The Show Must Go On, Part 4 of 6

by Steam Train

The Show Must Go On By Steam Train (

Chapter: 4 The Show.

"Gosh would you look at that, he's so small and hairless like a little boy" one fourteen year old girl exclaimed louder than she intended and blushed realizing everyone heard her gaff.

At almost the same time Nikki Prescott said to Ricky, in a voice loud enough for everyone to hear and with a
contemptuous tone, " All boys think their so cool but around here we girls now know otherwise. Once a boy is forced to reveal their pathetic little boy secrets they are all revealed to be just so uncool. Now that we have all seen your previously private parts, I
can't believe how small your dick and balls are for someone fourteen years old!"

Another younger girl aged about ten years old touched her fourteen year old big sister's arm and said, "Yeah, look Kylie, he ain't got no hair! I thought boys his age had hair."

There were giggles at all these remarks which totally humiliated Ricky, highlighting as they did his most private and secret shame.

"Most boys do" the older sister responded "but Ricky is obviously a late bloomer like Fred Carter and Jamie Botham in the 9th grade and Bobby Husted in the 10th. There could be guys even older that don't have their pubes yet, but once they turn sixteen they get to cover up again and so we girls don't have to see their gross boy parts anymore."

Is Bobby really in the 10th grade, I thought he was like 12 or something" the little sister responded again bringing a burst of laughter as all the girls knew the boy concerned.

"Yes he and the other faggots I mentioned are all in the 9th or 10th grade at my high school" Kylie replied to her younger sister.

All eyes were on Ricky so no one noticed the look that appeared on Sergeant Maddox's face as Nikki and now Kylie made disparaging comments about Ricky.

Standing over away from the crowd the two naked boys were both trying to look inconspicuous as they had both sprung boners as they had watched Ricky strip. The tall and very skinny thirteen year old had a 4 inch erection that stood up almost touching his lightly haired pubic area. The younger eleven years old boy was sporting a 3 inch erection that stuck straight out above his tiny scrotum.

"He's got a pathetic package for a so called fourteen year old teen stud hasn't he" Nikki Prescott, Mandy's friend commented to her.

"Yeah, pretty small but still, cute in its own way. Actually I find it really cute how he's still a
hairless little boy" Mandy responded, knowing she could not make light of his lack of development, as she suffered the same problem and had been exposed herself due to making disparaging comments about boys. The truth was Mandy's tits were still tiny, just small cone shaped bulges tipped by her small immature brown nipples and between her legs she was almost hairless, her smooth skin interrupted by no more than 15 little dark pubic hairs that were scattered about the triangle of skin between her legs and the smooth furrow that ran down the middle of it.

Mandy had been shamefully revealed as such to Nikki, all her friends and school mates after her father caught her teasing some boys about how pathetic boys were and how they needed to get over their modesty, deserving to be kept naked at all times whereas girls needed their modesty. Her father had not agreed with her sentiments and right there in front of those same boys and Nikki using his police powers, he had made her strip on the spot then brought her before one of the three local juvenile judges and had her made a
nudie Juvie and thus public property for 3 days so she could experience life just like all the boys in Benjamin County were doing on a daily basis. It had been the worst 3 days of her life!

As all the comments about Ricky's naked body were being made, all the aroused girls moved in around Ricky to get a closer look. Ricky protested vehemently about this intrusion upon his personal space but Sergeant Maddox quickly informed him that the girls could look as closely as they liked, even if it wasn't the height of best manners, as long as they didn't touch. Only boys and girls made community property could be touched.

"Look" said one fourteen year old girl, He's got some baby pubic hairs".

Everyone crowded in even closer looking at the tiny short light brown hairs that were not visible unless you got up real close to Ricky's groin.

"I count eight hairs" the fourteen year old asserted.

"Nope only seven" responded Mandy the Sergeants daughter, "the other mark is a small freckle."

With all this close scrutiny the inevitable began to happen. Ricky's flaccid penis began to erect. `No please god no', Ricky prayed to himself but to no avail. His penis continued to stir and rise, first a
little then with a series of small jerks to half mast then with bigger jerks completing its journey till it ascended to a full erection.

"Look Kylie, his thing is growing hard like lots of the boys we see everyday" the ten year old girl informed her older sister.

