrent of taunts mixed with giggling and outright laughter and ridicule. Their humiliation took Jennifer's attention right away from Nathan and he spent the remainder of the time at the bus stop enjoying Harry and Toby's shame and embarrassment.

There were not yet any NEWDD students at the High School and everyone was being very careful to ensure they did not become the first. This nervousness and consequent improvement in behaviour did not go unnoticed by the teaching staff.

At lunch time Nathan was still the centre of attention and the definite king pin of his gang of friends, but most of his gang of followers now knew that on Saturday he was to be the first juvenile up on stage at the Irving County Juvenile Punishment Center. Nathan was sure in his own mind that once he was revealed as being a `little boy' his position of leadership would never be the same again. His even more immediate fear was that some of his gang would come over to his house and see him naked and taken back under control even before Saturday arrived.

He hoped for dear life that none of his friends would come over after school that afternoon or later in the week, so to help make sure he didn't get caught at least for tomorrow, Nathan accepted an invite at lunch time to hang out after school tomorrow with sixteen year old high school junior Tim Thomas and some of his friends at Tim's neighbour's house belonging to the Radcliff's. Tim had babysat 13 year old Charlie Radcliff for the past two years on Wednesdays and Thursday afternoons after school when both parents worked and on weekends if Charlie's parents had something on that Charlie was not invited too.

Nathan had been over with Tim's friends at the Radcliff's quite a few times over the last two years. He liked the power being there gave him. Since he first started babysitting at the age of 14, Tim had been empowered to spank young Charlie. Up until this week that had always been through the seat of the clothes Charlie was wearing but on Sunday Mr Radcliff had taken back control and stripped Charlie naked in front of his mother and Tim and now Tim told Nathan that he planned to continue implementing `Taking Back Control' with Charlie tomorrow by again stripping Charlie naked in front of the friends he had invited over and then giving him a public spanking.

Nathan exited school as quickly as he could that Tuesday afternoon, minimising the chance of anyone attempting to come home with him.

Determined to reinstate his former status at home Nathan didn't undress as soon as he walked into the house but instead he went to the kitchen, made himself a snack, then sat and watched a DVD and did the things he had always done whist waiting for his mum to come home from work and make his dinner.

Two of his friends did call by and ring the door bell but he ignored them and they left when there was no response to their calling, but not before he heard them giggling about him and the `Taking Back Control' sign attached to the front door.

When Allison Wilkinson arrived home that evening from work she immediately noticed that Nathan was still dressed.

Nathan looked up from the lounge, smiled, said "Hi mum, what's for dinner" and went back to watching his DVD.

Allison made a mental note that her son would soon begin learning how to cook so that a meal would be ready and waiting her when she returned from work, but the immediate annoyance was Nathan's disregard for the basic taking back control rules she had set in place.

Allison grabbed Nathan's shoulder, turned him towards her and pointing her finger menacingly Allison berated, "You don't seem to be getting it young man, I control your life now. She then reached across to the side table next to the lounge and picked up the special paddle left by the guardians which resembled a hairbrush with no bristles and had small holes in it to dissipate wind resistance.

Nathan was so surprised by his mother's unexpected action and carried on by the instant swell of anger that pulsed through him Nathan reacted without thinking about the consequences and grabbed at the paddle before Allison had the chance to get Nathan into a position to begin spanking his bottom!

"You give me that paddle now young man, get your clothes off and be over my lap in less than a minute or things will get much worse" Allison threatened.

"No" Nathan yelled back defiantly. "This is ridiculous, you can't make me do this and I'm not submitting to it. I have my rights and I'm standing up for them."

Allison turned, went out into the kitchen, took her cell phone out of her bag and rang Marcus Ashton.

Nathan stayed in the lounge and went back to watching his DVD convinced that he had won that round and put his mum back in her place. He didn't see his mum make the call; he didn't hear her conversation with Marcus.

Marcus was literally only five houses away walking their family dog with his sister Jennifer when Allison rang. He listened to what had happened and told Allison he would be there within two minutes.

When the front door bell rang, Nathan ignored it, despite his mums request for him to answer it, but eventually deciding not to push his mum's displeasure at him any further he paused the DVD and went to open the door.

Nathan paled noticeably when upon opening the front door he saw Marcus standing there. Such was his panic that he barely noticed Jennifer standing back further, a smirk on her face with the family dog restrained on it's leash.

"Why aren't you naked as the signs require Nathan? Disrespect for the rules of `Taking Back Control' is bad enough but disrespect of your mother is even worse" Marcus admonished from the front porch.

"Come in Marcus" said Allison who had come up to stand behind Nathan, "I think we have one very naughty little boy here who needs a very practical lesson in being taken back under control."

Nathan blushed profusely at his mothers comment and for the first time noticing Jennifer as her giggle caught his attention. As Nathan blushed before Jennifer's gaze, Marcus took him by the left ear and twisting it marched Nathan into the living room. Jennifer ceasing the opportunity, quickly tied up their dog to the front porch rail and followed her brother into the house and closed the front door, hoping that she would be allowed to stay and watch Nathan stripped and punished.

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