"A typical boy", Kylie replied to her sister, "They can never control themselves properly". Kylie didn't tell her sister but in her mind she was glad Ricky had erected, for since seeing his little knob penis she had wondered how big Ricky's pathetic penis would be if he had a boner. Now she knew, it was only about 3 inches fully erect, she hoped it added to his humiliation.

"It's still pretty small and disappointing but a hell of a lot bigger than when it was limp" an eleven year old girl commented.

Mandy just smiled, taking in the erotic sight of Ricky Cooper's throbbing little erection.

Sergeant Maddox decided it was time to put Ricky out of some of his misery, trapped as he was in front of all these excited and aroused girls who were still gawking at Ricky's totally naked body and at the same time teach a few of these over cocky girls a thing or two about juvenile life in Benjamine county whilst he was at it, so he said to Ricky in an authoritative voice that immediately broke up the pack of girls hovering in front of Ricky's almost hairless groin, "Stand back girls, give the boy room. Now Ricky, you need to understand that the county's juvenile programme is designed to encourae male juveniles to learn to treat girls and women as something other than simply sex objects, for juvenile boys like you to learn to harness their excess modesty, so they behave more maturely, and become comfortable with their bodies. It is ^^^."

Ricky was still so shocked he was hardly listening to what the Sergeant was saying, he could feel his face burning that red that it felt like you could have fried an egg upon it. He'd enjoyed seeing all the local boys naked, confident in the knowledge that he was exempt from suffering the same fate. He was a
visitor to Benjamin County and thus had means to avoid the humiliating county ordinance that required all boys living in the county aged 3 to 5 to be nude at all times. This was all Chuck's fault he rationalised, forgetting that it was his own tantrum and insistance that had made his mum come into Benjamin County earlier than planned.

Ricky's full attention was however quickly bought back to what Sergeant Maddox was saying when he heard, "^ Nikki Prescott and Kylie Bailey there's no reason to call any boy demeaning names like you two just did. Making derogatory and belittling comments is actually a violation of the law."

Mandy Maddox knew where this was heading, she had been there herself but Nikki and Kylie still didn't seem to have realized the deep shit they were in.

"Oh?" said Kylie with a trace of concern spreading across her face.

"One of the goals of the Benjamin County juvenile ordinance is to help build up the juvenile males self confidence and self esteem. Negative comments tend to be counter productive to that" Sergeant Maddox informed the crowd and the two girls in particular.

"I want to hear no more nasty remarks from you two girls or anyone else for that matter, but the comments I have just heard flow out of your mouths needs punishing, I think both of you are in need of a little naked punishment time yourselves, so that you quickly learn what behaviour and attitude is expected of our female juveniles as well as our males. I was thinking of bringing your before the Juvenile Court and having you made Nudie Juvies but I think five hours as a
temporary nude should suffice, seeing that will bring you naked before all of Ricky's fans in the theatre" Sergeant Maddox informed the shocked girls.

"You can't be serious... here in front of everyone" Kylie blurted out.

"Do I look like I'm joking" Sergeant Maddox replied as he removed the blue bands that local police could impose for up to eight hours on a female juvenile as a
temporary punishment measure without referral to a
Juvenile Court.

Nikki looked around the room equally shocked; all she saw were eager faces all staring directly at her, no longer at Ricky. None of the faces showed any sign of sympathy for her plight. Kylie and her had suddenly become the center of unwanted attention. She knew what fate was awaiting her, she had seen her friend Mandy humiliatingly stripped in public by her very own father, Sergeant Maddox, for similar comments, now he was planning to do the same to her! The only consolation being that her friend had been made a
nudie Juvie and thus public property, at least she was safe at the moment from all those prying hands that groped at every possible piece of skin or orifice.

Mandy for her part was also shocked. Not for the fact her friend was about to be stripped but for the fact that Nikki and Kylie were only going to receive five hours of naked time. For her comments which she considered no worse, Mandy had received three days of Nudie Juvie time!

Kylie's legs were shaking and Nikki was cursing herself under her breath for opening her big mouth. She knew what Mandy's father was like yet in the excitement of Ricky's stripping she had forgotten her restraint. Both girls now realized they were screwed!

"Nikki Prescott and Kylie Bailey by the powers invested in me as a police officer of Benjamin County, I order you to start undressing immediately and remain naked for five hours" Sergeant Maddox ordered whilst he attached the blue bands which he had completed validating around the two shocked girls wrists.

"As I mentioned to young Ricky earlier, if you are not completely naked within ninety seconds I will handcuff you and cut your clothes off and if I have to do that because you did not comply voluntarily you're going to be facing our juvenile court for breaking the law and suffer a far greater penalty than I can arbitrarily impose" Sergeant Maddox informed the teary eyed girls.

"Sergeant Maddox this is so unfair I didn't mean to say those things, I won't say them again!" Nikki pleaded trying to use her closer contact with her friend's father to some advantage.

Stop wasting time girls and get on with undressing, the clock is ticking," Sergeant Maddox said impatiently but with a smile as the two girls just remained unmoving looking totally dumbfounded.

"Sis, can he make you naked like a child, you're so grown up, your always telling me you're an adult and I
have to do what you say" ten year old Patti asked her big sister.

"Yes he can Patti" Kylie humiliatingly told her little sister, "But you're right, I'm not a child, I am almost an adult. I should not be forced to take my clothes off in front of other people like some pathetic boy!"

"Kylie Bailey I'm surprised at you. After all my warnings, your mouth is still at it. Sergeant Maddox warned. "Just take your punishment like the mature individual you claim to your sister to be!"

The sergeant's comments bought a giggle from young Patti Bailey and a huge blush from Kylie who was rapidly realizing that her status in the eyes of her sister was quickly diminishing.

"But Sergeant Maddox ^. Please!!!!" she pleaded once again with her voice trembling but the sergeant just stood there looking impatient then glancing at his watch he added "Times running out I wouldn't waste any more time on talking if I were you two!"

Nikki's eyes were bulging with fear but when she heard Kylie let out a deep sigh of disgust and saw her begin to undress, she too was spurred into action.

Not wanting to be in any further trouble both girls once they started, quickly disrobed and stood there naked in front of everyone covering themselves as best they could with their arms and hands.

"None of that covering up girls, you know the rules" Sergeant Maddox chastised.

The two girls slowly retracted their arms to their sides and stood naked as everyone got a good look at their naked bodies for the first time.

Ricky backed away behind some of the girls, shame etched on his face as his body reacted to the first naked teenage girls he had ever seen in the raw flesh. Unable to resist the urge Ricky's penis lurched in uncontrollable throbs as he suffered a humiliating, very public, dry cum. Ricky's eyes flicked around to see if his body's reaction had been seen, but all eyes appeared to be on the two naked girls.

Nikki unlike her 13 year old friend Mandy was very well developed with large `C' cup breasts and a neatly trimmed full pubic bush. Fourteen year old 9th grader Kylie Bailey however wasn't anywhere as developed. She had used a padded bra for over two years now to build up her tiny upthrust, pink nippled breasts so they looked more befitting her age but the truth was now revealed for everyone to see, like Ricky's pathetic small genitals, her tits were tiny and also like Ricky she was almost hairless down below, her sparse golden blonde pubic hair didn't cover her genital slit, allowing her pink puffy lips to clearly show through.

Kylie knew that now that her relatively underdeveloped state was known, she was going to be teased unmercifully, but she hadn't realized it would start quite so soon.

"Gee sis you're not an adult you look more like a
little girl", it was the voice of her little sister Patti. The comment bought giggles from the other girls and a deep purple flush across much of Kylies face. Just like the relationship between Ricky and his mum, the relationship between Kylie and her younger sister had just changed.

The two naked boys were glad that they were not momentarily the centre of attraction because both had raging erections and the older of the two naked boys had an embarrissing drip of pre cum ossing down from his turgid penis At the same time Ricky was still desperatly hoping that no one had noticed that he had suffered a dry cum when the two girls had first exposed their naked bodies.

Ricky was never so glad as when his mother decided that he needed to begin to prepare for his concert. The girls, their parents and the two naked boys plus the two very reluctant naked girls were escorted out of the room and ushered to their VIP seats in the theatre. Ricky was sure he heard a huge roar from the crowd soon after they departed.

He was not mistaken. As the group entered the theatre from a stage door to be ushered to their seats, nothing much happened except some idle interest from those already assembled in the theatre, until the two naked girls who were bringing up the rear with their parents entered. Cat calls, cheers, laughter and whistles greeted their appearance. The two girls blushed even more profusely than before, even though they would have sworn that was impossible.

As they took their seats Nikki and Kylie were slightly relieved to see that they were not the only naked females in the theatre. In fact further along the very front row in the VIP seats were two more naked girls. Nikki recognised them from her middle school as Sarah Rogers and Beth Powell. For the remainder of the male audience and many of the female audience the parade of naked girls moving to their seats in the front row had been quite a show and an excellent support act to the Ricky Cooper's main act. None of the audience except those just recently seated in the front row knew just how revealing Ricky's concert was also going to be.

After a while the theatre darkened and the voice of the announcer drifted across the rapidly hushed audience. "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, the Edwardsville Theatre Company in conjunction with Tri-Spectrum Entertainment and the Marathon Corporation proudly present Ricky Cooper in Concert. Ricky will be performing tonight's concert in conformity with Benjamin County Ordinance 17- 769, which requires boys aged 3 to 15 to be nude at all times, just to prove that Ricky's not modest, which means ^^ he's performing in the nude !!!!!!!!!"

There was a moment of hushed silence then the enormity of the announcement set in which resulted in a massed gasp and then screams and cheers. The secret sexual desires of nearly all the nubile teen and pre teen females as well as many of the males present, young and old was about to come true.

Then the stage lit up, the music began. It was pop rock and very loud. The bass was so strong it reverberated through the audience like a second heartbeat.

Ricky usually strutted and paraded on stage with confidence and a macho attitude but today he was very nervous waiting naked in the wings. Ricky's backing dancers, two sixteen year old girls and two guys, one sixteen the other seventeen entered the stage first. They were all barefoot and this time to fit in with Ricky's naked performance, the guys were shirtless and wearing tight skin hugging trousers on the suggestion of Jane Cooper and the tour manager.

For the first few minutes they danced around the stage, and then took their places in two lines towards the back of the stage facing the audience. The opening routine had always been the same one at each concert on the tour so far but despite this, the four dancers were pumped. Ricky Cooper performing nude was almost unbelievable. The two female girls thought it poetic justice, just what the little shit deserved. The guys agreed with them, he hadn't treated them any better than the female dancers but as they were both gay, the sight of their main act performing in the nude was already having its effect on them. Each was sporting a
noticeable bulge in their crotch region, their tight fitting trousers doing noting to hide their aroused state. Both male dancers had tried to get a peek backstage without success when word spread that Ricky had been stripped but Jane had kept Ricky in his dressing room up until they took the stage.

As they waited for the music to reach the moment when Ricky would make his scheduled entrance they danced in their formation, swivelling their hips, kicking their legs like always but this time they did more than that. Unlike the previous concerts, first the two male dancers then the female dancers, who saw what the guys were doing, caressed their bodies, wiggled their asses and humped the air. The young teens in the audience were already starting to lose control and Ricky wasn't even on stage yet. The parents were not as sure, as the dancer's routine was looking blatantly sexual.

Then Ricky appeared!

Ricky had decided to close his eyes and pretend no one was there to see his nakedness. So as naked as the day he was born he ran to the centre of the stage and sliding to a stop, posed with legs spread and right arm pointing to the heavens. Unfortunately he found it impossible to do all this and keep his eyes closed. He could not judge where he was going or his position on stage, so he opened his eyes. The stage lights blinded most of his vision but he could make out the first few rows and the ecstatic faces of his fans who he felt were all staring at his groin area.

There was silence!

The crowd was stunned. There wasn't one hoot, one holler, no whistles or jeers, no clapping of hands, or stamping of feet.

Then one girl screamed out, "Oh my god it's true, Ricky Coopers naked, I can see everything. Oh my god!"

That was all it took to break the ice, as Ricky, eyes open staring out at his audience blushed profusely at the comment, his audience went wild.

The music continued not waiting for the audience reaction to ease down. As Ricky's dancer's continued to dance around the stage accompanying Ricky as he began to sing his first vocal lines Ricky felt weird doing such a performance with no clothes on. His penis made its presence known with every dance move, flopping this way and that, entrancing the audience with its movement. Ricky thought he must look stupid as he danced and sang across the width and depth of the stage but the enthusiastic reaction of the crowd didn't seem to suggest they though the same.

Jane had a whole wardrobe that had not been used by the dancers because of Ricky's refusal to perform shirtless or anything approaching that state. Now as the second song commenced, the dancers in their costumes hastily organised by the stage manager and Jane, ripped off their outer clothing leaving the males wearing nothing but light blue speedos with a
black `RC' embroided on the crotch and the girls in hot pink bikini's with a black `RC' on their crotch and also on each bra cup.

Ricky and the dancers moved to the beat, shifting forward they shook their asses. They bent backward and shook their pelvis. With their hands behind their head, they thrust their crotches in the air again and again. Round and round they danced executing the most exquisite gyrations in unison with each other and Ricky. Before long all five young bodies were glistening with sweat as they danced along, sometimes smiling sweetly in an innocent manner at the audience while at other times they produced a sexy grimace that sent the audience wild with lust and excitement.

When the second song ended, Ricky and the dancers stood frozen with hands on hips and legs spread wide, a pose that highlighted to the audience Ricky's immature hairless genitals and his plump hairless scrotum. With the distance that Ricky was from even the closest of the audience, Ricky's few tiny pubic hairs were not visible. Many in the audience were as shocked as the girls in the private audience had been earlier when they discovered how immature Ricky was for a fourteen year old, the others didn't care less, they were just enjoying the added bonus of their heart throb being naked. They didn't care if he was developed or undeveloped, he was hot and that was all that mattered.

Ricky had discovered that once he was over the initial humiliation and embarrassment that he was soon loosing his excessive modesty. In fact whilst he was singing and dancing the fact that he was totally naked had almost slipped completely out of his mind.

The audience went wild bursting into applause the moment the song ended which made him smile and thank the audience.

By the end of the concert when he sang his audience a
soft gentle love ballad they were all moaning softly and salivating. Some girls and boys were constantly shifting in their seats obviously on the verge of a
very erotic public orgasm.

As Ricky sat on a stool near the front centre of the stage he was able for the first time to see clearly the two naked girls Nikki and Kyle sitting in the front row, a bit further along he recognised two girls he had seen with Trent and was surprised to see that they too were naked. Scanning his eyes further along past the blushing bodies of Sarah Rogers and Beth Powell he saw Megan Rogers accompanied by her naked brother Tyler, Megan's naked boyfriend Freddy Kershaw, his sister Valerie and another naked boy sitting beside Beth Powell.

Ricky had expected to see a naked Charlie Kershaw but instead seated next to Beth was the profusely blushing Trent Austin who was as naked as Ricky except he was wearing the green band of community property. As Beth was enjoying the soft gentle ballad Ricky was singing, Beth's left hand was gently stoking Trent's engorged penis and what a penis it was! Even with Beth's fingers wrapped around its shaft it was plain to see Trent was well endowered.

Ricky had been fascinated about what Trent would look like naked, especially if he had any pubic hairs since he had first met him. Now he knew the truth, for all was revealed before him. Trent was a good looking boy with dark brown hair and deep green eyes, weighing in about 115 pounds and around five foot four inches tall. As he sang, Ricky's eyes drifted to the flat curve of Trent's lower stomach, and then down to the slowly narrowing pubic triangle, which was well covered with a thick bush of brown, curly pubic hair, from which the base of the Trent's erect skinny shaft emerged.

Engorged Trent's penis rose until it was pointing up at an angle of forty five degrees, twitching slightly in those moments Beth was not stroking it. The head of Trent's penis was visible in this erect state with his foreskin retracted around the sides of the penis head. The head was a blood engorged deep red / blue, and blue veins stood out prominently on the skin of the shaft. Erect Trent's penis had to be close to six inches long. The wrinkled, bulging sack of Trent's equally impressive scrotum could be seen hanging below his penis.

Ricky marvelled at the size of Trent's genitals and his own penis throbbed with every stroke of Beth's hand up and down Trent's penis. As his ballad neared its climatic end, Trent too reached his climax. Beth's incessant stroking caused him to reach the point of no return. Sitting in his front row seat Ricky saw Trent's body stiffen and his back arch pushing his heaving chest out from the chair as the tremors of an orgasm passed through his loins whilst his body began to buck and twitch uncontrollably, unable to resist the feelings building within. Trent shuddered and bucked his hips in one final intense movement that caused him to cry out in ecstasy as he shot globs of creamy white cum out onto the theatre floor below where Ricky was sitting.

Trend was beet red with humiliation and looked very much like he wanted to cry. He was saved from the ultimate humiliation of the audience hearing his cries of ecstasy by the rapturous applause that greeted the end of Ricky's final song.

End Chapter: 4

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